How I Discovered – Johnny Cash

Inokashira Park in Kichijoji

The Buddhist Temple – Inokashira Park in Kichijoji

Since I moved to Tokyo almost ten years ago,  I have been a city girl. I live in Meguro and rarely leave the Yamanote districts of Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ebisu and Meguro. I do occasionally take my passport and travel the 20 minutes to some of the Shitamachi districts like Akasaka, or Aoyama, but the suburbs are somewhere I usually would never dream of going. They tend to be characterless, residential areas with little to make you want to go there.

However there is one exception and that is Kichijoji.

Kichijoji is a suburb to the east of Tokyo and is part of Musashino City. It is leafy spacious and green, but has good transport connections and really great shopping with lovely boutiques and also some great department store and a really great covered shopping street right by the station ! ! !

When I was working as a promotion girl my agency had a contract with Canon and I was sent to a very large and famous camera store in Kichijoji quite frequently to promote and demonstrate various camera and other equipment, and walking around the area I came to appreciate the lively atmosphere, the large number of young people, the really great shopping, and the good night life and slightly alternative feel to neighborhood.

There are some lovely boutiques ! ! !

There are some lovely boutiques ! ! !

There is a lovely park called Inokashira Park with a beautiful Buddhist temple at one end and a number of Shinto shrines at the other. There is also a really nice petting zoo where you can pet the amimals which is of course very popular with young children and their parents.

There are lots of really nice cafes in Kichijoji ! ! !

There are lots of really nice cafes in Kichijoji ! ! !

So I hope I am painting a picture of a beautiful and laid back suburb and actually Kichijoji is consistently voted as the place that most people would like to live ! ! !

However there is of course also another side to Kichijoji ! ! ! If you leave the station by the opposite exit to the shopping district, you will enter a lively entertainment neighborhood, part of which is also red light district with all the usual pinkusaron, soaplands and sex encounter establishments that you find in these places everywhere, but part of which is full of lively clubs, and bars.

It was in this area that I first discovered Johnny Cash ! ! !

Kichijoji has a popular entertainment district

Kichijoji has a popular entertainment district

After working in the camera shop for the day, I went to take a drink with one of the sales guys there, and we went to the entertainment district to a cowboy themed bar with waitresses dressed in really cute cowgirls in uniforms and the waiters dressed a s cowboys, of course the music was Country Music.

I was not really paying attention, but suddenly on the TV Screen I saw Iggy Pop ! ! !

What in Earth is Iggy Pop doing singing country, but them I started to realize this actually a song by a country artist with rock stars appearing as guests. The track seemed to hypnotize me, and drew me in. I desperately tried to listen to the words and could catch a few phrases. I was so entranced by the track I even used my phone to search for the lyrics and after reading them I ask the barman to play it again.

I left the bar determined to find out more about Johnny Cash and as I walked back to the station past the red lights clubs and the hawkers outside, the words of Johnny Cash’s song came back to me . . . . .

Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down









8 thoughts on “How I Discovered – Johnny Cash

    • Hi Ali ! ! !

      I love that track also ! ! ! I am really pleased you liked the post ! ! !

      I like thinking about these and posts and remembering where I first heard something. Next time will be Gladys Knight ! ! !

  1. Hi there, I to came to The Man In Black late but have over the last few years purchased a lot of his back catalogue. One of the on-line retailers had a 20 album boxed set for £20 a year or so ago.

    Another fabulous post HoshinoSakura there are so many fabulous JC tunes but I’ll leave you with one of my favourites:

    • Hi Leaveitallbehind ! ! !

      I like his ballads very much and I like his Christian and spiritual songs a lot also. He had a very long career and left us so many great tracks.

      Gosh 20 albums for 20 GBP ! ! ! That is really big bargain ! ! !

    • Hi Tatankayotanka

      I just realized your “name” is Sitting Bull ! ! ! I thought it was Japanese but slightly miss spelled and was trying to think what it could be ! ! !

      I enjoyed the track very much thank you for sharing it ! ! !

      Thank you for thanking the time to read and comment

      • Tatanka Yotanka’s picture was on my kitchen wall for many years and the first time I needed to create an online ‘username’ I looked up and he was there for me.

  2. I’m a big fan of Johnnys, Prefer his early work though as I am very partial to the playing of his guitarist Luther Perkins who, like me, was barely competent on the instrument. Unlike me, though, Luther’s playing was spot on for the songs.
    Firmest Family Favourite is probably Big River.
    Can’t stand “Hurt” though, for some reason. Too “mannered” perhaps ?

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