Earworms 24 November 2014

Good morning campers! Another day, another delectable selection of worms for you – thanks to all and please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com. Contributions for Christmas earworms are also welcome, if you can bear to think about it.

Hip Hatchet – Selfless In A City – tincanman: Anyone who has moved for work or sent a kid away to uni can relate. You’re not helpless, it’s for a good reason, and you’re not a victim. But it’s lonely.

Hozier – Cherry Wine – AliM: YOU: “Oh Ali, Ali, Ali … not another wistful male singer/songwriter type chappie … ” ME: “Yes, I’m afraid so, I’m still 24 in my head. And I can’t stop listening to this.” YOU: “Sigh …”

Nina Simone – Trouble in Mind – goneforeign: This a slow eight-bar blues written by jazz pianist Richard M. Jones in 1924.The song became an early blues standard, with numerous renditions by a variety of musicians. In many versions, new lyrics are added. However, most usually include the opening verse:
“Trouble in mind, I’m blue
But I won’t be blue always
‘Cause I know the sun’s gonna shine in my back door someday …”

The Saints – Lipstick on Your Collar – deanofromoz: Pioneers of the punk genre, certainly in Oz but I think even in the underground scene in the UK as well, The Saints take that Connie Francis track and turn it into something entirely different. Get ready to rock out!

Marianne Faithfull – Sparrows Will Sing – bishbosh: The other day, I watched with mounting horror as Boy George honked and rasped his way through a BBC Philharmonic recreation of “Colour By Numbers”. Even I wouldn’t claim the original as a classic (OK, I might …) but he once had a voice at least. Now he has a croak. It was kind of heartbreaking. And then I listened to this, in which Marianne makes a virtue of her age – and drug-ravaged pipes – and remembered that youth isn’t necessarily everything, in pop or otherwise.

Papa Wemba – Dixieme Commandement – goneforeign: Papa Wemba, I’ve never played him on’t Spill before, he’s From Kinshasa, this cut is Dixieme Commandement, it’s from his 1994 LP ‘Foridoles’. The backup is by Viva La Musica.

19 thoughts on “Earworms 24 November 2014

  1. Sounding good on a first listen. More later.

    The Saints btw were more than an underground phenomenon in the UK. Jonh Ingham reviewed I’m Stranded in Sounds magazine and declared it “Single of this or any other week”.

    His fellow journalists attempted to continue this by making it their single of the week in the next 4 or 5 issues.

    Later they performed This Perfect Day on Top of the Pops to the bemusement of much of the audience.
    I still have the 12″ single of that song with the bonus extra track “Do the Robot” which was included “due to an administrative error” and “has been withdrawn from future release considerations”. I don’t think we were really expected to believe this but it added to the fun.

  2. Obviously about a day after I sent in this track/blurb, I heard the news that Boy George has a polyp on his throat. Which: a) might to some extent explain the wrecked voice; b) made me feel a right bitch. Hey ho! He still sounded awful…

  3. Hip Hatchet – I did enjoy this in a melancholy kind of way. The days are long gone when I poured over lyrics and took in every word so I may have missed some of the detail but it was certainly atmospheric. Touch of Chris Isaac about it I thought.
    Hozier – Er, ditto, except for the bit about Chris Isaac. Liked the guitar playing, lovely tone – made me think of Anji for some reason. Paused the player and listened to Anji. Sounded nothing like it. Good voice too, anyways.
    The Saints – were a revelation when we first heard them. They’ve found the missing link between Status Quo and The Ramones. In Australia! It takes a bit of getting used to hearing them tackle this song, I like their own stuff, I like the original cheesy versions of LOYC but it’s a pretty weird blend. Won me over by the end though. God, they were good, these guys. I’m sure there can’t be anyone on the Spill who never heard (I’m) Stranded but one doesn’t like to take chances.
    Nina Simone – Lovely. Another “God, she was good” feeling. Totally different music of course. Great singing, great piano playing. Bliss.
    Marianne Faithfull – I like her voice here much more than I did on her highly rated cover of Lucy Jordan. Good choon too. Reminds me of something but can’t think what (as usual). Liked that a lot.
    Papa Wemba – Great one to end on. Lovely, uplifting tune. The tenth commandment was “thou shalt not covet” wasn’t it? OK then.

  4. Hip Hatchet, top tune this week; like severin I don’t pore over lyrics but good nonetheless.

    Hozier, am enjoying his music ever since I got a free download from Apple, hadn’t heard this one but will investigate some more.

    Didn’t like The Saints but loved Nina Simone.

    Apologies to the easily offended but I thought MF was truly dreadful and what was all the “Callooh Callay” business, someone seen a Jabberwocky??

    Good alternative end to this week’s half-dozen from Papa Wemba; GF has a habit of making me listen to songs well outside my comfort zone and really enjoying them, nice one.

  5. Hip: Oh it’s gonna bug me who the singer reminds me of. Him out of The National? Not quite. More countrified. But someone similarly baritonally lugubrious.

    Hozier: Did he do the other Take Me To Church this year? (The one that’s not by Sinead, that is.) I like his voice a lot. Like a lower-toned Damien Rice praps.

    Saints: Fun. I’m grinning.

    Nina: So it would seem that if anyone can get me to enjoy the blues, it’s Nina.

    Marianne: I think Marianne should get Roger Waters to write for her more often. Incarceration of a Flower Child was good; this is even better. I particularly like the way she spits out the line about “this candyfloss techno hell”. She’s a great interpreter of great lyrics.

    Papa: Not what I was expecting at all. Instrumentation-wise anyway. I suspect I’d like it more if it were a little less synth-y. God knows why, I love a synth. (Someone will tell me there’s no synth in there now…) Maybe it just takes some getting used to in this context. But the instrumentation makes the track sound a bit dated to me. Good song though – and one that seems to improve as it goes on.

    Thanks all – I enjoyed that lot!

    • Yes, Hozier did “Take Me To Church” – I hope he’s more cheerful than Damien Rice (whom I like but he makes me want to slit my wrists after a bit)

  6. bit late, sorry! I like Hip Hatchett in a ‘wouldn’t bother turning off the radio if it came on’ way, prefer Hozier, cute and there is nothing wrong with a wistful male singer songwriter, Ali, be proud.
    I became aware of the Saints a few years ago courtesy of RipThisJoint I think. I can hear their influence on some of my favourite Aussie bands at times, which is cool.
    Nina always sounds fine.
    I can’t claim to be a fan of Marianne Faithfull’s musical output in general, but I find her a very interesting person. Papa Wemba was more synthy than I was expecting too, interesting mix, did he just shout ‘Wookey Hole”? I may have misheard, but it’s an impressive cave system and you can see Glastonbury Tor from there.

    Hozier for the win this week, when do we need to get festive ear worms in?

  7. More Saints appreciation from this corner of the world too. I knew (I’m) Stranded (of course!), but acquired a full album from Mrs Panther’s collection when we moved in together….perfect pop!

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