Rain Dance

So it’s been a glorious September here in the northeast US of A, save for a sweltering first week or so. Brilliant sunshine, a bit cold for this time of year, feels more like October. I love autumn, the leaves are starting to change and should peak in 2 or 3 weeks here. My city runs roughly on an academic schedule, so after a plodding summer i’m absolutely spanked with work, with no real relief in sight until the new year when the work dries up for a month or 2 or 3. Which is all good, i like the looks of my bank account and getting a solid chunk put away for a rainy day.

Which i find i’m looking forward to. Rainy days, that is, and it looks like we have a week of them coming up if weather.com is anything to go by.

First and foremost, for the good of my country. You may not be aware of it overseas, but we’re in a pretty serious drought here, and it’s particularly severe in California. Climate change is not bullshit. They have towns that literally have no water, the aquifers are becoming close to depleted, they’ve had record temps, lots of wildfires, crops that depend on a lot of water (orchards, rice, etc) can’t be tended. The snowpack on the mountaintops (the most important thing, rain would be only a bandaid) has been melted down without being replenished. Here in the east, our biggest problems come from rising oceans due to glacier melt. But this Sept, due to the cold weather and lack of rain, our crops were lovely but peaked early and died halfway through the harvest season. Anyone planning to enjoy the schaudenfreude of seeing my country hit bottom, enjoy the show. I’d put money on it being lack of water that ultimately does for us. Nevermind my warmongering vote whoring corporate bootlicking government bleeding us dry chasing oil while in the meantime stuffing the country as full as it possibly can with potential votes and cheap labor for Walmart and Silicon Valley so we can all fight over the dwindling supply of scraps we have left. (And that’s just the Democrats. The Republicans deny that climate change even exists.) But i digress. And offer up the quick and cheap playlist above of songs (ostenably) about rain as a sort of musical rain dance to whatever gods of water there may be.

In a personal sense, i look forward to rainy days for a chance to just slow down, stay inside, contemplate stuff, and see if i can figure out what’s on my mind. I have my usual go to rainy day albums – Hunky Dory, After The Gold Rush, Harvest, Court and Spark, Sticky Fingers, Koln Concert, blah blah blah.

Common thread seems to be some melancholy, acoustic-y, some piano, and a lot of folkies. So in anticipation of some desperately needed downtime (which rain or not, isn’t going to happen this week), i figure it’s time i start to assemble a new stockpile of rainy (or snowy, more likely, by the time i get there) day playlists for myself. DsD already got me started with an Endless Melancholy list he sent me a week or two ago. (Nope, Rich, still haven’t gotten there yet. Haven’t got to edit yet either.) So here’s a new work in progress list of mostly folkies for some anticipated extended downtime, albeit a long way down the road – maybe a rain dance for myself.

Feel more than free to post your own tunes, lists, and / or musings as you see fit.

Pete Doherty – I Am The Rain

Damien Rice – Lonelily

Babybird – Failed Suicide Club

Counting Crows – A Long December

Elliot Smith – Miss Misery

Okkervil River – A King and a Queen

Laura Marling – Rest in the Bed

Mountain Goats – Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise

Deer Tick – Song About a Man

Mark Lanegan – Phantasmagoria Blues

Brucie – Nebraska

17 thoughts on “Rain Dance

  1. Live at Town Hall is one of my favourite Dylan albums. After hearing just how mesmeric and powerful he was live, I can just about understand the depth of unhappiness felt by so many when he went electric.

    We’re just about to enter ‘autumn’ out here in the Gulf. Daytime temps are dropping to a manageable 38 degrees C and it’s almost comfortable to sit out in the evening on the balcony, chilled beer in hand and the stereo turned up.

    Not a bundle of laughs, but the first list has got my week off to a great start ( I can play stuff at work, where I’m sitting right now). I might save the second until tomorrow .

    Thanks Amylee

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed! I’ll freely admit that the Stones tune is probably the crap tune of the batch (some might say the Zep, but not me.) It’s all relative though, it’s not bad as a latter day Stones song – that might have been their last original album? Can’t remember.

      I don’t expect the Dylan tune to last long. Like Prince, Mr. D seems to have his copyright team keeping a vigilant hairy eyeball on the youtubes.

  2. Great playlist. It has been dry here too, by Yorkshire standards, though nothing on the sort of scale you have; it’s a hilly area and everything is still green and pleasant. The trees are just beginning to turn; being at home now I notice the seasons in more detail, the acorns underfoot, blackberries in the hedge and the leaves blowing along the gutter. Here’s a song which I’ve loved for about the last 40 years, it was on one of the first albums I ever bought. It ‘s a kind of allegory comparing the sowing and harvesting of crops with the process of love. Or something. Ralph McTell and “Another Rain”:

    • Ali, that was absolutely gorgeous, thanks. sometime when i get my chunk of time off i’ll add Mr. McTell to my list of folkies to explore.

      Small Faces’ Song of a Baker is the song that comes to mind along the same lines (sort of.)

      And if i really want to shoehorn a harvest tune, John Barleycorn Must Die. Webby or someone must have put up Freedom Rider for flute…

      • Glad you like. It’s from his first album – some of his stuff now is a bit middle of the road but I like the early songs and Streets of London is a classic, albeit in an over-familiar way these days.

