Sing A Rainbow – Red

rainbowPrompted obliquely by the film Pride, with its celebration of the LGBT activists helping the Miners to fight for justice in a cruel, greedy world – but also by the slightly moribund atmosphere around here – this is Week 1 of a Spill Challenge. You can probably work out how many weeks this will last….

RR has done Colours, Red and Blue, but there are a few other songs out there.

So, Red Songs please this week. No embedded videos though; links only. Have fun!

46 thoughts on “Sing A Rainbow – Red

  1. Great idea Chris:

    Playlist to follow but immediate thoughts are

    Rush – Red Barchetta
    U2 – Red Hill Mining Town
    Arctic Monkeys – Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured
    Prince – Little Red Corvette
    Kings of Leon – Red Morning Light
    Peter Gabriel – Red Rain
    The Gaslight Anthem – Red Violins
    Nena – 99 Red Balloons

    That’ll do for a start 😉

  2. Nice challenge, Chris. Off the top of my head, if we only get one, it would have to be Ruby Tuesday from me, i guess. I think i still have something that might be better niggling at the back of my brain though.

    I still say black, white, and grey are colors.

    dond for Peter Gabriel.

  3. Yes, too late from King Crimson, but came across these in my media file.

    David Gilmour – “Red Sky at Night”
    David Sylvian – “Red Guitar”.
    Ry Cooder – “Don’t Call Me Red”.
    Tangerine Dream – “Red Roadster”.
    Trwbador – “Red Handkerchief”.
    Nick Cave – Red Right Hand”.
    Jimi Hendrix – “Red House”.

    Will try links later.

  4. Red Bank boogie Count Basie
    Red Beans Professor Longhair
    Red Maids’ School Chamber Choir & Youth Choir – In Freezing Winter Night
    Red Neck Friend Jackson Browne
    Red River Shore Bob Dylan
    iTunes coughed up these.
    Red Shorts Penguin Cafe Orchestra
    The Red Telephone Forever changes Love
    Red Top Errol Garner
    Red Top Midnight Sun Lionel Hampton
    Red Top The Complete Roost Sonny Stitt Studio Sessions
    Red Top King Pleasure
    Red Top (Live) Concert By The Sea Erroll Garner
    The Red Wind In Angel City Charlie Haden Quartet West
    Red emption Song Time Will Tell : A Tribute To Bob Marley Bunny Wailer

  5. Big Joe Turner – Cherry Red
    Billy Bragg Red to Blue
    Cassandra Wilson – Redbone
    Mary Coughlan – Red Ribbon
    Alternative TV – Red

    The last two not on Youtube (the whole ATV album is but not the individual track) but the other three are:


  6. the best track*** is Living in China by Men Without Hats:

    The gang of four, trying to make it as a western band
    China, what do you need
    You’ve got everything from your scruffy head to dirty feet
    China you want to dance
    You’re wearing makeup and listening to Adam and the Ants
    They got the new look, They got the red book,
    All the little people that are living in China

    I won’t add a link just in case Chris see a red mist and comes after me in a red rage.

    ***this could be a lie.

    • The trouble with that strategy, shane, is that I then had to go to enormous trouble to carefully transcribe the title and artist onto my personal clipboard, open up a new window into the interweb, load up the You Tubes and copy into it the correct information from my clipboard before I subjected my ears to that godawful squeaky-toy machine being rhythmically assaulted by an oversized toy hammer, directed by a toy humanoid….***

      Now I’m absolutely incandescent.

      ***this reaction could be slightly exaggerated.

      • sorry – my big brother had the Men Without Hats albums – so the songs were etched into my brain at an early age – this is bizarre as my big brother was into ROCK, having dragged me to Motorhead, AC/DC and Status Quo gigs before I’d turned twelve (yes Status Quo were still ROCK in those days) – doubly weird because no-one in the UK had an ALBUM by MWH – just the Safety Dance single – and that was more than enough for most.
        I presume it was to impress a girl or something but as he continued to like ROCK and only ROCK until he was at least 19 so I don’t think he had ANY opportunity to meet anyone of the female persuasion to try and impress them.****

        ****ROCK fans – this is humorous writing to try and wriggle out of the fact that when ever I walk past a Newlook store I still sing (inside my head because it really sounds quite offensive out loud): They got the new look, They got the red book,
        All the little people that are living in China
        30 years it’s been stuck in my head – please save me from Men Without Hats… (and my big brother if he ever reads this).

  7. Put the lot on Five Red :

    Tom Waits – Red Shoes By The Drugstore
    St Germain – Rose Rouge
    David Bowie – Red Sails
    Warren Smith – Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache
    Danny Barker – – My Indian Red

  8. Posting from phone, so can’t reference my previously made playlist on this very subject.

    My main faves include:

    Sammy Hagar – Red
    Elbow – Red
    Calexico – All Systems Red

    Point of order on that last one, Chris. That was the song Calexico bumped OFF their set list the night we saw them in order to play the song requested by that rather drunk lady in the audience. I still haven’t forgiven either of them for that!

    Will hopefully contribute more tomorrow evening.

  9. Chris – am i supposed to save Scarlet Begonias for you?

    Peter reminded me of the Fixx – Red Skies at Night.

    If this is supposed to be a sort of playlist challenge, i’ll try that next week.

    • tbh, after setting this going, I haven’t thought about it much. Throwing Muses’ Red Shoes and Belly’s Low Red Moon are the only ones that floated in view. And NRPS’s Panama Red is as close as I got to the Dead…
      Must try harder.

      • Nah, me neither….

        Richard Thompson’s Poppy Red is rather good, and I can’t remove Red Sails In The Sunset from my childhood memories. Probably the Nat King Cole version, but maybe Patti Page. Definitely not the rocky versions (The Beatles!).

      • you could also squeeze a week out of the rainbow or rainbow of colors as a whole too. And not just because i can get the Stones and dippy Donovan in there.

      • and silver. you could shoehorn gold into yellow if you had to, but i don’t think you can shoehorn silver into white.

        I forgot, you can add brown to the black, white, and grey as colors.

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