4 thoughts on “Return Of The Drunken Pumpkins

  1. ace collection – good to listen to R2D2’s the horror – bloody love that track (or is it RJD2?) I have a wonderful limited edition sleeve to that album.

    I thought there was only two tracks to play on this and then they all surprisingly come flooding out like some strange pumpkin vomit .. we smashed some rusty nails into our pumpkins like a steampunk Hellraiser pinhead .. all good; except the small children won’t sleep after getting back from holiday, watching the football AND overdosing on sugar… you gotta love the worshiping of lost souls haven’t you.

    cheers for this .. loved it.

    • Been so long since the last playlist, that the old WP player has been replaced. New one seems to work, though – only niggle is that it seems to repeat instead of stopping at the end.

      Glad you enjoyed – same old stuff, but “tis the season.

  2. A Shoey playlist! Much appreciated. Much better than the three and a half hours a mate and I played last Friday when strange things happened! The Banshees’ Peek-A-Boo saw the dancers leaving the floor and seeking the comfort of their drinks. But Manhatten Transfer’s Twilight Zone got them shaking their bones. Meco proved more popular than Michael Jackson. Iron Maiden provoked beer bellied Zombies to stumble to the dancefloor and lurch around . . . Actually, that’s what you’d expect zombies to do. The failure of Whodini’s Haunted House of Rock probably put the final nail in the coffin of my attempts to play obscure hip-hop to the pub’s patrons. But the wierdest was when my Dj program spookily failed with 10 minutes to go. I summoned up an alternative program after 15 seconds of ghostly silence and murmurings and clicked on the first almost on-topic thing: Bowie’s Life on Mars. Instead of walking off the dancefloor due to the lack of a beat, the zombies, skeletons and witches threw their arms in the air and sang along and the night finished in raucous fashion with Motorhead!

    I now have about a month’s worth of Spill posts to read!

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