What your ears can hear, but I can’t nom!

I’ve already got to the point on RRSA Ears & Hearing where I know I’m off-topic with the songs I want to nominate. So I thought I’d get off-blog before I bore webcore silly.

At this time of night in front of my PC, I tend to stop being DsD the heavy-rocker, and turn my ears (STOP IT, DsD! You’re on The ‘Spill now, remember? – Ed.) … sorry, and instead, I turn to piano-based, neo-classical / ambient minimalism. Some of the tunes that follow were tempting me to nominations over on the mothership; some are just current or even long-time faves. If anyone wants the musical equivalent of aloe vera on sunburnt skin, here it is. I hope someone feels suitably calmed by the end of it.

Endless Melancholy – Quiet.

Keith Kenniff – Portraits.

Emmanuele Errante – Away From This Silence.

Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window.

Dakota Suite – A History Of Silence.

Goldmund – Thrednody.

Amiina – Sogg.

If anyone gets this far and still wants more, I’ve just bookmarked a blog with a FOUR-HOUR playlist of similar stuff. Just ask.

5 thoughts on “What your ears can hear, but I can’t nom!

  1. Thanks DsD, i’m sure i will enjoy it, this is the sort of thing (in addition to the Dead) that’s my go to music for editing. Which i have a lot of to do.

  2. Ears and hearing, hmmm. Can’t you Hear Me Knocking, zedded. Show me how you do that trick, the one that makes me scream – zedded. I hear the clip clop of your feet on the stairs, better chance of seeing Christ than getting that listed. The Sound of Silence after having my eardrums assaulted last night for hours on end by a dj (blessedly nothing wrong with the tunes themselves – i love the 80s – the volume was the issue) while i opened about 8000 cans of beer for the 800+ 20-somethings employed by a tech startup – priceless.

  3. Hiya Rich –

    Finally got here, is it really just me and you for this stuff, the biggest headbangers on the boards here? Only one i knew was Goldmund, and that’s because you sent me a folder of it awhile ago. Only other one i heard of was Dakota Suite, probably from you or Leavey or both. I loved it. My other fave was the Keith Kenniff. Not anytime soon – my box is disabled and i have a busy rest of the weekend – but i might hit you up for some more at some point in the future. It all went down a treat with editing the day’s take, and as a mellow break from the Dead.

    Thanks, and have a good weekend.

    • Aha! I’ll let you into a little secret:
      Keith Kenniff IS Goldmund.
      He also records as Helios and Mint Juleps – thanks to magicman for that part of my education.

      Also, the tune I listed as Emmanuele Errante is actually Dakota Suite AND E.E.

      It is me that’s the Dakota Suite freak. Have been for well over a decade now.

      As soon as you’re ready for more, just let me know.

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