Earworms 22 September 2014

Your worm curator is stressed this week. All my preconceptions of dogs are true. They are disgusting creatures, they eat live snails and their own vomit (and WORSE). Euuwwgh. I am off to live in a tepee with my cat. Hope you enjoy these soothing tunes and please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Sekou Diabate – Guitar Fo – goneforeign: Bembaya Jazz is/was Guinea’s leading band, it was founded in 1961, Sekou has been associated with the group all his life and in 1977 he performed this piece at the Lagos Fespac, the Pan African arts Festival.

The Chieftains – Tabhair Dom Do Lámh (Give Me Your Hand) – beltway: From their mid 70’s peak, it’s an elegant take on a modern Irish Folk Standard that could as easily be a pop song (The Wolfetones and Planxty pretty much made it one) – but this one just sets the hairs on the back of my neck standing up….

Shrimp Boat – Dollar Bill – chris7572: Sweet, wrecked and carefree: just how I like my wo….er, music. Shrimp Boat may only have packed a couple of musical ideas in each song but they were interesting ideas.

Al Wilson – Do What You Gotta Do – bishbosh: A Jimmy Webb song perhaps best known in the (fairly similar) Four Tops version, but I believe he originally wrote it for Al. And, much as I love Levi Stubbs, I think I prefer Al’s gentler, slightly less bombastic take.

Marc Almond- The London Boys – bethnoir: A cover of a very early Bowie song with a quote from Marc Bolan at the beginning, I think this version highlights the vulnerability in the track.

Satchel – Whose Side Are You On? – DsD: I’ve been finding myself in need of some late-night soothing music again recently. Something to do with my kids’ summer holiday fractiousness, I reckon. This song scores twice: once for the calming feel of the music, and once for giving me a lyrical mantra (the “wormy” chorus line) to repeat when trying to arbitrate in sororal disputes.


9 thoughts on “Earworms 22 September 2014

  1. Er, actually, not an awful lot for me here (mine aside, obv). Although I quite liked Shrimp Boat‘s squonky sax, in a wild’n’free Was (Not Was) kinda way. Sorry folks.

  2. Deano here. If you had asked me to predict my fav based on descriptions, I would have said Chieftons. I liked them all though, especially Al Wilson and Guitar Fo

  3. I love the cross-rhythms of Guitar Fo, the way it is both in 4/4 time and 6/8. I’m not sure it can be described as an earworm, though: there’s no discernible tune (an observation, not a complaint).
    The Chieftains’ track is quite lovely, as one might expect.
    Do What You Gotta Do does what it oughtta do, sincerely. Just not my thang, although the organ fade-out sounds like it might be going somewhere.
    I’ve never been convinced by Marc Almond. I’m still not.
    The Satchel track I rather like (don’t faint, DsD!). The drums are trying to annoy me but there’s enough going on elsewhere to keep my attention. And it doesn’t get histrionic, which is nice.

    You’re right about dogs, Ali, they’re noisy, slobbery things. My next door neighbour lets hers crap in the back garden. I have to hope the wind is blowing in the right direction in summer.

  4. Sekou Diabate: I prefer my Guinean earworm from a few weeks back but then I would say that. Lovely sound of course. Can’t imagine humming it (yeah, good luck with that…) but lovely sound. Real virtuosity too. In an enjoyable way, not a ‘stop wanking about’ way.

    The Chieftains: Yeah, nice. Not got much to say about it really.

    Shrimp Boat: Reminds me of something. Can’t think what. Something a bit Faith No More-y and/or Red Hot Chili Peppers. And we know how I feel about them…

    Al Wilson: Oh I do love it. Funny that.

    Marc Almond: Marc does over-enunciate a bit on this, I think, but his voice sounds great. Which isn’t always the case… Yeah, like it a lot.

    Satchel: What a soothing voice. My favourite of the bunch. (Bar my choice of course! Me me me…) I’ll even forgive it the extended outro/slow fade.

    Thanks all!

    • What a soothing voice.

      A-ha! Gotcha. The singer is actually DsD fave voice Shawn Smith, of Brad & Pigeonhed etc. I know you’re already a fan, as we’ve previously discussed, amongst others, Brad’s The Day Brings. Glad you liked this one too.

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