Sing A Rainbow – Blue

Blue rainbow


In Week 5 of this Spill Challenge we arrive at Blue Songs.


As usual, no embedded videos please; links only.
And I’m imposing an extra rule this week: no blues songs. Blue Suede Shoes is OK; both Suede Shoe Blues and Suede’s Shoe Blues are not. Songs by Blue, whether or not they reference suede shoes, are beyond the pale, as I hope you’d expect.

Have fun!

Suede Shoe Blues

Well I woke up bright and early
With the sunshine all around
I dressed and ate my breakfast
Before setting off for town
I sipped my cup of coffee
To get my heart to beat
But my elbow slipped and spilled it
All over my suede feet

I got them Suede Shoe Blues
Those goddamn Suede Shoe Blues
They need too much attention
But they sure look fine and dandy when they’re new

I cleaned the mess up quickly
Before a mark set in
I need to keep those Puppies
Neat and clean and trim
I gathered up my business
And hurried out the door
But before I reached the next one
The rain began to pour

I got them Suede Shoe Blues
Those goddamn Suede Shoe Blues
They need too much attention
But they sure look fine and dandy when they’re new

Please feel free to add another verse or two. Or maybe write the lyrics for Suede’s Shoe Blues.

Have extra fun!

49 thoughts on “Sing A Rainbow – Blue

  1. Good call to leave out the Blues. Although that leaves out some Stones faves, and leaves me with only When Blue Turns to Grey.

    I’ll leave that Dead tune to you, it’s not one of my faves. Pretty spoiled for choice here – first obvious thoughts.

    Bobster – Tangled up in Blue
    Bobster – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
    Allmans – Blue Sky
    U2 – Bullet the Blue Sky

    Isabella Rosselini doing Blue Velvet has to be worth a shout.

  2. First thoughts –

    Blue Velvet – Bobby Vinton
    Blue Moon – Elvis Presley
    Behind Blue Eyes -The Who
    Pale Blue Eyes – Velvet Underground
    Blue Skies – Ella Fitzgerald
    The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – Cab Calloway

    Back later with a link!

    • Here’s the link – have rearranged the songs slightly.

      Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen
      Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
      Small Blue Thing – Suzanne Vega
      Pale Blue Eyes – Velvet Underground
      Blue Velvet – Bobby Vinton
      The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – Cab Calloway
      Blue Moon – Elvis Presley
      Blue Skies – Ella Fitzgerald

      • Four more songs added –

        Blue Shoes – Katie Melua
        Blue Jean – David Bowie
        Blue Bayou – Roy Orbison
        Plus Bleu Comme Tes Yeux – Charles Aznavour and Edith Piaf

      • To explain the choices a little – Cohen and VU are 2 of my faves anyway, and these are among my most favourite songs of both. With Raincoat, I love the storyteling, the evocation of place and time, and the fact that, given that it was actually his own raincoat, he may well be writing a letter to himself. OTOH Pale Blue Eyes, like much of the Velvet’s music, grabs me in a kind of visceral way that I can’t exactly explain. Many people have recorded Blue Moon – I did consider the Marcels’ version – but for me, Elvis’s version is just so simple and beautiful. Ella recorded Blue Skies more than once but I love the scat singing on this one, it creates a really happy mood. More totally daffy scat singing on Cab Calloway’s Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, the earliest recording (I think). I could’ve gone for Ella again or George Harrison but I loved the 30s sound and the lighthearted mood. Behind Blue Eyes, one of The Who’s best and most thoughtful songs. A number of people have recorded Blue Shoes, but Katie Melua sings it beautifully (and that’s the recording I have, anyway.) Bowie, Roy Orbison (that voice!) Suzanne Vega, all good songs by great artists, and I’ve ended the list with a duet between Aznavour and the ghost of Edith Piaf (apparently!) both video and recording very cleverly done, and so very French.

      • Forgot to mention choice of Blue Velvet. Other recordings available, but this one featured in David Lynch’s film of the same name and seems to have been in part an inspiration for the film itself.

  3. Seriously though, my first suggestion just HAS to be:

    Bright Eyes – True Blue

    I had a blue dream
    About a blue star
    In it I drove there
    In my blue car and when I got there
    I met a blue dog
    With a blue tongue
    We had some real fun
    We bounced a blue ball
    It broke a blue glass
    We banged on blue drums and call it blue grass
    I guess the thing I’m trying to tell you
    Is that it’s best, kid
    If you’re true blue

  4. This one’s just too big: off the top of my head, I would name songs by Styx, Dakota Suite, Joni, The Family Stand, Jumpin’ The Gunn, Jason Isbell, Status Quo, Blackfoot, Little Axe, Counting Crows, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Terence Trent D’Arby, Elbow, Was (Not Was), Calexico, Black Crowes, Malcolm Middleton, ZZ Top, Geneva, I Am Kloot, New Order, Sun Kil Moon, Barzin, and yes, the Dead’s Stella.

    Off to work …

  5. OK, special sentimental dispensation for DsD’s Blue memory (I’ve now almost accepted Shoey’s sentimentally-induced Coldplay blind spot….)

    Well I love Stella Blue, amy, although I’ve never found a flawless version of it. The Dead did some pretty good versions of The Bobster’s Baby Blue, too.

    I’ll add Mazzy Star’s Blue Light and Gomez’s Blue Moon Rising.

  6. Well the morning passed so slowly
    But my feet began to dry
    My spotted shoes began to lose
    The insults to my eye
    I admired the look of furry hide
    As I went for a pee
    But, ‘Oh no, man, please move away
    Don’t stand that close to me!’

    I got them Suede Shoe Blues………

  7. Deep Blue Day – Brian Eno
    Baby Blue – The Beach Boys
    Pink and Blue – Hannah Diamond
    Bluebird – Wings
    Caribbean Blue – Enya

  8. Noriko Sakai – Aoi Usagi (Blue Rabbit)

    Noriko Sakai is a really wonderful singer and actress, but she lost popularity following a drug scandal, which actually most people thought was actually her protecting her looser husband, but anyway . . .

    This was the theme of a really popular drama ( which she also stared in ) and is a throw back to a style of Japanese popular music form before the second world war called Ryuokouka which basically means popular music and was the predecessor of Enka which became popular after the war.

    It is a typical fo the genre, sentimental and romantic – but updated to a modern arrangement.

    I love these old romantic songs ! ! !

    I hope you like it too ! ! !

    Noriko Sakai – Aoi Usagi (Blue Rabbit)

    • By the way . ..

      She is using sign language to sign the words to the song . . . .this is a reference to the TV drama . . .butI think so that it is nice to see the audience copying her ! ! !

  9. I think it was the ketchup
    Or it could have been the ghee
    That made me think these damn suede shoes
    Are just no good for me
    I may have butterfingers
    I should take a lot more care
    But the days are gone when I’ll wear shoes
    That need protection from the air

    I lost them Suede Shoe Blues
    I finally heard the news
    If shoes can’t take muck and grease stains
    They really got no right to call them shoes

    Yeah, I lost them Suede Shoe Blues
    Those stupid Suede Shoe Blues
    They need too much attention
    They really got no right to call them shoes

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