Sing A Rainbow – Green

kermit rainbow


Some creatures claim that it isn’t easy being green. But thinking of Green Songs may not be too difficult.

So, please have at it in Week 4 of this Spill Challenge.


As usual, no embedded videos please; links only.

Have fun!

42 thoughts on “Sing A Rainbow – Green

  1. Well, since i’m American, my first thought is Pink Floyd’s Money. And since i’m listening to my Deadlist as we speak, i’ll go Sage and Spirit. Must try harder though, so for now i’ll go for Fleetwood Mac – Emerald Eyes for now.

  2. From my media player library.

    You All Green – Bo Diddley
    Cystalline Green – Goldfrapp
    Little Green – Joni Mitchell
    Green Bay Incident – Lord Sassafrass
    My Land is Too Green – Mary Coughlan


  3. That’s the only problem with doing links for each song: I’ve been shunted into the purgatory that is the Moderators’ Waiting Room.


  4. And now for some that I owe to various RR/Spillers:

    Marcin Wasilewski Trio – Green Sky

    Black Box Recorder – British Racing Green

    The Driving Stupid – Green Things Have Entered My Skin, Gladys

    David Kirton – Green Camouflage

    Everclear – Pale Green Stars

    David Van Ronk – Rocky Green Road

    Little Barrie – Green Eyed Fool

    I’ll leave links to those off for now.

  5. Ufff! Forgot one for the rocker list:
    Sweet Water – Grass Is Green
    I suppose that’s going to happen to me all day. Oh well, I suppose I can add ’em individually later, and thus avoid getting modded.

    Anyway, that just leaves me with my non-rock faves to do:

    Starting with a couple that aren’t really green, but their titles are:
    Was (Not Was) – Green Pills In The Dresser
    Deliciously strange.

    Can you please tell me the price
    Of murder by the slice?

    HMHB – Asparagus Next Left
    I got that one zedded over on the mothership, I think.

    And that reminds me of another from –
    The Driving Stupid – Asparagus Horror Stories
    Ha! Could’ve had that an eighth pick in this week’s Earworms.

    The Handsome Family – Hunter Green

    Some gentle beauties for you. With vocals:
    The National – Green Gloves
    Emmylou Harris – Green Pastures
    Sinead O’Connor – Her Mantle So Green

    And (mostly, not entirely) without:
    Yo La Tengo – Green Arrow
    Múm – Green Grass Of Tunnel
    The Zephyrs – Ballad Of The Green Tree
    Saso – Green Trees

    And of course:
    Dakota Suite – The North Green Down
    Pick a favourite from Parts I to VII?
    Nah, have the whole album.
    In fact, you know what? I’m gonna Drop that right now …

    • Well, i am spoiled for choice with paint colors, and i actually did think of viridian. Stumped for any tune you may have in mind there though. Can maybe shoehorn this one though –

      Bowie – Moss Garden

  6. The Jam – Pretty Green
    Otis Taylor – Green Apples
    St. Paul & The Broken Bones – Grass is Greener

    Donds for Thin Lizzy

  7. A few more:

    Jumpin’ The Gunn – Green All Over
    Blues rock with, lest we forget, a singer who was just sixteen at time of recording.

    Scissorfight – Riot On The Village Green
    HUGE robust riffing, of both six- and four-stringers.

    The Mark Inside – Lime Green Monkeys
    A bit of garage weirdness from an outfit I know NOTHING about. Got this song from a SxSW download a few years back.

    I’ll stop there, or it’ll end up in the mods waiting room again.

  8. No-one considered being Kinky in The Village Green Preservation Society?

    There’s an ISB song this week, too: Three Is A Green Crown.
    And a Shrimp Boat one (shared with next week): Blue Green Misery.

  9. Haven’t been back to the Spill for a while so missed the beginning of this series…having had a quick look here are a few that may have been missed, apols for any duplications…

    Green Onions – Booker T and the MGs

    Green Fields – Brothers Four

    Green and Red of Mayo – The Saw Doctors

    Jack-in-the-Green – Jethro Tull

    Green Fields (different song!) – Kate Rusby

    Green Island – Christy Moore

    Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia – Emmylou Harris

    Green Grow the Rushes – REM

    Greenwood Laddie – Eliza Carthy

    Velvet Green – Jethro Tull

    Fiddler’s Green – Tim Hart and Maddy Prior

    • Welcome back, suzi, and thanks for the contribution.

      I was pretty sure there are a reasonable number of green and emerald ‘folk’ songs out there.

      • And there were! Although they account for less than half of my list….!
        ‘Emerald’ modern folk – Saw Doctors, Christy Moore
        Trad folk – Eliza Carthy
        Modern folk – Tim Hart and Maddy Prior, Kate Rusby
        Not folk – Booker T, Brothers Four, Jethro Tull x 2, Emmylou (country), REM (not the trad song of the same name)


      • I see now that Wikipedia classifies The Brothers Four as a folk group – so if they’re right, that’s half folk and half not folk! I did wonder about them but thought their style was difficult to classify and wasn’t really folk.

      • oh dear, for some reason I thought that by ’emerald’ you meant ‘from the Emerald Isle’! (embarrassed blush). I don’t know any folk songs featuring emeralds but there may well be some.

    • I have now added –

      The Village Green Preservation Society – The Kinks.

      I spotted a mention of it when glancing down this week’s Spill Challenge, so didn’t add it then, but now realise that it was only Chirs wondering why it hadn’t been listed! One of my all-time favourites. There’s a nice version by Kate Rusby too but she’s already on my list and you can’t really beat the original

  10. been on holiday so just for my entertainment:

    Tell Me When My Light Turns Green – Dexy’s Midnight Runners
    Greens And Blues – Pixies
    Feelin Green – Quasimode
    Green Circles – Twice As Much
    Casiotone For The Painfully Alone In A Green Sweater – Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
    Love is Red/Green – Tender Trap
    Emerald Green – The Cosmonauts
    Green Grass – Cibelle
    Pale Green Things – The Mountain Goats
    Everything’s Gone Green – New Order
    Green Spikey Cactus – Phil Manzanera
    It’s Not Easy Being Green – Cibelle
    O Green World – Gorillaz

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