Therapy (challenge?)

Came across this Grateful Medicine article in my feed this morning, by a practicing and academic Deadhead psychiatrist round my neck of the woods here convinced of the theraputic healing powers of the Dead. Which reminded me that i had wanted to get around to doing my own Deadlist for awhile.

I’m not especially feeling in the need of therapy these days – i like where i live, i kind of like my job, autumn is coming and i’m generally pretty sanguine (this is actually somewhat rare ๐Ÿ™‚ ). But there may be something to it. The Dead is my go to music for photoediting – it relaxes me and keeps me in a good frame of mind to edit, i can enjoy the long jams without being distracted from the task at hand. Can’t edit to the Stones. They bring up other (equally valuable) emotions that aren’t conducive to work. I’ve been using Chris’ lists, but i find there are songs that i tend to skip, and others i wanted to include so i did my own. (But i poached a lot of his.) It’s most likely a work in progress.

Headbanger DsD listens to piano music to wind down after a long day. What do you listen to, possibly different to your normal tunage, as therapy, medicine, or for other beneficial effects? Defined however you like. If you want, consider it a playlist challenge, and do yourself a playlist to post. I kept it simple and stuck to the Dead this time around, but choose whatever you want. 12 or 13 tunes? No rules (yet).

Would anyone be interested in a weekly sort of themed playlist challenge to get us to the holidays? Like maybe a different theme every week? My busy season is coming up – but i can probably get a challenge up every week if enough people are interested (even though i might not get my own list up). Totally open to any other sort of challenge that anyone would like to do, if anyone is missing challenges these days. Post playlists, thoughts, suggestions below.

57 thoughts on “Therapy (challenge?)

    • well, for a different theme every week, open for suggestions there too. Songs to jump start you, cry in your beer songs, songs to get you in the mood, i dunno. I haven’t really given it much thought myself. I’m just kind of missing a weekly challenge. Although it occurred to me that this is Thursday and probably not an ideal day. Tues or Wed would probably be best.

  1. It would be difficult for me to turn my “therapeutic” music into a playlist because it is orchestral stuff and generally long pieces that I doubt you could make into a nice snappy playlist.

    Mostly it is the stuff that people often call “difficult” music, Mahler, Stravinsky, Dutilleux Schoenberg, Berg, Webern, Bartok, Messaien etc, late 19th century and 20th century music, but also more approachable composers like Britten, Ravel, Vaughan Williams, Debussy and Tippett.

  2. Those very early Deadtracks are groovy, baby! I wish I could discover who’s tinkling the ivories on Tastebud: it sure ain’t Pigpen.
    And here’s a better quality version of that Bird Song, amy, from the recent CD set.

    Therapy? What for? Everything’s absolutely fine. Really. Apart from all the weird stuff under the carpet in that corner of the room that we don’t go in, of course……

    • Nicky Hopkins? nfc. I think Nicky came to the Dead later on though. Yep, those songs are totally groovy. Psych rock rules. Is that Bob on vocals?

      Thanks for the Birdsong, i’ll switch it out shortly. I have another track in there from the Renaissance Faire i think – or one from there i inadvertantly switched out.

      • I think it’s a combination of all four vocalists, with Jerry out front on Mindbender.

        There’s the China Cat from the Veneta film on YT but it doesn’t have the Rider attached. Which is a pity because it has some great footage of Cowboy Neal at the wheel.

      • The Birdsong i posted had the same date as the one you linked to.

        The China / Rider that i originally wanted to post is gone from the youtubes. So is the live Box of Rain that i wanted. Hard for me to find a good one of that because the music is good on a lot of them but Phil’s voice sucks. So i went for the studio version.

      • oh, nevermind, you meant sound quality on Birdsong. Yeah, sound quality is the prolem with a lot of the youtube versions. And archive, for that matter.

      • Yeah, Phil did great harmonies but he didn’t have the lungpower to take the lead.

        I just spotted this Mickey Hart quote on a book on my shelf, which links back to the article’s claim:
        “We’re not in the entertainment business, we’re in the transportation business. We move minds.”
        Even allowing for Mickey’s customary grandiosity, he has something of a point. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Apparently that is Pigpen on piano, he wrote the song too.

