Jerome Charles White Jr – Big In Japan ! ! ! 


Jero - Big In Japan ! ! !

Jero – Big In Japan ! ! !

Jerome Charles White, Jr is big in Japan ! ! ! He came to Japan like so many others as an English teacher who wanted to do something else . . .But Jerome actually did move on and do something else and so he became Big In Japan . . . .

Enka is a style of music that is somehow a mix of pop and traditional Japanese music.

so, how on earth is a black American from Pittsburgh now the hottest Enka singer in Japan ? ? ?

Well . . .  his grandmother was Japanese and as a kid he listened to Enka and fell in love with the genre. Also as a kid he visited Japan and fell in love with our country and culture. He studied really hard and learnt Japanese and computer programming.

Jero's Grandmother was Japanese

Jero’s Grandmother was Japanese

But he came to Japan to live first as an English Language Teacher.  Of course every Japanese girl knows English Language Teachers are usually the biggest losers ever and normally they are guys that can not get a girl friend in their home country and come to Japan thinking that they are some how exotic and will find a girl friend here when they could not at home . . . .Unfortunately this is often true . . .

( I apologise to any serious English Teachers they maybe )

But our man came with a plan ! ! ! He taught English for a while and then got a real job as a computer programmer and started entering Karaoke competitions.

The dream came true and he was signed by a scout and the rest is history ! ! !

Jero ( as he likes to be known as ) has brought Enka to a younger generation but he is incredibly popular with the older generation also. He has a great voice, and wonderful interpretation, but also an emotional honesty that is so important in a genre like Enka.

He is the real deal in Enka and as a foreigner that is an great achievement.

So please listen to Enka super star . . .

Jerome Charles White, Jr . .. . .Big In Japan ! ! ! ( actually VERY big in Japan )

Jero  – Crocodile Tears








8 thoughts on “Jerome Charles White Jr – Big In Japan ! ! ! 

  1. Enka is a difficult genre for me. I like some of it, mainly the “traditional” sounding stuff from the 60s and 70s but, of course, you really need to understand the words to get the most out of the songs.
    Being that I also prefer the ladies I’m afraid Mr White doesn’t really “do it” for me at all.

    • Hi Mr P ! ! !

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I think he is great for coming to a different country and learning the language and following his childhood dream. I have times when I am really into it and sing old Enka songs in Karaoke like a grandmother, then I have times when I can not bare to listen to it ! ! ! I usually prefer the women singers also actually.

  2. Well I can see and hear why he’s successful. He’s a good looking bloke with a strong, smooth sounding voice. I don’t dislike this at all but it’s not something I would seek out. The guitars reminded me of the Isley Brothers.

    • Hi Severin ! ! !

      I think in this track you are right about the guitars ! ! !

      He is a good looking guy ( although I prefer asian guys and I am not normally attracted to white or black guys )

      I agree he as a prefect voice for this type of music ! ! !

    • Hi Ali

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I think Enka is like Country music in the USA or something like that, to really do it well you need an emotional honesty and that is what separates the best from the cheese ! ! !

      Actually he has that in his delivery and that is why he is not still singing in Karaoke competitions ! ! !

      I hope you found the post interesting ! ! !

      • No ! ! ! Of course you did not offend me ! ! ! I jsut meant that like me I and Country music I do not really like it so much, but the best country music has a that really direct emotional content and if it is sung with emotional honesty it can be really enjoyable, and I think the same is with Enka.

        But of course I am not offend ! ! ! I am really grateful that you read the post and even commented ! ! !

        Actually you made me start to think about writing a post for “How I discovered Country Music” ! ! !


        Sakura x x x

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