Sing A Rainbow – Violet/Purple

In the Final Week of this Spill Challenge we reach the end of the rainbow.


Do rainbows end in Acapulco?


Violet Songs are, I suspect, quite rare so please chuck in Purple ones too.

According to the (misleading, lazily-written) song, rainbows contain purple, not violet.



As usual, no embedded videos please; links only.

And, of course: have fun!

30 thoughts on “Sing A Rainbow – Violet/Purple

  1. I’ll leave that obvious purple tune to others, it’s not a big fave. And instead go for a pair of violet tunes from my favorite grungy ladies.

    Hole – Violet

    Babes in Toyland – Bruise Violet

  2. Bit of a cheat here…this is a song sung by a girl called Violet, from the play I’ve just been in, Your Loving Brother Albert, about a young lad from Wolverton, Bucks, who goes off to WW1.

    Violet’s Song by the Living Archive Band

  3. Un Ramito de Violetas – Cecilia.

    A beguiling ditty about a young woman wedded to a rough diamond. Every Nov 9th, she receives a bunch of violets from a stranger. Little does she know that it is her husband who is her secret lover, sending the flowers, a husband who is secretly pleased that his wife is happy.

  4. First thoughts on the two variants (then I’m off out to work) –

    Viarosa – The Violet Hour
    Beautiful, gentle, single guitar + atmospherics.
    Post-rock in a Mono-style.

    Shuggie Otis – Purple
    Ace blues instrumental.

    And the obvious Purple Rain, Purple Haze and Alabama £’s The Old Purple Tin.

    Skin has a pretty good song called Purple on her Fake Chemical State LP too, though it isn’t in the same class as the above songs.

  5. There’s a jazz standard that was very popular on BBC in the 50’s; ‘Violets for your Furs’, it was recorded by Sinatra, Coltrane, Zoot Sims, Billie Holiday and Shirley Horn amongst others, Sinatra’s was the one on BBC.
    Thinking about this took me back to WW2 BBC, there used to be a program at 6pm every Saturday, it was called ‘In Town Tonight’, it was a magazine piece about the personalities in town that night. The intro was a piece of music with voices and traffic mixed in, one fragment has stuck in my memory for over 70 years, it’s a flower seller very much off mic but she’s saying “Violets, lovely violets dear”. God only knows what makes that stick in my memory but it happens all the time, fragments like that but more often it’s music of the period.

  6. I have a good one to add :
    Purple Sneakers – You Am I

    Some great Aussie 90s alt rock.

    I also quite like Coldplay’s Violet Hill

    And donds for the haze and the people eater

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