        “Itโ€™s been wondered who played piano on Tastebud – David Lemieux reports, โ€œItโ€™s Pig playing piano on it. I brought Weir into the vault and I said, โ€˜Bobby, whoโ€™s playing this?โ€™ He said, โ€˜Thatโ€™s Pig. He could play piano, but he didnโ€™t like to.โ€™โ€

      • Speaking of Nicky Hopkins, piano this week? Someone surely has put up Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder and She’s a Rainbow.

        And i have no doubt someone put up the Koln Concert.

      • I was thinking of suggesting a Stones song featuring Nicky Hopkins on piano over on RR, started listening to Waiting on A Friend and got distracted, I shall go and suggest now if someone hasn’t already.

      • ๐Ÿ™‚

        Billy Preston and Dr. John played on a lot of Stones tunes too. Hey Negrita has great piano (Billy), but it’s not really the dominant instrument in there. Ian Stuart does fine work on Let It Bleed.

      • dunno. Maybe it’s like Andre Agassi finally admitting that he always hated tennis? I’m still waiting for Tiger Woods to admit that he really hates golf, but like Agassi, his dad made him do it.

  3. I had to give this a ponder, I like to actively listen to music and if I try to do something else at the same time tend to get distracted, but there are times when I want something comforting that won’t grab my attention. I’ve discovered that my peaceful music is often mainly instrumental or featuring a language I don’t fully understand, so the voices can wash over me. Am I alone in this? If I catch a lyric I’m out of the zone and into the song…

    so not sure this would be therapeutic for anyone else, but I made a list…
    Therapeutic for Beth?

    1. The Glove – Relax
    Robert Smith/Steve Severin and some psychedelic drugs. An ex-boyfriend said if this was what goths listened to for relaxation it’s no wonder they’re all on anti-depressants, he may have a point…
    2. Bowie – Art Decade
    I love Bowie’s instrumental tracks, dream-like and from another time, I image a 1920s hotel, all dark green tiles and high ceilings when I hear this
    3. Steve Hillage- Garden of Paradise
    Yes it is like being in a new age shop, can you smell the joss sticks? However, it does make me happy
    4. Japan – Taking Islands in Africa
    I realise that I often listen to the sound of Sylvian’s voice not the words, I like the synthetic noises in this
    5. Bert and John – Lucky 13
    I grew up with folk guitars being played around me, this is very positive music for me
    6. Pink Floyd – Granchester Meadows
    got this wedded once ๐Ÿ™‚ Bucolic and beautiful.
    7. Devendra Banhart – Rosa
    Again in Spanish and maybe some Portuguese, his lyrics don’t make sense in English so I suspect they’re as nonsense in either of those too, I love the softness.
    8. Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld – Mi Scusi
    Blixa having a go at Italian with strings and humming, divine.
    9. Grateful Dead – St Stephen
    I’ve never seen the Grateful Dead live and have to say not everything I’ve heard by them appeals to me, but I can see the guy in the article’s point about the feeling of unity and happiness they can engender and this works for me (Live Dead version is even better).

    Sorry, seem to have gone on a bit.

    • “Am I alone in this?”

      No! You’ve totally gotten the point. Me and DsD listen to post-rock instrumental stuff, i listen to Deadjams, Carole listens to classical. And i’m looking forward to listening to your list.

      No apologies needed whatsoever.

      • you might not say that after getting through my list! I am missing a challenge on a Tuesday or Wednesday too, RR is like hard work sometimes with having to check if songs are zedded or previously suggested and so on and a mid week reason to direct my listening would be fun.

  4. Unsurprisingly (probably), for me it tends to be Sinead. In their different ways, Thank You For Hearing Me and This Is To Mother You pretty much define for me what therapy is about. (And this from someone who’s had a LOT of therapy!)

    • There’s kind of a fine line there with songs that are what therapy is about, and what songs are theraputic to listen to. And maybe sometimes both. I’m assuming that for you Sinead fills both bills. Songs about therapy to me, off the top of my head, like say for an RR topic – Tears for Fears Shout, Sexual Healing, Trash Can Sinatras Therapist, Garbage’s Queer, Joni Mitchell Twisted, etc. Then albums like Spirit of Eden – that i listen to in a dark room under the covers. Whether it’s theraputic to me or not i’m not sure.

      • Everything But The Girl in their more acoustic mode soothe my soul too. I’m thinking particularly songs like We Walk The Same Line. In fact, most of the Amplified Heart album. Oh and Emmylou Harris – the whole of Red Dirt Girl.

