No More Dealing, ‘Arry, awwigh’?


What a transfer window that was! The Premier League continues to obscenely devour itself out of pure greed, and I get no more comfortable coping with that. But nonetheless, let’s talk about it.

– Time to vent that spleen, Toon fans!
– End of an era at LFC, with Dagger and Pepe leaving permanently?
– The Mancs now challenging the Arse as the team with least connection to its roots?
– Southampton fans: sleeping any better now?

And let’s try adding a poll; I’ve never done that in a DsD post – Who was August’s “best” acquisition, IYHO?


What? Oh, yeah, some background music to listen to whilst you think about it. Here’s an appropriately titled one for the 2nd September from
My Computer

22 thoughts on “No More Dealing, ‘Arry, awwigh’?

  1. D’OH! Instantly remembered two more names I should’ve included in the Poll.
    Anyone know how to edit a poll? I can’t find how to do it.

  2. Isn’t this a ‘proof in the pudding’ thing? United have bought some talent but van Gaal still has to form a team that functions; Balotelli may be a load of sparky fun but he has to stay on the pitch; Welbeck may have found his home with the other ‘almost’ players but can they stay uninjured; has Pellegrini shuffled the right superstars?
    On the painful evidence of last Saturday, Mourinho seems to have spent (and shed) rather well. Besic didn’t impress……

    • You’re right about Besic’ debut-to-forget.

      Lukaku is one of the players I forgot to include in the poll. At the relative level of investment EFC have put into him, I really hope it works for you.

      Sadly, I have to agree with you about Chelski.

      I’m still waiting to hear from Gordon on his thoughts about City’s month.

      • But we (sortof) had Lukaku already……
        Eto’o looks like he might fit well into the big Everton striker who sometimes (but not often enough) plays a blinder role. We will have some great results, I’m sure, and be praised repeatedly for our effort….yet we’ll drop points we shouldn’t drop. As the first games have shown.

        In general, I like the new faces that appear after the frenzy. There’s no point in thinking of the economic obscenities being perpetrated (Falcao is getting how much a week??!!).

      • But we (sort of) had Lukaku already……

        Yeah, that’s why I forgot to include him in the poll, I reckon.

        …big Everton striker who sometimes (but not often enough) plays a blinder

        Ooh, d’you mean like, say, Duncan Disorderly? 😉
        (And no, I wouldn’t call him that to his face: he’s just as much an imposing, scary presence now as he was on the field!)

  3. It pains me to say that The Formerly-Special One has bought well, but he has. I think that Arsenal did OK, judging from early signs, Chambers looks like the best of the bunch for us, with Alexis looking promising and at least he is scoring goals. I hope that Welbeck turns out well for us, he is of an age to really kick on and blossom as a player. He’s shown promise, but his strike rate hasn’t been great, possibly because he has been played out of position too much. I am surprised that Louis Van Moyes froze him out, so let’s hope he scores loads of goals and helps keep Moo out of the Top Four.

    The big question mark is why Wenger hasn’t done more to bolster our defensive strength, though. I fear that this situation will come back and bite us before long.

    • Agree Chambers looks good. I may be falling into the trap that fans of eighty-odd other clubs set for us, but I have to say I’ve noticed – and been impressed by – his couple of appearances for you more than I have in his entire previous career.

      When’s Walcott due back? You’ll give a lot of older centre-backs utter nightmares at the thought of being charged at by a scorching front three of Sanchez – Welbeck – Walcott, knowing that either Ozil or Cazorla will thread perfect balls into whichever one they choose not to cover.

      At the back, I said the other week that I feared Daniel Agger was on his way to you, which would have made your back line MUCH better. However, if you get a chance to read the full version of Dagger’s interview back at Brondby, I recommend it as a small beacon of light in the darkness of greed that is the PL. Basically, DA could’ve been an Arse OR a Manc by now (amongst others), but said there was no way he could do that to us at Liverpool and live with himself. Instead, he’s gone back “home”, at a pay level a mere fraction of his other offers. I love the man even more now he’s left LFC than I did whilst he was with us.

      • Theo should be back after the international break, as far as I know. The idea of a Theo, Alexis and Welbeck front three is mouth-watering, with Ozil pulling the strings and Ramsey coming in from deeper too.

