Introducing Patrick Williams (well, maybe you all already know about him, but…)

Staying at my mother-in-law’s in Llanelli last week, flicking through the lower depths of Sky television channels, we stumbled across an episode of The Streets of San Francisco featuring pre-irony Leslie Nielsen (i.e. back when he was simply a terrible ham rather than a genius straight-faced actor). Mrs Abahachi hadn’t seen it for years, I’d never even heard of it. Great fun, but the best bit as far as I was concerned – besides the fact that they put up titles for ‘Act I’, ‘Act II’, ‘Epilogue’ etc. – was the music; I’ve never heard of Pat(rick) Williams, but this is up there with the great TV themes, with classic 70s scratchy wah-wah guitar and some nicely dissonant chords.

I was intrigued enough to do a bit of research: record of TV and film music as long as your arm, certainly enough to have made him a decent pile – and, like one of my heroes Colin Towns (ex-Gillan, theme music for Doc Martin and all), it turns out that he invested quite a lot of it in setting up his own big band and producing a rather wonderful 1973 record called Threshold, chucking in strings, harp, wah-wah guitar, mad bongo solos and the kitchen sink. I now need to get hold of a copy, but for the moment it’s on Spotify…

2 thoughts on “Introducing Patrick Williams (well, maybe you all already know about him, but…)

  1. Hi Abahachi ! ! !

    It is really great theme track ! ! ! Obviously I never new the series but I am sure it was interesting ! ! ! San Francisco is my favorite city in the USA, I lived in Los Angles for a year but visited San Francisco several times and fell in love with it ! ! !

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