Earworms 1 September 2014

An up-tempo mix for you this week, hope it cheers up deanofromoz, who’s under the weather. On a housekeeping note, we’re getting low on worms at the moment, I have two from beltway and nine from goneforeign in the bank; if anyone else would like to send some in (especially if you haven’t sent any for a while), a top-up would be welcome. Just send them along to earworm@tincanland.com, where they’ll be in good company.

Clive Langer and the Boxes – Splash (A Tear Goes Rolling Down) – beltway: The considerable musical skills of Clive Langer are perhaps best known in relation to his production skills (or maybe as a co-writer of Shipbuilding with Costello) – his own performing however is not as well known as it should be (admittedly his voice is not for everyone) and his body of solo performed work is fairly small – here is one of the highlights though – you can clearly hear the foundations of the sort of sound he would perfect with Madness but it’s a great catchy song in its own right.

Haim – Don’t Save Me – abahachi: Can’t quite believe that I really like this retro pastiche from last year’s over-hyped soft rock media darlings, not least because I never really liked any of the bands they’re ripping off apart from Heart – but I heard it in a sleep-deprived stupor on a transatlantic flight last year, and still can’t get the damned thing out of my head…

Area 7 – Bitter Words – deanofromoz: Recently found this album in a bargain bin at a secondhand music store and have enjoyed rediscovering this track. Its nothing groundbreaking or unique, just some good Aussie ska.

The Rumbanella Band – El Congo – goneforeign: From the album Rumba Congolese. A song from mid ’60’s Kinshasa, it was inspired by the then popular Cuban Son and Salsa. It’s sung in ‘Indoubile’ a mix of Lingala and Spanish by Lola Bivuatu.

Doc Watson – Sitting on Top of the World – AliM: Some wonderful Appalachian Blues for you – to prevent further self-indulgence please send more worms!

Jakil – Istanbul – AliM: Another band to contact Earworms – pop/rock band from Edinburgh, now living in London. This single “Istanbul’ is due for release on September 28 – very catchy, slightly ‘80s feel? https://soundcloud.com/jakil/istanbul

18 thoughts on “Earworms 1 September 2014

  1. I haven’t had any ‘worm inspiration in ages. For me, it either has to be a new catchy number or something that had lodged in my head and which won’t go.

    I do have one tune, which I’ll send on.

  2. I could send you some more worms, Ali, but they’d be from that oh-so-familiar patch of ground….

    Listening to that lovely Sitting on Top of the World has provided a thought for an amychallenge: Radically Different Covers. Here are two more of SOTOTW: the Mississippi Sheiks’ original and one from Uno Hoo.

  3. Clive Langer – Very much like mid-eighties Madness, musically. His voiced seems pitched mid-point between Suggs and Robert Wyatt or am I just reading that in? Liked it but the song wasn’t as memorable as some he’s produced.

    Haim – Don’t know nothing about no hype. Never heard of the coves. Erm, it was ok. Kind of catchy but I won’t be rushing out to buy the album.

    Area 7 – Now I liked this a lot. Real energy rush. Put me in mind a bit of Do Anything You Wanna Do by Eddie and the Nut Jobs. Played it twice. Great stuff.

    Rumbanella Band – Gorgeous music. Loved it.

    Doc Watson – Can’t say I listen to a lot of Appalachian Blues but I like it when I do. This was great.

    Jakil – Nice, funky bass sound. Not my usual cup of tea but enjoyed it ok.

    I think I’ve figured out how to attach my worms to a mail message. Now I just need to listen to some new music so I’ve got something to send. Either that or my usual random selection of bits and bobs from the library will be forthcoming soonish.

  4. I can see why you’d like the Hain track, Aba, it reminds me of the Bangles (but not quite as charming). One of their videos was quite fun, I recall. We occasionally watch music video channels and they are refreshingly not in their underwear.
    I quite liked Clive Langer, good to hear his accent.
    Area 7 is fun, makes me want to jump up and down. I have a cousin in Australia who sends me Triple J Hottest 100 CDs periodically, there are loads of Australian bands the rest of the world is missing out on, I think (although some of them are a bit too pop for me).
    Also enjoyed the Rumbanella Band, these are a very cheery set of ear worms.

    I do always enjoy the ear worms and will try to send some more 🙂

  5. Clive Langer: Well, Langer and Winstanley were always names I looked for when it came to producers when scouring racks of 7″s back in the day… (This is that Langer, isn’t it?) But this is a bit too blokey Cockernee pub rock for me. Like Steve Harley. Who I don’t dislike, so perhaps I should give this another listen!

    Haim: I recently cat-sat for a friend and had a nosey through her record collection. As you do. If you’re as sticky-beaky as me. And the Haim album was in there so I had a listen… and couldn’t quite see what the fuss was about. Which is odd because I sort of think I should be the target demographic. It all felt very slick but a bit character-less to me. An excess of influences and a paucity of personality perhaps. But this is perfectly catchy. I think “The Wire” was the one that made the most impact on me. Not that that’s particularly interesting or relevant!

    Area 7: Yeah, it’s alright. Perky. Fun horns. I can hear how severin hears “Do Anything You Wanna Do”.

    The Rumbanella Band: Ahhhh, lovely.

    Doc Watson: Nice voice, nice chilled vibe, but the song itself doesn’t do masses for me. It’s blues, you see. For some reason, just not a language I speak.

    Jakil: Yeah, very 80s sounding. In an American way, unfortunately… Like Kenny Loggins or Survivor or something. Not really my thing but very proficient!

    I’ll dig out some worms too…

  6. Hi Ali

    Thanks for thinking of me, on the mend now, although the reward for getting better is that you get to go back to work, and then have to catch up on everything you missed while you were off sick…but that hampster wheel won’t turn around on its own!

    Apart from mine, they were all new to me again this week. Enjoyed the El Congo and Doc Watson the most. The Jakil and the Haim didn’t really do a lot for me.

    Hoper everyone is well!

  7. Rather late with these, due to all of my catching up post-holiday.

    Only listened to the Jakil so far – seems rude not to when they’ve gone to that much effort – and I’m definitely put in mind of bands like The Fixx, Then Jerico, even INXS, maybe. No bad thing in itself, but I’ve no idea whether there’s enough market out there for them to make a career out of it. Best of luck though.

  8. ALL newbies on me this week.

    Langer and Haim both passed my by with barely a ‘meh’, I’m afraid. That could come back to bite me, given one of the worms I’ve emailed in for wrangling this week!

    Area 7 was as described: a good party song for a mixtape, certainly.

    Rumbanella and Doc Watson were both lovely.

    Cheers all

  9. Was listening to Haim as I drove 10 floors downwards in a multistorey – at first it annoyed me a bit, feeling as uninspiring as the tons of concrete that were circling past me – but then it clicked into place as a fun little bit of uplifting retro – electropop. Wouldn’t listen repeatedly but ok.

    Area 7 was probably my favourite track of the week, always good to hear a new take on Ska and this one is VERY catchy.

    Rumbanella was also an outstanding track, so rich and enveloping – the Doc Watson is more austere but works well for it – at first I thought it was someone like the Incredible String Band, was surprised to hear it is so authentic.

    Great selection all.

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