Bends for Zero Miles – A podcast

Photo on 10-18-14 at 11.01 PM #4

Reunited after more than 12 years, Panthersan and Satankidneypie devote several hours of the precious little time they have together to discuss shades of piss, 9/11, the perceived homogeneity of Scandinavian culture, ISIS, Sutton United, the Boss….oh….and some music too!
Scripted by a team of top Hollywood writers and based on a carefully honed and well thought out concept, we present to you the first and most likely only installment of Bends For Zero Miles…

10 thoughts on “Bends for Zero Miles – A podcast

  1. Decoration are ace – I have 2 albums by them… and that track has been in my playlists on here if anyone was paying attention!

    great John Peel mistakes:

    Decorations fist session for Peel was announced as (I’ll cut and paste this):
    Pink / Oversight / Joy Adamson / 86 TV’s
    The correct title of the first song is actually “Pine”. It was announced as “Pink” by Peel when broadcast and this detail is replicated in Ken Garner’s “In Session Tonight”. Presumably the error was made at the time of the session’s recording.

    • That’s the only track I’ve ever heard of theirs. Glad I was right about the Peel connection, I wasn’t quite sure…!

      • I had this weird idea they were one of those bands that the singer was originally a music journalist – but I can’t find any proof of that whatsoever. A band whose name is pretty hard to find in the internet age.
        Loved the podcast – stayed up too late drinking far too much beer while listening – “50 shades of Piss…… on the book shelf next to the other female erotica” shouldn’t be thought about too much heehee made me laugh.

        and getting all the way nearly to the end – I’ve got to say I’ve never heard all the Springsteen album either, got to him singing the title (of the song you chose) and that was pretty much how I expected it to sound… not a criticism – just leaves me cold.
        My aunt bought me the album for Christmas in 1984 along with Thriller – both Vinyls were still shrink wrapped – both stayed shrink wrapped and were returned to WHSmiths to be replaced.

        Hope Panthercub is feeling better. Ace fun.

  2. Cheers Shane, staying up too late and drinking far too much beer was exactly how it was made and the best way for it to be listened to !

  3. Excellent house tune – it owes a lot to Inner City’s “Good Life” and then gets a bit Moby “Go” with the Twin Peaks atmospherics.

    Favourite moments:
    “I’m a rebel”
    “No, you’re not”

    It’s Kiila with a random track with a foreign name!

    That’ll be the second time they’ve appeared on The ‘Spill. The first time was with the song Viisi Hirvasta. The song you played was Niin Kuin Puut (Just like the trees), which explains why it was quiet and a bit dull, unless you want to imagine you’re in a Finnish forest, in which case it’s rather pretty. Those Finnish nerd Fonal chaps don’t make it easy to read the record labels.

    • Thanks for listening and clearing up the Kiila confusion.

      Either the labels were the wrong way round or we had had a couple of beers too many….more than likely the latter!


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