      • now that i think about it, i could make a case for Sexual Healing as theraputic, but not in the way you’d expect. I think i’ve told this story somewhere before. Was a miserable pouring rain day in NYC and a bunch of drowned rats were po’d waiting for a busy midtown subway at rush hour. Some buskers started on the song, and the entire packed station just chilled right out and smiled and sung along.

      • Something similar to your Sexual Healing happened in my local Chinese supermarket the other week when a couple of whiny, destructive children were transformed into gleeful dancers when the proprietor played Gangnam Style.

      • Now that you mention that, i was working a wedding last weekend, and i wasn’t in an especially bad mood but i was exhausted from working a long job late the night before. Happened to pass by the dance floor and the groom grabbed my hand and made me join hands and dance with him and another girl to the Dropkick Murphys’ Shipping Up to Boston. Have to say it put me in a good mood for the rest of the shift.

  5. Hi amylee, need to set aside some time this weekend to give that playlist a proper listening to but thanks for posting.

    Not sure it’s therapy but I’ll go along with Beth and say instrumentals provide the balance for me when I’m done “rocking out”, there are certain classical tracks I enjoy (Planet suite is a definite go to track) but if I really want to chill out then it has to be some smooth jazz, especially late nite chillaxing ๐Ÿ™‚

    All for a mid-week challenge and happy to suggest Spillers’ Driving Songs, summer songs, songs you just got to hear time and again.

    Will post some jazz tunes and perhaps the odd classical one later.

    Just a thought Tubular Bells is a good one to have on in the background.

  6. My chill-out music is also port rock and modern classical (Cage, Bryars, Reich, Riley). It often sends other people to sleep, though.

    I’d like a list of what people play to galvanise them into housework/cooking. This is where I could run riot on dance music.

    • A list for chores and stuff was totally one idea i was tossing around. I think we had one challenge question sometime to put up a song for that, i do remember putting up Van Halen’s Dance the Night Away.

    • Theraputic music doesn’t necessarily have to be chillout either. I find some of Panth and Chinny’s noise metal theraputic in that it scratches an itch, and then i relax afterwards.

  7. I have a suggestion, or two.
    How about if someone were figure out how to post a Spotify playlist here and then educate the rest of us?
    Ditto a YT playlist. Posting a single YT is so simple but so many of us don’t seem to know how to do it.
    Ditto, how to post pics in comments, I used to do it and it’s not hard but they changed things and now I can’t figure it out, I’ve tried. It would be a nice skill for us all to have as would the first two.
    Either of the first two would tie in nicely with this idea, I could create a nice Spotify playlist if I knew how.

    • Can you get Spotify here in the US? I can’t. Or at least not without some sort of fee i’m unwilling to pay. I’m happy to post instructions for a youtube playlist. Do you have a youtube (or any sort of google) account? You’ll need one of those first. Mind your privacy settings though. I have no idea how to post images in comments, i’m not really sure we can do that as commenters. Posting a youtube video or playlist is pretty easy though, all you need is the url.

      • ok. It helps if you have a list of songs you want on your list in order beforehand to make your life easier. So once you sign into your youtube account –

        1. Find the first video you want on your playlist. Underneath the video click on the link that says “Add To”. That will bring up a menu titled “Add to Playlist”. Underneath that will be a field that says “Enter Playlist Name”. Type in the name of your playlist. To the right of that should be a dropdown that should be on “Public”. (If not, set it on public.) Then click the next button to the right that says “Create Playlist”. Now the name of your list should be in the playlist field followed by (1) for this first song in your list.

        2. FInd the video for your next song. Click the “Add To” link below, and then click on the name of your playlist in the field. It should now have a (2) after it. Repeat until all of your songs are on the list.

        3. Once you have all of your videos added to the list, click on the avatar icon at the top right of the page. You’ll get a dropdown there, click on the “Creator Studio” button. This will bring you to your dashboard. Now click on “Video Manager” on the menu at the left of the page. Then click on the “Playlists” link under that.

        4. This will bring up your list of playlists. Click on “Play All” to view your list. If it’s ok the way it is, the url of the playlist is in the browser just like for a single video. You can post it in comments just like a single video. If you want to change anything, click on the “Edit” button to the right of the playlist on your list. If you mouse over the time of each video to the far right, you can click on the “X” to remove it from the list, or sort under the “More” dropdown by moving to the top or botttom of the list. I think this is cumbersome as hell. Shane said he found some sort of way to drag and drop the order, but i haven’t figured that out yet, not for lack of trying.

