rob460-1 Robin Williams gone, I’m shattered,
Nothing more to say.
A genius, never to be seen in person again, Adios Robin.
So so sorry to see you go, you had so much to offer,
You already gave so much.

6 thoughts on “ROBIN WILLIAMS

  1. Oddly, I caught a glimpse of a Family Guy episode last night in which an epidemic of perpetually-wisecracking Robin Williamses drives Peter to jump off a cliff. Then I find out that this has happened.

    By his very nature, Williams’ supernatural ability to get a laugh from anything and nothing, at 100 miles per hour, could get annoying after a while. But by then your head would have laughed itself to the floor and your sides would be leaking profusely. He was a rare and precious comic genius.

    His sentimental side I found a little problematic, and I’ve never been able to watch Mrs Doubtfire, but some his more dramatic film roles were truly impressive (The Fisher King, Awakenings, One Hour Photo and Insomnia come to mind).

    But it was the freewheeling comedy ad-libs that I’ll remember him for; those moments where reality got inverted and you had no idea what was going on, other than it was something very funny indeed.

    Another sad loss of life-enriching talent.

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