Sakura’s J-Pop Corner – H!P Fights Back

Morning Musume 14.

Morning Musume 14.

H!P is the short name for Hello Project.  They are an agency that manages and produces  the idol groups Juice =Juice and C-Ute but their flagship group is Morning Musume

In the world of J-Pop Idols Hello Project was the main player for many years, in fact you could almost say they invented the concept.

Cute Girls and Euro DIsco Beat - It can not fail ! ! !

Cute Girls and Euro Disco Beat – It can not fail ! ! !

But AKB 48 came along with a new concept and Hello Project seemed to be lost and their sales fell and they had an old fashioned image,

However, this year Hello Project re-invented their main act and 2014 hs been a great year for them.

First they have the best small idol group with Juice =Juice and at the beginning of the year their flagship group Morning Musume had a total image change.

They adopted a Euro- Disco Electoica sound, they changed the line up and concentrated on more interesting dance routines and finally they changed the name from Morning Musume to Morning Musume 14.

They now add English Subtitles to all their videos and and for the first time in about a hundred years they have performed in America.

The changes have been really successful as Morning Mumune 14 have had great success this year with a series of top five hit records and successful concerts and they recently sold out a concert in New York

In contrast to the army of idols that AKB48 present, Morning Musume 14 concentrate or a well defined group of girls, with modern and slick choreography in their videos and a n easily recognized electronica style.

Morning Musume 14 - fighting back in The Idol Wars

Morning Musume 14 – fighting back in The Idol Wars

I am really happy that in the J-pop idol world there is at last a serious challenger to AKB 48.

So here is their hit Tiki Bun. It is typical of their latest output.

I have shown the dance shot version of the video but all you need to to do is learn the part where the girls link arms like a chorus line. All the fans do this at their concerts when they perform the track live and it is really fun a great way to make contact with the other fans, but when they performed in the US the crowd did not know this, and the girls were very disappointed whe this did not happen.  You would not want to upset a pretty girl, now would you ? ? ? So start practicing ! ! !

The track is an internal dialogue about the worries of a teenage girl, the environment, her parents, friends and relationships, but above it is a great fun pop track.

Tiki Bun is onomatopoeia for the sound of a DJ scratching, in case you were wondering and a simulation of this is a major part of the dance routine.

Enjoy ! ! !

Morning Musume 14  – Tiki Bun (Dance Shot Version)

4 thoughts on “Sakura’s J-Pop Corner – H!P Fights Back

  1. “You would not want to upset a pretty girl, now would you ?”

    I’m happy to be an equal opportunity upsetter so I don’t really care who I upset.
    I can certainly admire the professionalism on show here and the amount of work involved in getting this sort of production so perfectly synchronised.
    Would I listen to it without the video though ?
    No, I would not.

    I tried forming a “chorus line” with the dog but she bit me.

    • Hi Mr P ! ! !

      Thank you for reading and commenting ! ! !

      I think H!P is really trying to re-define themselves and are definitely becoming much more professional.

      I moved back to my apartment yesterday so I will write to you later today! ! !

      Sakura x x x

  2. Hmm…interesting post. Glad to see MM are re-inventing themselves, but to be honest AKB seem a little tired and worn these days and don’t seem to be dominating the way they used to, but maybe it’s just a temporary lull.

    Thought the track sounded like a slightly crap version of K-Pop, which is no bad thing, the slick professionalism that K-Pop demands can often be at the expense of the heart and soul of it.

    …and surely it’s CHIki rather than TIki?? Are they overcompensating the transcription to try to sound more like English? I do hate it when people do that…!!:)

  3. Hi Panthersan ! ! !

    Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I think they do say Chiki and not Tiki, I do not know if Tiki sounds better in English . . . . what do you think ? ? ?

    I think it is interesting that they are releasing the videos on Youtube and with English subtitles and also all the different versions, like dance shot, close up and promo, before they tried hard to keep the latest videos from Youtube.

    I will keep watching to see how it goes from here ! ! !

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