Big in Japan ! ! ! – Marty Friedman – ex Megadeth Guitarist ! ! !

Marty Friedman - Big In Japan ! ! !

Marty Friedman – Big In Japan ! ! !

Welcome to a new occasional series I am going to write about people from the west who are Big In Japan ! ! !

Megadeth were one of the iconic metal bands of the 1990 decade and hugely successful but at the peak of their success the Marty Friedman left the band and headed to Japan. Marty Friedman has lived permanently in Japan since 2003 and has a really great career here. But not the one you might expect ! ! !

Of course he is still making great metal records and playing concerts but he has developed a great career as Hebimeta-san (Mr Heavy Metal) and professional nice guy ! ! !

Following the Tsunami Marty Friedman played at charity concerts and auctioned his guitars, and equipment and his Megadeth memorabilia to raise funds for the victims, which was gesture that greatly appreciated by everyone.

He speaks really very good Japanese with just enough of an accent to be exotic and he regularly appears on Music TV shows and variety shows as either a

Mart Frieman in the movie Gu Gu The Cat

Mart Friedman in the movie Gu Gu The Cat

guest or host. He is also a music journalist where he writes music columns for several magazines.

Somehow he is also quite a successful actor and he appears in any film or drama that needs a long haired foreign guy. His most famous role was as the English teacher and shinigami ( God who guides souls of dead people to the next world ) in the wonderful, moving, tear jerking film Gou-Gou Datte Neko de Aru. ( Gou Gou the Cat ) It is a 50 tissue movie so be prepared to cry if you watch it ! ! ! He does not appear in the trailer as it would spoil the plot when you see the movie, but I love the movie so much I have shared the trailer anyway ! ! !

 Gu Gu The Cat – Trailer

He is universally liked by young and old, and his persona on TV shows and through his writing portrays him as a very nice and charming guy. He recently married Hiyori Okuda the beautiful and very talented classical cello player.

Momoiro Clover Z

Momoiro Clover Z

But maybe most surprising is his collaborations with J-pop groups and his love of what he described as “embarrassingly happy.” J-pop.

So lets finish with Marty Friedman – ex Megadeth Guitarist and total Nice Guy playing the guitar on one of Momoiro Clover Z mega hits.

I hope you like it ! ! !

 Momoiro Clover Z ( ft Marty Friedman ) – Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku Dai Nana Gakushou “Mugen No Ai”

18 thoughts on “Big in Japan ! ! ! – Marty Friedman – ex Megadeth Guitarist ! ! !

    • Hi Beth

      Thank you so much for the correction ! ! ! I am happy you found the post interesting ! ! !

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment and like the post ! ! !

  1. it’s a great idea for a series Sakura and Marty really is very famous over here.

    I was pretty surprised when I first kept seeing him on TV and when I saw his book on J-pop in the bookshop, but I think you’re right, he seems like a thoroughly nice bloke and deserves all the success.

    …now trying to guess who will be next…hmm….

    • Hi Panthersan ! ! !

      You can suggest someone ! ! !

      I am pleased you took the time to red and comment ! ! !

      I had forgotten he wrote a book also ! ! !

      Thank you ! ! !

  2. I don’t know much about Megadeth. Heard a couple of songs once, not my kind of thing really. He does seem like a nice guy though and it’s interesting to hear about his new life in Japan. Quite enjoyed that Momoiro Clover song. Quite like his hairstyle. Not sure about that film even though I like cats.

  3. HI Severin ! ! !

    I am really glad you liked the Momoiro Clover song ! ! ! I am sure you would like the movie ( if you like crying at movies ! ! !

    The cat is super cute in it ! ! !

        • Me too! This Hornbach
          commercial made me cry yesterday, but I prefer their one with Blixa Bargeld reading out their catalogue in a dramatic way.

          Has anyone watched the film Hachi:A Dog’s Tale ? I did not research it before we watched it, it made my mother-in-law and everyone else in the cinema weep (except one teenage boy who was concentrating on his phone, not the film.

    • Hi Bluetrain ! ! !

      He is s very popular here and won the best international artist award in the past, and he has many Japan only album releases and platinum and gold albums. He does not live here, but I will put him on the list.

      Next week I have a real surprise ! ! !

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