  3. thanks Amy – this has given me a chance to fetch out the 1st ever CD I made for RR – (as I’m so depressed that they have just tagged on whistling songs to musical instrument flutes, pipes or whistles) – it was the forth week (I think) and this, 9 years ago, was my taste for Autumn songs – I will try and do a new one later (it’s missing Kate Bush’s ‘The morning Fog’ that I had on my CD):

    saneshane’s first ever playlist for RR – Autumn Songs 2005

    Magnet – Last Day of Summer
    Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man – Sand River
    Buck 65 – Riverbed 1
    Yo la tengo – autumn sweater
    Laura Veirs – The Cloud Room
    Martha Wainwright -When the Day is Short
    Pulp – The Trees
    Goldfrapp – Utopia
    Beth Orton – “I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine”
    The Earlies – Bring it back again
    The Postal Service – Sleeping In
    The Duke Spirit – Red Weather
    The Kinks – Autumn Almanac
    Morrissey – November spawned a monster
    Colder – Colder
    Gorillaz-November Has Come
    DJ Muggs – Rain
    Tricky – Pumpkin – Maxinquaye
    Kid carpet – It’s A Bit Windy Love

    far too female dominated for your taste I think – but it suits my seasons mood.

    • Oh goodie! I’m not all that down on female singers (i do love Laura Marling’s voice), and i think i remember liking Laura Viers and Beth Orton. Granted, i’m not big on the Goldfrapp i’ve heard.

      Flutes, eh? Sorry to miss that one. Lots of Tull no doubt, and i’m trusting Panth will put up Thee Oh Sees. My housework playlist had a little run of flute tunes – Lucious Jackson, Beastie Boys, and Happy Mondays. Someone put up GnR’s Patience for whistling i’m fully confident.

      I do have my first and only day off in a week – I’m off to shoot in the cemetary-slash-botanical garden here as the light is good. Last day i had off was supposed to rain, but the light was good so i went to shoot in the Boston fens anyway. I got hit with about 3 drops, and that was all there was of it. I have yet to edit though – that’s where these playlists will come in handy.

      Autumn is another playlist idea i was tossing around too. That may come in Oct, who knows.

    • I loved that list. I knew about a third of them already. It’s probably been decades since i heard the Kinks song, it sounds great.

      I liked the females too, especially the Beth Orton, which was gorgeous. (Granted, it didn’t take long into the Goldfrapp until i decided it was a good time to go out for a cigarette.)

      My first thought for an Autumn list would be the White Stripes’ Dead Leaves on Dirty Ground. Which if memory serves was actually zedded for autumn well before my time.


  4. Hi amylee, good post, though I’ve not finished listening to it all yet.

    Pleased to here that there’s plenty of work, would love to see some of your pictures of Boston if you’d care to share them. Goneforeign found a way to put a gallery together and I’m thinking of putting some of my snaps up but just don’t seem to have the time, not posted very much at all recently 😦

    Even missed out posting a selection of cover versions of Brucie’s tunes last week for his 65th birthday, had it all planned but time ran out, where does it all go?

    Best wishes.

    • Hiya Leavey!

      No worries – i know the songs, but haven’t even had time to listen to my own list myself. I was sort of hoping that this (second) list might be kind of Leavey / DsD friendly. Don’t let the titles put you off, it’s not that much of a bummer. And hey, there’s even a Brucie on there.

      No photos whatsoever to show as of yet, that won’t happen until i get my after New Year’s break. No time to even edit, let alone photoshop and craft prints. Then i’ll hole up with my playlists and hopefully cough up some work. But yeah, i’m glad it’s busy now. Sort of. I might recall that you’re a .38 Special fan? I inadvertently saw them live the other night, they were teh headline band at a job i worked.

      Hope you’re well too? You sound busy. But if the spirit moves, feel free to do a list of your own.

      • Amylee I put this offering up as an Earworm in the summer: tinny put me on to Otis Taylor when I Guru’d RRSA crosses in April; brilliant voice and love this tune, hope when the rains come that it doesn’t Rain So Hard

      • Thaks Leavey, that was just great. It did actually occur to me that i had no blues on my rainy days lists, and i did wonder why that was. All i can think of is habit, been listening to my rainy day folkie type music on rainy days since i were a teenager.

  5. Summer is rainy season in Japan, so now it is early autumn the weather is really nice. I hate summer in Tokyo it is so humid and rainy and hot, but now it is my favorite time of year here.

    I enjoyed the play list very much ! ! ! Even the Pete Doherty track who I think is the most irritating singer I have heard in a very long time. Maybe I should give him a second chance . . . .

    • I think i’m alone in my love of Mr. Doherty. I thought it must be because he’s a bit of a junkie twat, but i don’t really have to deal with him all over my tabloids like the UK does. But then neither do you, so maybe he really does suck…nah. I love too many of his songs, and that’s not even counting in the Libertines.

      • HI Amylee ! ! !

        I do not know so many of his tracks and do not know much about him apart from he was a model for Roberto Cavalli, and Kate Moss boyfriend, but it is his vocal delivery I find really difficult for me to like.

        If you think of “Last Of The English Roses” for example his phrasing seems really un-natural and the tone of his voice is just not pleasant to my taste.

        Maybe I need to listen to more of his tracks.

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