Sakura’s J-pop Corner – Juice = Juice ~ latest news ! ! !

Juice = Juice

Juice = Juice

Last Year in one of my J-pop corners I predicted that Juice = Juice would be a major success and of course I was completely correct as usual ! ! !

Since I wrote that first post about them they have changed from a six member group to a five member group as apparently there was a contract disagreement with the parents of one of the girls, which must have been very upsetting, but the remaining girls have gone on to great success.

They were awarded the Best New Act award last year at the Japan Records Award and have had 3 top five singles.

On Wednesday last week they released their latest single, which I am sure will also be a great hit.

They have also re-mixed and their first two singles and released new videos for them as the new five member line up.

I can not find a full video on Youtube yet of the new single, but I have a nice dance shot version of the previous single.

I really like their outfits in all their videos but I really liked their look in this one and it is nice cheerful song where their character seems to show through ! ! !

I have chosen the dance versions of the videos so you can learn the dance steps – it is fun and will help you keep fit ! ! !

 Hajimete o Keikenchuo ( Experiencing the First Time )

As a special bonus here is a remix of one of the earlier singles

 Watashi Ga Iu Mae Ni Dakishimenakya Ne ( Hug Me Before I Ask You )

I hope you enjoyed the post ! ! !


2 thoughts on “Sakura’s J-pop Corner – Juice = Juice ~ latest news ! ! !

  1. Man those dance moves were tough to learn, I think I got it down though. Can’t wait to try them out in Gloucester bus station next week.

    • I hope you can make a video of yo doing the dances – I really would love to see it ! ! !

      Thank you commenting ! ! !

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