        We shall see how that works out.

    • In theory, Liverpool are still very solid at the back. Lovren was the other player I wrongly left off the poll, and he could easily turn out to be the best signing Rodgers makes in a long time.
      Butbutbut … last season I joked we had more defenders than Land Rover, but we’ve sold Daniel Agger, Martin Kelly and Jack Robinson, and loaned out Andre Wisdom, Sebastian Coates and Tiago Ilori. As far as I can see, we now only have Kolo Toure as back-up to the Skrtel – Lovren – Sakho back three I’m convinced we’ll be playing by Christmas. Both Johnson & Manquillo on the right, and Moreno or Enrique on the left, are more suited as wing-backs than full-backs, which means with any two from Stevie, Emre Can, Henderson, Joe Allen & Lucas sitting in the middle, whichever two of Lallana, Sterling, Coutinho or Markovic play, they can run wherever the bloody hell they want, and only our no.9, whether that’s Sturridge, Balotelli or Lambert will know which sixpence the ball is going to be put on for smashing home!

      I like those options, and think we’re only short now by one CB (which I still hope will be one of the current loan-outs) , and a better keeper. Apparently, we’re at the front of the queue for Victor Valdes. If that’s true, I’m a very, VERY happy bunny. . . .

      . . . . until Mad Mario flies off the handle, Lovren breaks a leg, and Stevie finally cracks under the pressure. Then we’ll turn into Spurs!!!

  4. “Time to vent that spleen, Toon fans!”

    Why ! Thank you !
    Who needs players that can actually score goals anyway. Our cunning plan this season is to lull opponents to sleep with our dazzling displays of mediocrity and harvest a point a game for every 0-0 draw.
    How can we fail to achieve our usual mid table spot ?
    This, as normal, will save us the trouble of having to travel to Europe or engage in long and tiresome “cup runs” leaving more time for punching horses and borrowing a few quid from everyone’s favourite pay day loan company.
    Bah ! Humbug ! ( that’s why we wear the stripes).

    • I really don’t know what to say about the situation at Newcastle. What is it? The 3rd biggest crowd in the country, week in week out? Passionate fans in a football-mad area rich in footballing raw materials (people, I mean: adult spenders and kids who want to play).
      Great stadium; an owner who could spend closer to Abramovich levels than Kenwright ones if he chose to; a knowledgeable gentleman of a manager, with a quality staff working for him (I met Peter Beardsley last time I was up there – PETER BEARDSLEY!! … uh, and John Carver, but I suppose you can’t have everything!) 😉

      Why you are not fighting for a Champions League spot every year baffles me.

  5. And (as if anyone cared), have you spotted the possibly unexpected nomination amongst those players in the poll yet? Go on, ask me, ask me: I’m dying to tell you why he’s included!

      • No. This Matt Smith is a big old-fashioned No.9 who made his name with a brace of goals for Oldham that dumped Liverpool out of the FA Cup 18 months ago. He’s just left Leeds Utd for Fulham. Could be just what Felix Magath needs to get him out of a big hole. Smith and Ross McCormack were quite a front two at Leeds last season, so it wouldn’t surprise me to find RMcC had been chuntering in a few ears.

  6. a conversation about football – yeah! (after the one I missed when on holiday) AND ‘My Computer’ to listen to – brill – well my team had a fantastic transfer window. But they had all the newspapers swooning about their business last year too – and then they got relegated.

    the proof is in the ‘can you kick it?’ reality…innit.

    • My big worry about your lot is the manager. I don’t see how Delia & Michael can think that Neil Adams is going to get you out of “The Most Competitive League In The World”™.

