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Hirugao is a Drama About Adultery

Hirugao is a Drama About Adultery

Why do British TV shows have such rubbish theme tunes ? ? ? In Japan there is a link between the TV companies and the record companies and top artists make great tracks for TV themes. In the UK it seemed that TV themes were really just an after thought and written in the ten minutes between drinking a beer and going to the toilet by some geezer that happened to learn to read music in elementary school.

I have to admit here that the “guess JD’s favorite TV show” week on RR was one of the most traumatic moments of my life  ! ! ! I nominated dozens fo great artists playing great songs  . . .and what made the list . . . The @#$%^&&&%$ Egg Race ! ! !

Oh NO ! ! !  Not the Egg Race ! ! !

Oh NO ! ! ! Not the Egg Race ! ! !

However in Japan, just recently the trend of using established stars like YUI, Miwa, or Scandal has changed to using some indie bands with long history playiing jazz or soul seem  to be coming into fashion.  This is something I really like as it is giving great publicity to some great bands that have been playing in clubs and making records for a long time but have never really had musch mainstream exposure.

So I have share two of them.

So what is current in TV themes in the west, and have things improved since JD was a kid ? ? ?

Personally I think not . . . .

So this is your opportunity to prove me wrong.

There is a very popular TV drama just now about adultery and affaires and although I do not actually like it, as I have a really problem with this types of topics and really do not like them at all, the theme track is really great.

The ending theme of this drama is a great cover of a 1960’s track “Like Strangers” by Katsuko Kanai.   ( Why are British dramas so cheap they have the same opening ending theme ? ? ?  )

Rivers Edge Okawabata Detective Agency

Rivers Edge Okawabata Detective Agency

The other is Riverside Dectective Agency and it is about a detective agency next to the  Sumida River in Tokyo. It is about the eccentric people that work there and thier strange clients and cases.  The theme is Neon Sign Stomp by Ego Wrappin’

Here is the version by Hito Yu ft Soil and Pimp Sessions. Which is the ending theme for the drama Hirugao.

 Hitoto Yo – Tanin no Kankei feat. SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS

And here is :

Neon Sign Stomp by Ego Wrappin’ 

So what musically worthwhile theme tracks are there now for TV shows in your country ? ? ?

17 thoughts on “Sakura’s J-pop Corner – TV Themes – Battle of the Nations – Japan vs The World ! ! !

    • Hi Leaveitallbehind ! ! !

      Thank you for taking the time to comment ! ! ! I really loved the two tracks you nominated ! ! ! They were really atmospheric and seemed to tell a story ! ! !

      Thank you for sharing them! ! ! !

  1. One aspect of this, I think, is that in the UK we don’t think of TV themes in the same way as we do most other recorded music.
    They’re mainly there to briefly set a mood and can be judged as successful or not according to how well they do that. That’s why the original Doctor Who theme, Coronation Street and the Avengers one are so well loved.
    I’m not sure I’d want any of my favourite recording artists to write and record a song for a TV show. Although it might be fun wondering who would make the music for which programme.

    • It’s about “cool” , I think. No self respecting band of any repute is going to record a theme tune for a TV show. Unlike in the US where Friends, Malcolm in the Middle and the Big Bang Theory ( to name but 3) got “name” bands to do their songs.

      It’s nice to imagine the Sex Pistols doing the theme for Emmerdale Farm but it just ain’t happening here.

    • But do you not think it is sad to pass anoprtunity to give prime time exposure to some great bands ? ? ? But anyway, even if you say it is to set the moodor whatever . . .are you really noy saying that musically these theme tunes do not have merit ? ? ?

  2. Ok, not really answering your question about whether things have improved, but, but . . . here’s ShivSidecar’s favourites, The Bevis Frond, appearing/competing in and then re-imagining the Countdown theme tune

    Also, I realise I should stop putting YouChubb links in case someone’s phone bursts. Sorry phone.

  3. Hi Tatankayotanka ! ! !

    I must say that I that theme is exactly what I dislike ! ! ! I am so sorry to disagree with you, but you can only like that theme if you have some emotional connection to the series. The tracks I share I think stand on their own. The Crossroads theme must be tied to you memories of the show . . .

    But if you love it . . .then I love it also ! ! !

  4. Sorry I have been late with my replies to your comments . ..I was having fun on a long weekend in Izu . . ..

    I hope you forgive me ! ! !

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