Earworms 10 November 2014

‘Spill points for inserting your sample text here – not literally, but give us a caption, or fit the picture to the song below. Easy peasy. Anyway, an eclectic mix for you this week, thanks to all contributors and please keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Bug, Roger Robinson & Paul St. Hilaire – Living Dub – shoegazer: From the dubtronica series…

Flying Lotus with Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me – carolebristol: This might not sound like my sort of thing, but I really like it a lot. Once again, it is getting a lot of play on BBC6Music. I love the bass, it reminds me a bit of “Brown Paper Bag”. Not sure I’d buy the album, but this is a lot of fun. It is by Flying Lotus with Kendrick Lamar (no, I’ve never heard of him, either) and it is called Never Catch Me.

??? – Marcin Wasilewski Trio – abahachi: This One’s For Darcey’s Dad – Well, of course that isn’t the real title, but if DsD hasn’t yet heard the brilliant new MWT album, here’s a chance to play ‘can you guess what it is yet?’ with the usual unexpected pop cover.

Nina Simone At Newport – In The Evening By The Moonlight – goneforeign: From 1960, possibly the first Nina LP I ever bought, There’s many wonderful cuts on this album, she was right at the start of her career and she quit her classical training to pay the rent; listen to the J.S. Bach influences throughout her wonderful piano solo.

Peter Blakeley – Crying in the Chapel: deanofromoz: No, not the Elvis song of the same name. Was checking out the CD’s for sale at a second hand shop and came across this one. I remember it as a catchy hit in Australia in the late 80’s/early 90’s, and thought I would give it a go. The album as a whole doesn’t really stack up, but I still really like this song. I know it might be a bit MOR for some tastes, but nothing wrong with that every now and then.

Gary Clark Jr – Bright Lights – tincanman: It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s nasty. It’s the blues.

22 thoughts on “Earworms 10 November 2014

  1. Ooh ta, Prof.

    Stuck in London with no listening capability until v. late Tues. Will listen asap. Looking forward to it.

    No one ruin the surprise please!

  2. Hi All. Finally got around to actually listening to the worms, which makes a change from recent weeks.

    The first tracks didn’t really do a lot for me (sorry)

    Really liked the unexpected pop cover – that was lovely and instantly recognisable, won’t give it away though.

    Nina Simone was lovely, my favourite of the week, and another reminder that I really need to get an album or two of hers, think it will be really up my alley.

    Of course given Crying in the Chapel was my worm, I will have to say that I like it – great piece of pop.

    And like the first two, the last one didn’t really do it for me (sorry)

    Thanks everyone though for a diverse set of songs this week.

    I should also make an entry in Ali’s caption competition, but its late, and I am a bit devoid of ideas at the moment.

  3. The first two aren’t my thing either but I like the feel of the first and the music of the second. A refrain that rhymes ‘dust’ with ‘us’ and a rap that does the nation/situation/station trope add nothing to the tracks for me though.
    I heard the tune in aba’s pick: nice (although I’m not sure of the point). There’s some good playing in there – reminded me of Julian Joseph’s trio.
    Nina’s absolutely fine, and it’s great to hear her having fun and interacting with the audience.
    The Peter Blakeley track is sweetly ‘groovy’. Shiny flares, big hair and handclaps.
    Gary Clark Jr is sincerely unoriginal but I rather like it. Probably because neither the voice nor the guitar go OTT.

    The best I can do for a caption is the fairly obvious:
    YOGA – You’ll believe the sun really does shine out of your arse

  4. Have interrupted listening to the best album of 2014 possibly even the best album of the last few years, only 8 tracks but each one recorded in a different US city with various guest contributors but that’s enough about Sonic Highways 😉

    To the Earworms, an eclectic mix this week and even before listening figured the go to track would be Gary Clark Jr. Quite simply brilliant, I B listed during RRSA Whisk(e)y as it was used for the Jack Daniels adverts in the States.

    GCJ’s album Blak and Blu is fabulous (IMHO) album, which came out late 2012 and for my money he’s one of the best guitarists around at the moment.

    Of the others I quite liked The tune from Marcin Wasilewski Trio and quite intrigued by abahachi’s comment to DsD, wouldn’t have thought it was his type of thing!!!

    The others were alright but my least liked one was Flying Lotus with Kendrick Lamar

    Thanks for curating the worms and I’ll try to dig some out and send them across in the next week or so.

    • intrigued by abahachi’s comment to DsD, wouldn’t have thought it was his type of thing

      I absolutely LOVE the MW3 covers of Prince’s Diamonds & Pearls and Bjork’s Hyperballad, which the Prof has previously introduced me to. Appeals to the need in me for musical soul balm, which normally manifests as neo-classical piano minimalism in the form of Goldmund or similar, usually playing through my desktop speakers in the early hours of the morning, accompanied by the gentle tinkling of ice on crystal.

  5. Some excellent ‘worms this week. I really enjoyed the flow across the first three. It worked brilliantly and then Nina Simone made a good contrasting entry point into the remaining tracks.

    My fave was the MWT pop cover, taking a sow’s ear and producing a perfectly formed silk purse. It reminded me a bit of Herbie Nancock circa Empyrean Isles. Unfortunately, the 80s synth-flavoured pop of Peter Blakeley didn’t work for me, but Gary Clark Jr is always excellent.

    As for a caption, how about;

    The Natural Law Party says “Buy the Flying Lotus CD” or we will come round and beat you up.

  6. Surprisingly (for my tastes), Living Dub is a great alluring start.

    Oh. Is Kendrick Lamar the vocalist? I just want him to * SHUT THE F@#K UP! *. Hated that. Really, REALLY, irrationally hated it. Sorry Carole.

    Ah …. actually, that MWT is a miss with me. A shame, but it’s simply too fast a piece for my liking.

    MmmmmNina. Go for it girl!!! Loved it. Put a smile back on my face. Reminds me how little I really know about music, because I’m fairly sure I’ve never heard that before.

    Peter Blakeley: yeah, we all have some MOR guilty pleasures in our collections. That brass section reminds me of one in my own that I think I’m about to send in to the worm-wrangler. Check your email later this evening, Ali.

    The Gary Clark is the only one I already knew this week, and has been firmly ensconced in my Walkman playlist for a while. “Big, bold, nasty” and “blues” nails it.

  7. I always thought that Crying in the chapel was by Bob this caused me to check my iTunes and I see that his ‘version’ is Selassie is the Chapel. Live and learn.

  8. Bug and friends: Chilled. Nice.

    Lotus and friend: Like the voice.

    Marcin and trio: I can’t work out what the song is – does that make me a moron? Probs. I don’t think this is really my week – haven’t found any of these earwormy/hummable yet…

    Nina: That’s more like it! Lovely, evocative, rousing.

    Pete: Definitely of its time… It’s a bit too Charles and Eddie for me. Sorry.

    Gaz: Not my bag, I’m afraid.

    Thanks all!

  9. Very much what Bish said to be honest.
    Didn’t really like the first two much. Didn’t hate them either but they made very little impact.
    Loved Nina Simone as ever. Had never heard that one before.
    Quite enjoyed the jazz tune. After three listens I thought I might have got what pop song it was based on but I’m still not absolutely sure.
    Crying in the Chapel was a fun listen.
    The blues song was invigorating. I didn’t like it as much as Nina or find it earwormy and memorable but enjoyed it while it lasted.

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