Sing A Rainbow – Yellow



Tie that mellow submarine to the old oak tree and tell us about Yellow Songs in Week 3 of this Spill Challenge.



As usual, no embedded videos please; links only.

Have fun!

50 thoughts on “Sing A Rainbow – Yellow

  1. Yellow Dog Blues – Louis Armstrong All Stars.
    The reference is to the crossing at Moorhead, Mississippi, of the Southern Railway and the local Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad, called the Yellow Dog. By Handy’s telling locals assigned the words “Yellow Dog” to the letters Y.D.(for Yazoo Delta) on the freight trains that they saw.

  2. Well, i won’t mention the Fabs or Dawn, and I won’t be the one to mention C***play either. But i will mention Dippy Donovan and Mellow Yellow, even though it’s not one of my faves by him. I suppose i prefer the one with the color of his true love’s hair.

    I’m sure i’ll come up with one of two more somewhere.

  3. There is a Frank Zappa tune, “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow” with the immortal line “Watch out where the huskies go, and don’t you eat that yellow snow.” on his Apostrophe album.

    I’ll go with that.

  4. If nobody else likes it – or wants to say so – I’ll admit to enjoying Coldplay’s Yellow song.

    There’s also Randy Newman’s “a pinhead’s view of China” song “Yellow Man”.
    So that’s a song most others won’t like and one which could cause offense if heard out of context.
    Doing well so far……………

      • I didn’t mention Joni’s song by title because i thought that you or someone else might nab it. I did figure someone might have gone for C***play (no, it’s not really that bad of a song.) Thought for some reason it might have been Bish though.

      • I’m not a great Coldplay fan but I do rather like that one.

        I also cheated by putting the Mekon’s “Where Were You?” on the list for the “you had yellow hair!” line.
        And a version of the olde Harry Belafonte Yellow Bird number sung by the girls in an Australian film about an Aborigine girl group entertaining troops in Vietnam.
        Haven’t seen the film – which may well be awful – but I do like their version of the song.

  5. The ISB did a tune called ‘The Yellow Snake’ on Wee Tam.

    There must be some songs about cowardice or custard (or cowardly custard), surely? Or a punky thing about pus? Wyngate?

  6. tough one:

    The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    Truckdrivin’ Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat) – Beck
    CFTPA in a yellow T-Shirt – Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
    Cool Yellow Flowershirt – St. Thomas
    Weeping Yellow Moon – 3rd Line Butterfly
    Yellow Balloon Icarus
    Yellow Mountain Prototype – Jah Wobble & The Chinese Dub Orchestra
    Yellow Rainbow – The Rockin’ Berries
    More Yellow Birds – Sparklehorse

  7. A “tough one“, Shane? Nah, not really.
    The Sugarcubes – Gold and DBT – Cartoon Gold, for starters.

    Donds for Gun Club, Led Zep (what about Custard Pie?), that Joni song, and Pearl Jam.

    And a search of my music (’cause I’m late and I’ve got jobs still to do tonight), threw up this lot, which survived a quick listen cull:

    Lincoln St. Exit – Who’s Been Driving My Little Yellow Taxi Cab?
    Brandtson – Waking Up To Yellow
    Clap Your hands Say Yeah – The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth
    Alabama 3 – Yellow Rose
    Seasick Steve – Yellow Dog

    Love that one, over and done with in a minute!
    Hover – Yellow Clothes
    Shawn Mullins – Yellow Dog Song
    Frida Hyvรถnen – Gold
    Sol Seppy – Gold
    Friska Viljor – Gold

    Sounds like a cross between The Cure and Sparks!
    Lamb – Gold
    Black Diamond Heavies – Solid Gold
    Sandy Denny – Gold Dust
    Mel Carter – Band Of Gold
    William Topley – Berber Gold
    Cowboy Junkies – Mining For Gold
    Ryan Adams – Tears Of Gold

    Really odd waltz-time drum part on this that’s equal parts intriguing and irritating.
    Hidden Cameras – Golden Streams
    Nah … it isn’t, is it?
    Band Of Heathens – Golden Calf
    Sister Suvi – Golden
    Beth Jeans Houghton – Golden
    My Morning Jacket – Golden
    Red House Painters – Golden

    AAAGGH! DsD fave singer Mark Kozelek is playing Leeds Brudenell Social Club (as Sun Kil Moon) the day after my 50th, but I can’t get a pass to go. Anyone wanna offer to get me a ticket for my 50th?
    Ella Guru – Augustus Golden
    Odawas – The Golden Fog
    Greg Dulli – Golden Boy

    A twofer; it’s from the Amber Headlights collection.
    Talking of which:
    Death In Vegas – Amber
    Blanche – Little Amber Bottles
    Lowgold – In Amber
    Little Axe – Amber

    That’s a fave that’s been on a previous DsD RR Social CD-R.
    Cornershop – Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast
    Dory Previn – Lemon Haired Ladies

    And let’s get the shoehorn out:
    The Black Crowes – She Gave Good Sunflower
    Grateful Dead – China Cat Sunflower
    Low – Sunflower
    Brad – Buttercup

    A DsD fave now proudly zedded (thanks to Shoey, I think).
    Under The Sun – Mr. Sunshine
    500 Miles To Memphis – Sunshine In A Shot Glass
    Chemical Brothers – The Sunshine Underground
    Zoe – Sunshine On A Rainy Day
    Matt Pond PA – Corn Stalks
    Them Crooked Vultures – Spinning In Daffodils

    I’d better stop there! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I stuck with strictly yellow – as an artists and designer I struggle with gold or amber being classed as yellow – heehee… you are even guessing at sunshine being quoted in these songs as yellow, where-as the sunshine could mean golden or orange or a bright haze almost colourless.
      A song about a Buttercup is not titled yellow buttercup is it? (although as I haven’t listened it could mention yellow a lot) plus our Sunflowers are also orange and I think we had some black ones we tried to grow one year), so they would have to state it’s a yellow sunflower to fit… but they are called sunflowers because they, like the sun, are an enormous array of tones and colours. Corn could be a mix of burnt umber and yellow; light yellow to a dark shade that borders on orange, since the color of corn varies. Daffs: 12 divisions to classify their colours.

      Hidden Cameras song will be about what you think – if you get time to listen to panther and SKP’s ‘spill cast they discuss ’50 shades of piss’.

      I’m going to do my first job as a proper guru in a few weeks – you will have to be on your toes then sunshine. (that’s not yellow sunshine – that’s a matey “watch it, with your dubious nominations sunshine”).

      (I have over 8 hours of golden songs – far easier than yellow)
      (3 days worth of sun, sunflower, sunshine)


  8. Looked for it, if I missed it, sorry.
    Still a, fun song. and bikini’s have become teensy weensier

    “She wore an itsy bitzy, teeny weeny
    Yellow polka dot bikini ”

    Yellow Polka Dot Bikinii – Brian Hyland

  9. Yellow Roses on Her Gown ~ Johnny Mathis

    “My father wore a crew cut,
    He was lean, and he was handsome,
    “And my mother wore a sash of yellow roses on her gown
    I remember how they looked then, when their eyes were always living
    When my father loved a girl with yellow roses on her gown “

    • Yes! told us late last night. I hope it’s the full 4-hour job like the others.

      I dunno, you wait 20 years for a Deaddoc and two come along (almost) together!

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