Spooky !


I’ve been a bit busy and a little stressed out of late and consequently missed the deadline for Halloween Earworms.

I’m sure you will be delighted to hear that I’ve dug up a few crumbling old relics from my collection that fit the them and present them here for your spooky delectation.

Wooooo !

Let’s start in the cemetery, a Caribbean one, to be precise with

The Jolly Boys – Love in the cemetery

Next it’s over to Japan where the ever reliable Shonen Knife introduce us to A Boogie Monster . EEEK !

China is our next port of call, not a noted Halloween celebrating country but they do make a lot of the plastic crap that “we” use to decorate our houses. Perhaps even Hegehogs and Pumpkins ( OK that doesn’t really work but the track is Pumpkin by Hedgehog).

Next to Utah where a little band that Ubuette found make nice punkish noises often with a “ghost” theme.

Baby Ghosts – The Ghosts of my crappy assed friends

Japan again for Aural Vampire who provide us with the Halloween Jitterbug

What can you say about Roky Erickson ? Very keen on all things “horror” related and often performing songs on such topics here with have a simple but effective classic. I walked with a zombie, named after the movie of the same name.

Let’s revisit Utah for another Baby Ghosts song ( they are quite short) because I just love their titles- German Ghost Cat ( Spooklich !)

The Shaggs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, some of us love them for their innocent inability to play their instruments properly though. The Shaggs – It’s Halloween.

Katie Katty is another Japanese artist and here she’s giving it some “channeling” – Katie Katy – Devil

Finally a bit of a “visual Kei” kind of an epic ( from Japan, of course)

Halloween Junky Orchestra -Halloween Party.

To finish here’s a track which I would have put on the playlist had the record company not, for some reason, divided it into little snippets of song. It’s better with the video anyway.

Hope you’re not too spooked out by all the scary music !

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