      • I’ve had Spotty from day one and never paid a dime, I don’t have a YT account but I often post YT videos. We always were able to post pics in comments, there used to be instructions at the top of the page, I’ve used it but I’ve forgotten how and I can’t find the instructions that I pasted on my desktop.
        I think Spotty playlists would be very handy, someone here has posted them.

    • I do use Spotify and have made lists over there, but not quite sure how to share them, so I’m going to give it a go, this will probably go wrong! I’ve made the playlist public by clicking on the circle with 3 dots in it next to the green play button. The ‘share’ option seems to be only to certain websites, so I’m going to try the 3 copy options

      1. copy embed code

  8. I drag and drop too. I’ll make a YouTube list of therapy and check on how I do it. I can’t write it down now because it’s so automatic I need to check on the procedure.

  9. OK, last night I put together a YouTube playlist of various works by Arnold Schoenberg.

    I hope people enjoy it. Some of the pieces are more approachable than others, Personally, I love his music.

    • I’ve just rather enjoyed the first piece. A very involving journey.

      I was put off Schoenberg by Pierrot Lunaire but I’ll give the rest of these a listen. Is there a joyful one? I’ve never found much joie de vivre in atonal music (which I’m sure some of these will be).

      Did you see the BBC4 thing about Vienna in 1908? Schoenberg, Schiele, Freud, Klimt and Hitler all sloshing about together in fear, guilt and rampant anti-semitism. A dark brew. Probably not the happiest atmosphere.

      • Yes, I watched that. I thought it was an excellent programme.

        As to the music, well, not much joie de vivre, really, no. I’m not sure that Schoenberg had much time for fripperies. He seemed to be a very gloomy man.

      • I’ve recorded it.

        In the early 1970s, the BBC did a dramatisation of The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann, with a script by Robert Muller. It was set in early 20 century Vienna among the artist community. I’d love to see it again to see if it matches up to my memory of one of the best series ever. The music they used for the “lost” score of the title was Faure’s Requiem and in those pre- internet days, it took me six years to find out what it was, finally hearing it on a tinny transistor radio in Sweden.

      • amy: the theme of the programme was that there was great creativity and glamour on the surface in 1908 Vienna but that it was a veneer over some very nasty stuff (extreme poverty, rampant prostitution and institutional anti-semitism leading the field). The presenter claimed that Klimt’s The Kiss shows exactly that duality: he sees the woman in fear rather than in love.

        Can you get the BBC iPlayer over there?

      • Dunno if i can get the iplayer, i’ll give it a try.

        Klimt never married, but had like 14 illegitimate kids. Which is obscene, but apparently at least he had the ability to pay for them. His life seems to be not terribly well documented. I know the basics of Klimt from art history, but i’ve really never dug too deeply into the work before, or of that period in art history for that matter. Just starting to appreciate it more as of late. Lauder’s Neue Museum in NYC was just opening around the time i left there, so i never got there to see the work either. I’m starting to appreciate the art nouveau period more now. I’ve also been researching Baudelaire too, there’s another snakepit.

        Was Freud anti-semetic? Seems a bit of useful idiocy if he was.

  10. Sorry, young Munday is on holiday and I haven’t been able to get hold of (my) laptop. I’d welcome a themed list challenge, lots of music to listen to, something new – what’s not to like?

    I have Spotify but I struggle to make and share Playlists, it always seems excessively complicated.

    My therapy is bouncy stuff. I like sad stuff too but I need to be in a good place before I play it. Can’t bounce too hard with a broken wrist though.

  11. I usually go for some Drone, ambient electronica or some nice alt. country.

    My go-to album (it’s playing right now!) is an album that came out on Digital Hardcore Records ages ago by Christoph De Babalon called “If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It”, which just about sums up my stance on most things!


  12. Late posting to this. Hopefully there will be a new topic tomorrow. I did rack my brains but couldn’t come up with any coherent answer let alone a playlist.
    When I was a lot younger there was one record I would always listen to at full volume on the headphones when I was feeling down. It was the Sex Pistols version of “No Fun”. For some reason it always made me feel better.

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