Compare And Contrast . . .

Welcome to another in the occasional DsD series of similar-sounding songs.

I’ve got to start a whole new back-up of my computer system. With my ever-expanding store of music, pictures, vids and … oh, yeah, work stuff, I’ve invested in a 3TB external hard drive.

The first phase of this back up lasted 17 hours, and at the end of it, there were a number of files that I was warned couldn’t be swapped over because their file-paths were too long. That’s meant a back-aching, RSI-causing trawl through folder after folder after folder trying to shorten names. Music albums were some of the worst offenders: when you get something like –

Music / My Music / MP3 Folder / Micah P. Hinson / Micah P. Hinson And The Gospel Of Progress / Micah P. Hinson And The Gospel Of Progress – Micah P. Hinson And The Gospel Of Progress / 13. The Day Texas Sank To The Bottom Of The Sea (Micah P. Hinson & The Gospel Of Progress)

– you realise it’s about time you did some tidying up. So away I went, and before long I was directed at my well-occupied folder containing the various recording aliases of Mark Kozelek, and whilst shortening a file path there, I started listening to this:

The trouble was, I started singing along, with different words!

Of course, that got me going – and anything to be distracted from my task, naturally – and eventually I sang myself to the chorus & song title of the lyrics that had popped into my head.

It was this one: see what you think.

Of course, you all know I’m no musician. I have cloth ears. Butbutbut, my cloth ears are hearing very, VERY nearly the same thing twice. Anyone agree?

14 thoughts on “Compare And Contrast . . .

  1. I’m out at work all day on Tuesday, and we’ve got visitors in the evening, so I’m not sure when I’ll manage to respond to any comments.

  2. Late to this series, but I hope you have already remarked on ‘Surfin’ USA”s similarity to ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’, which was deliberate; the first releases of SA credited one ‘C Berry’ for the music. Brian Wilson thought it would be cool to have a song that namechecked the top surfing spots in the same way that Chuck lists towns, so he nicked the song wholesale. Didn’t end well, given Chuck’s belief that the industry had been consistently ripping him off since the Jonny Johnson Band days.
    You can also list the pub-band’s favourite segue – from ‘Twist And Shout’ into ‘La Bamba’ and back….

  3. Oh, and I forgot ‘Sittin’ On Top Of The World’ c/f ‘Come On In My Kitchen (Robert Johnson)’, but that feels a bit like cheating, as the old blues songs used to borrow from each other so much.

  4. I always thought Feeder’s Buck Rogers sounded like a less interesting version of Delicious by Catherine Wheel. (But they probably both sound like The Pixies anyway.)

    Anyway, to the matter at hand… I don’t think I’m patient enough for Mark Kozelek’s work. I bought Benji cos it got such rave reviews: I appreciate the storytelling but I don’t half miss some catchy melodies. This Red House Painters track is lovely though – much more melodic (to my ears) than said new album. And the Barzin track is freakily similar-sounding. On first listen anyway. So yeah, my cloth ears agree with yours. And the two tracks appear to be an almost identical length. Someone sue, er, someone else!

    • Oh, if you want something that really reminds you of The Chameleons’ Lufthansa, look no further than this:

      To make matters worse, the opening scene of the whole series happens in a plane. No Spill points for guessing which airlines it belongs to.

  5. A comment for DsD’s footy thread:

    Balotelli??!! To fill the now vacant ‘wayward genius’ slot on the bench? John Henry won’t fall for that again, surely?

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