Earworms 18 August 2014

Some more great worms for you this week, stories of love and drunkenness, indeed. Just don’t try riding the Wonder Wheel at the same time. Thanks for all the music and keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Lo Borges – Tudo Que Você Podia Ser – beltway: A classic Brazilian song, I normally always express a preference for an Original version of a song, and the early 70’s acoustic original is wonderful, but I’ve a real soft spot for this 2001 re-recording with the bigger band, I think it adds a new dimension to it, more of a groove and the accordion adds something nice too, certainly making it stick in your ear more…

Debout Sur Le Zinc – Au Comptoir – goneforeign: Their Name means ‘Standing on the Bar’, a Paris bar band. This song is from their first album and tells a story of love and drunkenness.

Fugees – Ready Or Not – abahachi: Heard ‘Killing Me Softly’ on the radio last week, for the first time in years, and had to re-listen to the album (again, for the first time in years) as soon as possible. This is still my favourite; one of those groups that was always far more than the sum of its parts.

Franco – Ou est Le Serieux – vocal by Sam Mangwana – goneforeign: I love Franco, sadly for Earworms most of his cuts run to 20-30 mins but here’s a short one.
Sam started out singing with rival Tabu Ley but he crossed over and joined Franco. This was the first song that they recorded together, great Zairean music from the 70’s.

Dan Zanes – Wonder Wheel – deanofromoz: Dan Zanes makes children’s music, and I found a compilation of his in a bargain bin at the second hand music store. Thought I would get it for my little boys to enjoy, so purchased it unheard…well, I can’t express my surprise at some of the tracks, this is not music just for children, this Daddy really really enjoyed this track. Maybe I have completely lost the plot, but this track is lovely. (its also proof that I don’t just include Aussie music!)

John Renbourn, Maggie Boyle, Steve Tilston and Tony Roberts – The Verdant Braes of Screen – AliM: A beautiful song, beautifully sung, and perfect for whistling at the bus stop.

11 thoughts on “Earworms 18 August 2014

    • And on a second too. A really great enjoyable set. Liked everything.

      I admit I wasn’t a massive fan of the Fugees at the time but I do love Lauryn Hill’s voice and bought her first (only?) solo album which kind of primed me to enjoy the group more.

      Hey, Dean. nothing wrong with posting more Aussie music. I sent in a Kim Churchill track earlier in the year. Do you know his stuff?

      • hi Severin, sorry for the late reply. Happy to oblige with more Aussie music as time goes on. I haven’t heard any of Kim Churchill but will look up and check it out.

  1. Lucky me, a two run homer! A nice set, I like most of the tunes, they all fit together.
    Lo Borges, great. ditto those French blokes, I love the interplay of all the instruments there. Franco: This piece is a perfect example of the usually much longer dance pieces of the ’60’s. It has the traditional ‘sebene’ at the mid point, it’s a sort of musical bridge credited to Franco and it became a staple and was very popular, Usually there’s a couple of guitars to get things moving and then until the end everyone piles on led by one or more of the vocalists urging everyone on. There’s usually a horn section, a sax soloist, a guitarist, here it’s Franco, plus backup singers.
    Imagine if it lasted half an hour building the whole time.
    Dan Zanes sounds like a contemporary Woody Guthrie, can’t go wrong with that and Renbourn et al. have a great sound, wasted on a bus stop.

  2. Well how odd, tried to post properly, a nicely constructed little thing about these tunes and it wouldn’t let me post (and lost the post), so in short…

    Haven’t been able to earworm for a while, so this is a lovely international set to come back to – Debout Sur Le Zinc was the highlight for me, every stereotypical French music element but it just works. Franco great too, as was Dan Zanes (thought that was Cajun at first listen!)

    • I like your description of Debout Sur Le Zinc Mr Bandit, pretty much spot on. That was probably my pick of the bunch, apart from my own contribution.

  3. I’d forgotten the Fugees and that’s a great track. Franco is probably my stand-out favourite but Dan Zanes is definitely the most earwormy, have been humming it all week.

  4. Sorry I’m late commenting, been travelling and injuring myself. A nice dreamy quality to the first track, I enjoyed the french track, we had fun trying to translate the words, horse and mouse, what’s that about? I knew the Fugees track already, I do like her voice, but not the male vocal. Franco is much better, sunny on this rather grey day.
    Always enjoy a bit of John Renbourn (he looks uncannily like my brother in some photos) and this song is lovely, thanks for sharing it.

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