My Yesterday Is Dead

If you’ve a spare seven minutes to contemplate love and our place in the universe, Aiden Moffat (Arab Strap, & Bill Wells) and Clémence Poésy (The Tunnel, In Bruges) would like to talk to you

20 thoughts on “My Yesterday Is Dead

  1. Hi Blimpy

    I did not understand most of it but I will listen again and try and understand.

    I like his voice very much ! ! !

  2. Dear Yann Tiersen,

    Having made wonderful music for years, and soundtracked one of my favourite films, you have now combined elements of two of my favourite things (musicians going on about their feelings in interesting ways and Harry Potter) and made something that is absolutely perfect.

    Marry me?



  3. I’m really looking forward to Moffat’s next album with Bill Wells, the previous one was just brilliant (so much so that I drunkenly harangued a man with a big white beard once, accusing him of being Bill Wells, and telling him how much I liked his album)

  4. AAAGGHH! Stuck with just my phone for browsing until Thurs eve, and all of your descriptions are making me want to hear this SSSOOOO much.

    Off to Bakewell (Agricultural) Show tomorrow – an annual family event; we’re Life Patrons. Keep your fingers crossed on the weather for us!!

  5. I’ve been to Bakewell. A Bakewell tart is very different to a Bakewell pudding. I didn’t know this until I’d been there. It’s a very picturesque village, it even had a rotund, ruddy cheeked ‘postcard’ village policeman back in the mid 90s – I wonder if he’s still there?

  6. Finally caught up with this. It’s bloomin’ ace, as expected.
    And a perfect song to send me off to bed to.


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