Sing A Rainbow – Orange

sunset-rainbowTuesday is the traditional Spill Challenge day, isn’t it?

You betcha!

Week 2 of this one is for Orange Songs, and it’s probably going to be a tad more difficult than Red ones (there are gazillions of Spill Points on offer for anything close to a rhyme).

As usual, no embedded videos please; links only.

Have fun!

49 thoughts on “Sing A Rainbow – Orange

  1. I’ll go with the obvious REM one then – Orange Crush.

    I’ll also nom Orange Blossom Special – my fave is the live version by The Flying Burrito Brothers on the album The Last Of The Red Hot Burritos.

  2. “and she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China………..”

    maybe not, but I came up with;

    Nat “King” Cole – Orange Colored Sky
    Led Zeppelin – Tangerine
    Beck – Burnt Orange Peel


    “even if I keep on running, I’ll never get to Orange Street…….”

  3. Well since Tangerine is gone, i’m going to have to go with other variants of orange. Since Eat a Peach gives no joy when it comes down to the actual tunes on the album, i’ll go with Neutral Milk Hotel’s King of Carrot Flowers until (unless) i come up with something better.

    Then i suppose there’s Beefheart’s Orange Claw Hammer.

  4. There are only three orange songs in my music collection, according to the the iPod.

    Orange Crush – REM
    Orange Blossom Special – Johnny Cash
    Orange Juice Blues – Bob Dylan & the Band


  5. Donds for Zep, and I’ve got a version of Orange Blossom Special, by (I think) Uncle Tupelo that I quite like. Unfortunately, I don’t really more than “quite like” these, but hey-ho!

    John Prine – Bruised Orange

    Bevis Frond – Tangerine Infringement Beak

    Bright Eyes – Bowl Of Oranges

    After that, I’m shoehorning:

    The Handsome Family – Fallen Peaches

    ‘O’Rang – Orang

    The Orange Lights – Life Is Still Beautiful

    Panda Bear – Carrots

    I’ll get me coat . . . g’night.

  6. Pffft. Had my suggestions sent to moderation purgatory, probably for including too many links. If someone can rescue it, please ….

  7. I have an album called “Do Rabbits Wonder” by spunky junky rockers Whirlwind Heat, here’s the track list:

    “Orange” – 2:28
    “Black” – 3:07
    “Purple” – 2:43
    “Tan” – 3:21
    “Green” – 3:12
    “Blue” – 2:23
    “Yellow” – 3:08
    “Pink” – 2:12
    “Red” – 2:28
    “Brown” – 2:37
    “Silver” – 2:04
    “White” – 2:26
    “Grey” – 2:10

    “Orange” is most definitely the first song from it.

  8. A valiant attempt by one-and-all. In my completely unofficial/illegal capacity as Spill Points Mandarin, I hereby shower all and sundry with several gazillions of ’em. Sod the deficit.

    Special mention to:
    liab, for unanswerable logic (‘Orange’ and ‘Rhyming’ are indisputably close);
    Ali, for personal bravery; and
    DsD, for Remembering All Sorts Of Stuff That Somehow Turns Out To Be Useful Sometimes.

    I’m not taking the pith here, I assure you….. 🙂

  9. orange is my colour of choice when I need inspiration from the monsters in my head – I have various mixes based on it:

    Apples & Oranges – Dogs Die In Hot Cars
    Bowl Of Oranges – Bright Eyes
    Neon Orange Glimmer Song – The Mountain Goats
    Orange Ball Of Love – The Mountain Goats
    Orange Ball Of Hate – The Mountain Goats
    Pink Orange Red – Cocteau Twins
    Red Orange Green – Emma Pollock
    2001: A Clockwork Orange – Carter USM
    Oranges – Shield Your Eyes
    Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice – King Creosote, Player Piano and Pictish Trail
    Lorca & The Orange Tree – The Mummers
    Luther’s Orange Squash – Go Home Productions
    Orange The Dandy Warhols
    Orange Alert (DFA mix) Metro Area
    Orange Appled Cocteau Twins
    Orange Mistake Luciano & Quenum
    Orange Shirt (Mastered) Discovery
    Orange Sunshine (Acapella) Superstars Of Rock
    Orange Wedge The Chemical Brothers
    Orient Orange – Squarepusher
    Trip On An Orange Bicycle – Orange Bicycle
    Turning Orange (Dubby) – Freaks
    Turning Orange (Speakeasy) – Freaks

      • The Mummers? Never heard of them. But … My God! That vocal: it’s Bjork up’n’dressed, surely, rather than Emiliana?

        Donds either way. Ace.

      • compare this by Ms.Torrini’s – the phrasing and styling is very similar – she gets even more like this when live – like the Mummers it’s got that Bjorkness – but it’s a Bjorkness for the ‘masses’ – it doesn’t have the really difficult jittery quality that makes Bjork so love/hate:
        Heard It All Before Emiliana Torrini

        But what makes Bjork unique is the use of full stops in the middle of words and sentences where they are not meant to be – the paus,es br.eak line-ss un;ex-pect.EDly – words like “” don’t flow – they are collaged in song; that is her idiosyncratic phrasing and is impossible to copy… you can sound similar – but you can’t quite nail it.
        Björk – Domestica

        Not that I think the Mummurs or Emiliana Torrini are a pastiche of Bjork – their similar phrasing is accent or stylings – but it fits them and makes wonderful sounds anyway… but that’s why I shied away from the obvious Bjork comparison and felt the Emiliana was a better fit.

      • Fair points, Shane, especially about Bjork’s mid-word full stops. Bottom line is that in The Mummers, I have another band I can listen to when I’m in that sort of music mood.


    • Holy Satsumas, shane! A whole barrel of Orange Songs!
      I’ve run out of Spill Points but there are a few Nectarine Points lying around here somewhere….

      • Holy Satsumas! – that’s what happens when the cloves fall out of those stinky things they wanted you to make during 1970’s Blue Peter – wrapped up in tissue paper and given to grandparents as Christmas presents – grandparents had to put them up in the bog and cope with mouldy holey satsumas until at least Easter.

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