Earworms 17 November 2014

It’s that time again … mixed reviews last week so let’s see how we do this time. I hope you find something you like, more to the point, send something in! All worms welcome at earworm@tincanland.com. People are starting to send in Christmas worms too, so if you have any you’d like included in the Christmas edition, please send them along. Many thanks!

Billy Mackenzie – Wild Is The Wind – bishbosh: Not Nina or David, of course, but I think Billy holds his own with his elegant, torchy take on the song. Mind you, with a voice like his, he’d have been hard pressed to screw it up.

Gotan Project – Santa Maria [Del Buen Ayra] – shoegazer: Dubtronica series continues (or Folktronica begins).

The Delines – Calling In – ghe: The huge talent that is Willy Vlautin has now spawned a new band, The Delines, to add to Richmond Fontaine. The Delines includes the keyboardist from the Decemberists, and the steel guitar of Tucker Jackson. It showcases the singing of Amy Boone, who does a great job with the gritty vignettes that Willy paints, like miniature versions of his novels. Sadly I will miss their gig in Winchester on 13th Nov, as I will be sunning myself in Tenerife! Here’s a taste of what Willy describes as ‘late night country soul’.

Bob Dylan & The Band: Katie’s Been Gone – abahachi: Dilemma time: I really don’t think I can spare over a hundred quid for the full six-cd edition of the remastered Basement Tapes, but the cheaper two-cd version doesn’t include this song, my absolute favourite from the original 1975 issue.

The Whitlams – No Aphrodisiac – deanofromoz: Aussie band named after the former Australian PM Gough Whitlam, who has just recently passed away. The are a piano led band, with charasmatic Tim Freedman their leader. This starts off as a sweet little missing you kind of track, and the descends into something quite different. I won’t spoil the surprise for you, but lets just say they obviously read different papers to what I read.

King Sunny Ade and the African Beats – Ja Funmi – goneforeign: In 1982 I went to the Hollywood Palladium to see/hear King Sunny Ade, I was just discovering African music and he synched it for me, I was hooked thereafter and right after that he released an album, ‘JuJu music’, this is a cut from that album. One thing I discovered at that concert was what amazing sounds can be created on ‘talking drums’. Adé stated that “Ja Funmi” is a common Yoruban phrase meaning “Fight for me”, soon after that the magazine I was associated with changed it’s name from ‘The Reggae Beat’ to ‘The Reggae and African Beat’.

19 thoughts on “Earworms 17 November 2014

  1. Bugger. Lost the long comment. Short retype:

    Billy: Quality, but not really my thing.
    Gotan Project: Great. Redolent of BHP’s Voiture En Rouge.
    Delines: GHE has made my choice for the Festive Spill easier by one song.
    His Bobness: I feel your pain, Prof. I had the same dilemma with Zep’s Remasters.
    Whitlams: See what you mean, Deano! Loved the guitar sound.
    KSA: Wrong weather for that today, but I enjoyed it.

  2. Billy – Nice
    Gotan Project – oldie but goldie
    Delines – also one of my top albums of 2014. Anything WV is involved in gets a big thumbs up from me.
    BobbyD – got a copy of the box set – it’s interesting to hear the development, and should really be played back to back to back to get the full effect, but I’m not sure how often I’ll be playing it after the first half dozen run throughs.
    Whitlams – nice denouement.
    KSA – another oldie but goldie – I saw them headline at Glastonbury in 1983. Nice to hear the band again as I haven’t played any of their albums for a long age. Blissful.

    Excellent selection this week.

  3. I love the Billy MacKenzie cover, it makes me want to run around shouting about how great his voice is. It’s a great song for the kind of vocalists I prefer, once memorably described by Pandora streaming service as “extensive vamping”, Anthony Reynolds has sung this one too, I am spoiled by such beauty.

    My son is doing Music GCSE and had to research Tango the other week, we enjoyed listening to the Gotan Project, but he preferred the more traditional style.

    Never heard the Delines before, bit country for me, sorry to spoil the love-in.

    Ababhachi I feel your pain with re-issues, I don’t have enough money/space to buy heavy vinyl releases of albums I still have on vinyl from the first time around (Nick Cave) or replace my CDs with remastered ones (Siouxsie and the Banshees) but I want to. It’s a fine Bob song.

    Whitlams wasn’t quite my thing, but King Sunny Abe is lovely and sunny, have to close my eyes to make it work here today. Always an interesting selection, thanks Ali 😉

  4. Gotans: I’m too short of attention span to really get into instrumentals. Atmospheric though. If I were in a tango bar in Buenos Aires…

    Delines: Am I the only person to have never heard of this lot? Like it anyway – great voice, good storytelling.

    Bob D: Doesn’t do much for me, I’m afraid. It’s that chugga-chugga tempo.

    Whitters: Oh I know this one! My brother put it on a mix CD for me a few years back. Love it.

    Sunny: Having grown up in Nigeria in the late 70s/early 80s, he’s one of those names I feel I’ve always known – without ever knowingly heard anything by him. (See also Fela Kuti.) This is pleasant enough without really travelling very far from where it starts (and therefore feeling a bit stretched to me at seven minutes).

    • Not the only one bish- I didn’t know the delines either. Really liked it though. Glad the Whitlams took you to known territory

  5. Done a DsD and lost a post so the short version is as follows:

    Billy Mackenzie – should I know this person? Was OK, nothing special.

    Gotan Project – not my thing but very reminiscent of a Tango.

    The Delines – I so wanted to really like this because of the “hype” found it so-so, had the feeling something was going to happen but not quite sure what it was I wanted!

    Bob Dylan & The Band – not a fan of Bob and this didn’t change my feelings, sorry.

    The Whitlams – not sure what papers carry those sort of ads, pleasant enough.

    King Sunny Ade and the African Beats – have listened to quite a bit of reggae since goneforeign’s recent playlist post and definitely got the reggae undertones from this. Track of the week for me.

    KSA no1 one track this week, The Delines in second place, The Whitlams and Billy equal third, Gotan fifth and his Bobness in sixth place.

  6. Billy MacKenzie – Great voice of course and I haven’t heard a version of this song I didn’t like. Great stuff.
    Gotans – I guess I must like folktronica. Enjoyed this version of the tango very much.
    Delines – The intro sounded vaguely Floydian to me. Went off it shortly after the vocal started though. Not unpleasant but I drifted off. Never heard of Willy Vlautin or his previous works either. OK but not my thing I suppose.
    Dylan/ The Band – More the Band than Dylan really. Is that Richard Manuel on vocals? Liked it well enough but I wouldn’t dream of shelling out for the box set. Good though it was, this certainly didn’t change my mind.
    Whitlams – Another one that’s new to me. Rather liked this musically and lyrically. Sounded very eighties to me but when I looked them up it seems that they formed in 1992 which shows how much I know.
    King Sunny Ade – Lovely laid back summery sound. Perhaps not quite right for my current mood. Enjoyed without really engaging with it. I suspect that if I heard it at the height of summer in the open air it would sound just perfect.

    Nice, varied mix of tunes.

    • AH: I’d never heard that version before, I gave it about 4 mins and then quit, I thought it was rather boring like most dub these days. I used to listen to and enjoy dub way back, in fact I’ve got a fairly huge collection of it but nowadays it mostly seems to be lacking in any creative concept, possibly because of the advent of cheap computer software that makes anyone/everyone a dubmaster. Viva King Tubby! Thanks for the positive comments.

  7. Hi. I liked all of them this week, particularly theDelines. Not something I had heard of but def worth exploring further. Thanks all, you did good. I feel for Abahachi’s dilemma- hard to justify the cost, and hard on loyal fans

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