Earworms 4 August 2014

Welcome this week to deanofromoz who has sent us a worm from down under – and very good it is, too. Hope you enjoy this week’s selection, and don’t forget the possibility of ‘Spill points for tinny’s quiz (Pairubu is currently leading). Finally, please remember to send more worms to earworm@tincanland.com, to keep the bank topped up. Thanks to all.

Foo Fighters – Arlandria – Leavey: Sadly overlooked both here and on the Mothership. I appreciate that the last album Wasting Light had it’s critics, but nonetheless I think that it has some of their finest songs on it and Arlandria is the neighbourhood where Dave lived for a while. It has for me some of the rawness and sound of some of their earlier work, anyway a mighty wormy tune.

Drive-By Truckers – Shit Shots Count – DsD: The opening song from this year’s English Oceans album this was the “newest” I’d heard DBT sound in quite a while. Unforgivably forgotten during RR Brass week, that was a salutary lesson to self: if you only buy a download, you have nothing to hold onto.

– ?? – Uh Uh Uh – tincanman: It’s not the style the band would become known for when they got famous under a different name, but the vocal will steer you in the right direction.

Paul Kelly – Deeper Water – deanofromoz: Paul Kelly is one of my favourite artists, so it’s fitting he is my first contribution to earworms. I had known and liked this song for many years, but one day listening to it, it really hit me as being a wow song, and really moved me. I suspect that might have something to do with me now being a parent, and this “circle of life” type song taking on more relevance and meaning. The way Kelly uses deeper water as a bit of a metaphor for life is quite brilliant. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Shelagh Macdonald – Peacock Lady – bethnoir: Shelagh’s voice has a lovely lilting quality to it. Perhaps there is slightly more instrumentation than necessary on this track, but I love the lyrics and phrasing.

Ella Fitzgerald and the Ink Spots – Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall – goneforeign: This is a 1944 song performed as a duet by The Ink Spots, featuring Bill Kenny and Ella Fitzgerald. The successful single went to number one on both The Harlem Hit Parade and the US pop charts. The name of the song originates from a quotation of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from the poem “Rainy Day” http://www.hwlongfellow.org/poems_poem.php?pid=39. In 1944 The Ink Spots and Ella Fitzgerald were both at their peaks, this might sound like ‘The Ink Spots with guest star Ella’ but actually it was recorded as ‘Ella and her friends’, others she recorded with include The Mills Brothers and Louis.

15 thoughts on “Earworms 4 August 2014

  1. Great first worm from deanofromoz, thought that was brilliant despite (please don’t shoot me) thinking of Mr. Zimmerman singing it who I really don’t like. loved the story of life and each step going in to “deeper water”.

    Starting to take more than a passing interest in DBT, thanks DsD.

    Tinny I might have to revoke my comment on the EOTWQ about rifling through your music collection as unfortunately I didn’t like that, which must be a first for one of your tunes 😦

    Unfortunately the “Peacock Lady” didn’t float my boat either.

    Disappointed with the male voice on the Ella track, needed more Ella 😉

  2. Lovely picture, interesting angle, thanks for posting this Ali, hope the arm is healing up nicely.
    I admit I have 2 Foo Fighters albums, but mostly because the children like their videos and wanted to hear the songs, this track is cool though. I tend to get bored of their one volume nature (i.e they start quieter, build to loud and stay there for 3/4 of the song), but this is more varied, I must check out that album.
    Sorry don’t like DBT.
    I quite like “Uh Uh Uh”, it reminds me of Summertime Blues, don’t know the band.
    I think Paul Kelly is a fan of Mr Dylan too, no bad thing though, liked it overall.
    Sorry your boat ain’t floated by Shelagh, Leavy, I do have a terribly soft spot for folkie female vocals, I know not everyone else does.
    My grandmother used to sing the last song, made me feel nostalgic, thanks for reminding me, goneforeign.

