Earworms 29 September 2014

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Grooving away to Lions in the Street and Howling Bells here. Hope this latest batch of worms takes your fancy, and please keep sending them in to earworm@tincanland.com. Thanks all.

Lions in the Street – You’re Gonna Lose ….tincanman: Pin-back-your-ears-and-let-‘er-rip rock and roll from stubborn “we’ll do things our own damn way, thank you very much” Vancouver outfit.

Howling Bells – Setting Sun – bethnoir: An Australian band with a lovely swooning sound, this song gets stuck in my head for days at a time, but none of their other tracks have grabbed me.

Bob Evans – Sitting in the Waiting Room – deanofromoz: Bob Evans is one my favourite singer/songwriters, and on this track I think he really sums up the nervousness and worry that one feels when they accompany a loved one to a medical appointment where the worst is feared.

Tackhead – Class Rock – DsD: As full of hooks as the fish lure I stepped on during our Cornish holiday. ‘Nuff said.

Frank Black – Old Black Dawning – beltway: I love a song that bursts on, dazzles you, achieves everything it needs to achieve, then buggers off again, all in under two minutes – not many people can do that well, but Frank Black does it perfectly here, hurtling across the Galaxy, comparing his mission to the doomed tower of Babel, and indulging in a beautiful instrumental break. Seriously underrated song.

Antonio Chainho & Marta Dias – Fadinho Simples – goneforeign: Antonio Chainho has been playing guitar since soon after WW2 as an accompanist to Portugal’s most famous singers. He’s performed duets with the world’s greatest guitarists and recorded albums with the London Symphony, here he accompanies Marta Dias.

13 thoughts on “Earworms 29 September 2014

  1. Deano here. Liked them all this week, but apart from my own suggestion, especially enjoyed the Frank Black and goneforeigns suggestion was also lovely

  2. Terrific set of ‘worms once again.

    I liked all of them, but for me the stand-out ones were the first two.

    Lions in the Street had a kind of Joe Walsh “Rocky Mountain Way” kind of swagger going on, and that is no bad thing in my book and Howling Bells was just lovely blissed-out psychedelia. The singer sort of reminded me of Laetitia Sadier, except not being French and all.

    Lovely stuff all-round, though.

  3. I really like the Howling Bells and Bob Evans tracks, and the Frank Black was interesting (in a good way). The meerkat song (a reference that may not cross the Atlantic) is very classy: the musical tropes (the sweepy, plucky strings and mute trumpet particularly) work well.
    The other two are great for practising blues riffs in C.

  4. An interesting mix this week.

    Loved Lions In The Street, surprising no-one.

    The BobEvans stirred some strange emotions. On the one hand, the song lyrics really do nail that pit-of-the-stomach fear, but on the other hand, I can’t take him seriously because of the DsD memories stirred by his name. We’re WAY overdue a visit to see our friends in Ohio, who always take us out to breakfast at one of the Bob Evans chain of restaurants. Although I gather size has diminished the quality of that particular brand over the [intervening fifteen] years.

    I have to disagree with BB for once. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now, the DsD song appreciation philosophy is that you can’t have too much of a good thing.
    I’d rather have an ace groove for four minutes than have to play a two-minute one twice.

    • Its funny you mention that food chain DsD, as there is a connection. Bob Evans is actually the alter ego of Kevin Mitchell, who was/is the lead singer of Aussie alternative rock band Jebediah. When Kevin wanted to have a side project of more acoustic based sounds, he wanted to use a different name to break the connection to Jebediah. Not knowing what to call himself, the story goes that he saw a tshirt of the Bob Evans chainname, and thought that would do. I am not even sure if he knew it was a us burger chain or not. The side project has proved more enduring than would have been originally anticipated, so perhaps he might have done things different if he had known

  5. Ooh, I’m just in the right mood for Lions in the Street, lovely Keefish riff going on, good with sunshine. It’s my favourite, apart from my own worm this week.

    Glad a few people are enjoying the Howling Bells, I hadn’t thought of them as psychedelia, Carole, but I can see that 🙂

    Bob Evans is arresting, good to hear that. Hope you had up to date tetanus cover, DsD, that sounds nasty with the fish lure. I hadn’t heard the Tackhead track before, it is hooky. I enjoyed the Frank Black too.

    Fadinho Simples is lovely, I particularly enjoy the worms I’d never normally come across. The muted brass, plucked strings and frilly guitar are fab as well as the vocals.

  6. The Fadinho Simples song is gorgeous. My favourite by far this week. Others all good, especially Howling Bells. Took three listens before I started to enjoy the Lions in the Street one,not sure why.

  7. Lions in the Street: The stereo-ness was a bit painful on my headphoned ears at the start (is it just me or does anyone else get bothered by one ear being blasted while there’s nothing coming into the other?) but I rather enjoyed this otherwise. Not sure there are quite enough ideas in there to sustain a six-minute running time, but that’s a minor quibble…

    Howling Bells: That singer reminds me of someone but I’m damned if I can work out whom. Nice song. Swooning is right.

    Bob Evans: This isn’t contemporary, surely? Sounds very sixties. Not that that stopped me enjoying it. I liked it; it was good.

    Tackhead: Not really my thang. Don’t hate it, but it strikes me as more funk than tune. And I prefer things to be weighted in the other direction.

    Frank Black: Under two minutes – now you’re talking! This was a lot of fun.

    Antonio Chainho & Marta Dias: Charming. Delightful. Lovely.

    Thanks all!

  8. Lions in the Street, what’s not to like, damn fine vocal and decent guitars 🙂 single espresso

    Howling Bells – good vocal a little too much ‘vanilla’ in my latte tho’!

    Bob Evans – interesting choice of topic for a song but alright nonetheless, probably an ordinary latte for me; bit of espresso there but drowned by milk!

    Tackhead – can DsD do it again? Nope, no Lucero this one, seems to be tryng too hard with the layering of the vocal a bit of a caramel, frappucino!

    Frank Black – preferred beltway’s write-up to the song itself, though it did speed along quite well a bit like a slurp of an Americano.

    Antonio Chainho & Marta Dias – Fadinho Simples – that’s more chai than coffee for my tastebuds.

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