      • Because Neil managed to win the youth cup for Norwich outwitting teams with far more resources/cash/talent. The technical ability he has in setting up sides against better opponents is outstanding – in the same class as our last decent manager (Lambert); he also knowns how to man manage the disparate egos – and has got rid of those too big for their boots/not inclined to play a team game… except Bassong who will need to buck up.
        Those that shouted out ‘why?’ when he was appointed had obviously never seen his teams play – part of the technical development team/youth manager here for ages and respected internally by many – especially the wealth of youth talent he has had a part in developing.
        If Redmond had been sold in this window we already had 3 players to take over (and they are already as good – the homegrown Murphy twins are going to be phenomenal – Adams is easing them in to take over without alienating Redmond – and will probably get the best out of him – and more cash value before the next window – (sorry Birmingham, hope you had a sell on clause).
        Delia & Michael have landed on their feet without compensating anyone else – and have got someone who knows the youth set up of other teams – buying in talent to develop – and loaned out again too – so our wage bill is okay… future is bright.
        Out of debt, playing attacking football, manager buying for the future as well as the present team ethic – enthusiasm for the game written all over his face…. and the teams.
        This league is bloody great (except I can’t tap into every game live somewhere in the world).
        I don’t expect to get out of the “Most Competitive League In The World”™ – but it’s just brilliant to watch and listen to a manager and players bloody well loving the game – and trying to win it. Rather than the board/manager panicked into the idea that sport is about Not loosing.

        Lucien Favre at Borussia Mönchengladbach was the only other manager I would have contemplated as the new boss – last Christmas he would have been my first choice – because he has the big match experience and would have gelled the Houghton failings to keep us up – but Mr Adams will be well prepared by the time we get promoted again… great place to learn your trade (fingers crossed – heehee).

        And thankfully we didn’t get any of those old dinosaur being re-employed by petrified owners in the desperate hope of survival – I detest the way the lot of them set up teams.

        Hope that settles your worries 😉

      • Brilliant, Shane! That’s me well’n’truly put in my place.

        I hope you’re right my friend, it would certainly make the proverbial refreshing change.

        So what would be your perfect season? Not-quite-making-the-playoffs (until next year when you’re better prepared), plus a Cup visit to Wembley?

      • Just an entertaining season – and after today (2 down at half time – 4 scored for us in the second half) – I think entertainment is well and truly forthcoming.

        The kids playing in the cup games and having a good run will be brilliant, because Adams knows them well and is happy to give them time on the pitch.

        Season could easily end up with us in promotion – if they carry on like this, and the momentum might cease if they don’t do it first time – but there will be blips – first half was awful today – but Adams turned it around.
        If he keeps them plying like this – they’ll be up and around the top all season. I will just enjoy it while it lasts.

        Your season looks like a roller coaster ride already.

  7. I meant to reply to this sooner, but:

    – Southampton fans: sleeping any better now?


    It’s been a good few weeks. I’m still sorry about what might have been: I miss Lambert (sad but hardly surprising to see him restricted to 20-minute cameos) and Lallana (like your childhood has left you for someone richer and more glamorous, and you kind of hate them, but you can’t help remembering all those wonderful years together). I’m sorry to see Shaw and Chambers join the ranks of Academy alumni upgrading quite so soon. I miss Pochettino’s interpreter.

    But right now, things are looking pretty rosy. I don’t suppose we’ll finish the season above many or any of those that left us in the summer, but at the moment we’re looking down on all of them, and enjoying the sweet smell of schadenfreude.

    Arguably, we strengthened our squad during the transfer window, while making a cool £30 million profit. Toby Alongsurname, Gardos and Fraser Forster in exchange for Lovren looks like a very good deal (and Lovren looks like a liability for Liverpool, which is fun to say, and not just for the alliteration). Bertrand probably isn’t as good as Shaw may one day be, but already has more assists in 5 games than Luke managed in 2 years (damn lies and stats…). Tadic and Pelle seem to have made the step up from Dutch football seamlessly. Long may have been overpriced, but is a someone you’d rather have in your squad than have to face. Mane, who we’ve yet to see, sounds exciting.

    Best of all, Schneiderlin seems happy – he’s the player we could least afford to lose, and it amazes me that no serious team made a serious bid for him (sorry Tottenham). I’ve always assumed he’ll end up at Arsenal one day, where I think he’d make a massive difference.

    As for Koeman, he’s fast becoming a hero. He seems open and droll as a person and has obviously got the squad to gel tremendously quickly (which was hugely important after this summer, but also one of the question marks over his CV). He also seems to be tactically astute – we’ve played better in the 2nd half of every game this season, and he appears to have a plan B, which Pochettino never did (though his plan A was breathtaking when it worked).

    OK, this is turning into a Consortium11 post… time to stop. I’m going to enjoy being second in the league while it lasts, because come next Saturday…

    …if we beat QPR at home by 3 goals, we’ll be top 😉

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