    • Thanks beth, still waiting for an op on the wrist to screw a plate in … euugh …
      I liked Shelagh Macdonald, she has a lovely voice. Paul Kelly too, though I’m not a Dylan fan (it’s just his voice – the Paul Kelly is like Dylan with a good voice, so – great!) I love the Foos and the Ink Spots / Ella is an old favourite, one of the few songs I can sing. Not so keen on Uh Uh Uh or DBT but it’s not them, it’s me.

      • Ew, hopefully the plate will help though, will you set off alarms at airports once it’s in? Hope the op goes okay

  3. I thought the mystery singer was Paul Jones for some reason. Somebody else heard the song and got it immediately but I won’t say the answer. Haven’t listened to the others yet but I love that Ella song and all the “and friends” or “and her fellas” tracks.

    • Well, I liked Foo Fighters and DBT a lot more than I expected to. Preferred DBT of the two even though it’s not the kind of thing I listen to much these days.
      Really liked Uh Uh Uh on a second listen. Dated I suppose but it’s got a kind of charm. Paul Kelly yes very Dylanish vocally – specifically the John Wesley Harding/Nashville Skyline era I think. Liked it a lot.
      I didn’t know Shelagh MacDonald but looked up this Grauniad article. Very intriguing. Loved her voice and the song.
      Ella can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. I like the Spots too so I’m happy.
      Lovely set altogether.

  4. The best part of this week for me is the picture. It’s a cenote like many I’ve seen in southern Mexico and Guatemala. The local legends have it that they were used by the Mayans to appease the gods by tossing in maidens. The subterranean rocks in that region are limestone, the regular rain absorbs sulphur thus creating a dilute sulphuric acid which dissolves the limestone creating endless underground caves and tunnels which when the surface collapses you get cenotes. I remember one specifically in Mexico, the walls were covered in brilliant flowers and there were dozens of brightly colored small parrots flitting about and hundreds of butterflies, it was memorable. The picture enlarges if you click on it,

    • A Mexican cenote features strongly in the marvellous book by Barbara Kingsolver, ‘The Lacuna’, weaving fiction and fact in a web around the lives of artists Diego Rivera and Freda Kahlo, with a guest appearance by Mr & Mrs Trotsky.

    • I chose the picture because it was “deeper water” and “peacock” blue. You see, there is method in my madness. Thank goodness there are no maidens in the vicinity.

  5. Well, a very mixed bag, but I enjoyed them all. The stand out for me was Paul Kelly, not least as I am a fan of Mr Zimmerframe, unlike Leavey. RR has introduced me to lots of good Antipodean stuff over the years, not least from nilpferd. A good folky tale is all right by me too, beth – thanks. Foo Fighters had passed me by, but I really liked that track, Leavey.. TCM’s puzzle of the week I can’t quite solve, sounds a bit early Animals, Spencer Davis, but if it’s not typical of what followed maybe it’s Small Faces? But with Tinnie, my guess it’s the other side of the pond.

  6. Hi all, glad you enjoyed the Paul Kelly number. The music media in Australia do like to call him the Australian Bob Dylan, and although I can see the comparisons – singer/songwriter, not the greatest voices going around, huge back catalgoue, some protest type songs, have tackled different styles over their careers, I think its too easy to just dismiss him as a Dylan copy. As I continue to contribute to this and RR, I am sure you will see more PK tracks coming your way.

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the others yet, still having a few challenges setting up the box. (my antivirus software thinks its a threat), but I will work through that or else do a YT search.

    Hope everyone is well.

    • Paul Kelly also reminded me a little of Marc Cohn (which is good). This is not to say that Mr Kelly is a ‘copy’ of anyone, he is just new to me and so I’m bound to compare to singers I already know. It’s a great song.

  7. Sorry for the suspense; I am traveling this week.

    The Canadian Squires – Uh Uh Uh

    Famously backing Ronnie Hawkins as The Hawks and then Dylan as The Band, in the short interval between the fellas toured southern Ontario as Levon & The Hawks. But they released two Robbie Robertson singles – Uh Uh Uh and Leave Me Alone – as The Canadian Squires. Now that’s obscure. Or perhaps even pedantic. Or just annoying 🙂

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