An [almost officially] old romantic writes …


I’m a heavy rocker, me, right?

Starting with classic Zep, Purple, & Lizzy; defining myself by UFO, Judas Priest, AC/DC & Motorhead LPs in the 70s; surviving the 80s thanks to Van Halen, The Cult, Faith No More & Guns’n’Roses; reviving in the 90s with Thunder, Gun, Live, Pearl Jam & Soundgarden; and indulging myself with all of the above and more in the internet-fuelled new millennium.

Tennent’s Super and Jack Daniels; denim & leather; festival bottle battles; fast cars and loud guitars; Breaking The Law & Running With The Devil. That’s yer DsD profile, yeah?

Well I’m fifty on Sunday, and you know what has absolutely knocked me for six this week? A vid featuring a colliery brass band, a walk on the moors, pints of orange juice and cola, and a crooning couple of middle-aged singers yearning for a cuddle. If you haven’t seen it over on The Graun, get a load of this song, newly available this week on the expanded rerelease of the What Have We Become album. I figure it’s just too late to force its way into my Festive Spill considerations for this year, but Lawdy I can’t stop playing it right now!

39 thoughts on “An [almost officially] old romantic writes …

    • Nah Rich, you’re just expanding yourself and growing bigger, yeah? (Physically wasn’t what i had in mind there). You can headbang to the Bonster and Priest and mellow out to Slobberbone and southern country and Talk Talk and post-rock piano too. Music isn’t a zero sum game here.

      Happy semi-centennial if i don’t catch you on the day!

      (ps – i got that video up, but couldn’t get it to play.)

    • I know. I’ve had to spend this morning repeat-playing AC/DC videos on Michael Hann’s review of their new album as self-medication!

  1. Well, I’m even older than you Rich. We all mellow with age, apparently. I am very partial to a bit of Edith Piaf and Charles Trenet, plus all the noisy guitar stuff and prog.

    And I like opera.

    • Thanks, Carole. Re mellowing: yeah, I know. It’s just that this particular example cropped up in the middle of a particularly retro musical week for me, so it really did stand out like the proverbial sore thumb.

  2. I’m (still!) a whole Chinese zodiac behind you DsD, but my musical tastes just seem to be getting more extreme with age…..although that is rather a lovely tune!

    And a Happy Birthday for the big five-oh on Sunday!

  3. What a bag of sentimental, manipulative shite! (I’m just getting ready for the ‘season of goodwill’. Bah! Humbug!)

    But, tbh, I do rather see/hear this as the other side of the rawk coin: they both rely on an unrealistic, romantic view of the world. The soppy song takes its cue from Mills & Boon and Led Zep etc go for the independent, don’t-tie-me-down outlaw schtick.
    You’ll start to understand this after Sunday, DsD, when the cynic gene kicks in…..

    But seriously, seriously: Happy Birthday, Rich!

    • I like me some queso every now and again, but that tune was Velveeta 🙂

      (sorry Rich, i’m well into the years when the cynic genes override all)

      But, uh, Chris – Strangers stopping strangers, etc….

      • Blue/yellow:yellow/blue?
        Well I have just come home past some spectacular pink clouds, so it may well BE one of those “not very often“s!


      • I just remembered it’s your birthday this week too, Chris, so a happy one to you too, as i’ll be away for our yankee holiday. (sorry, i know you Europeans have a weird thing about wishes ahead of time.)

        I will say that Sagittarians make the best dads hands down though, mine was one. (he would have been the 28th.)

      • You’re probably both right. I misquoted the lyric; it should be:

        It seldom turns out the way it does in the song

        (Another example of Hunter’s consistent genius. Always a bit of grit in the oyster or a small gap in the clouds. Yin and yang.)

        Ta for the salutation, amy.

      • And a Happy Birthday to you too, then, Chris.

        And fwiw, the cynical gene is definitely in the Clayton male DNA – obvious in my Dad post-50, and dominant in my brother – he’s been its slave since before he was 40!!

        I shall tread carefully when I wake up after Sunday! 😉

  4. Must admit I loved the Millie Jackson version of this song when I was about 18. This one’s good too though. Love the brass band.
    Fifty? Is that all you’re going to be? Pah! I’m seven years ahead of you. And I’ve got all my own teeth. They’re in this bag here…………

    • … Millie Jackson version of this song …

      Is that why it sounded so instantly familiar, I wonder? I’ve got some Millie Jackson vinyl somewhere: I must go and look if I have that. Cheers, severin.

  5. Lovely stuff, I do like a brass band. Her voice is good for me, and I’m usually sensitive to any stridency or strain.

    Happy Birthday for Sunday !

  6. DsD, we all rumbled you years ago. The rocker badge is hanging by a thread on the back of your jacket, revealing the softer pleasures of One Eskimo, Dakota suite, Clint Mansell, and many other treasures you have introduced us to.
    I really liked the touching vid, but I guess it has even more resonance for a northern softie like yerself. Rock on!

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