Spill Awards 2014: Nominations Open!

"A Nobel Peace Prize is okay, but I do hope I get nominated for a Spill Award again this year."

“A Nobel Peace Prize is okay, but I do hope I get nominated for a Spill Award again this year.”

It’s that time of year again… Well, maybe a little earlier than normal, but I’m so snowed under with work at the moment that I’m even going to skip the annual passive-aggressive ritual of asking whether anyone else would like to take over this year, and instead just get on with the (unnecessarily convoluted) process of setting up this year’s Spill Awards.

Here’s how it’s supposed to work. By the end of Sunday 14th December, please send an email to abahachi(at)hotmail.co.uk, listing as many nominations as you like for any or all of the following categories:

Album of the Year

Film of the Year

TV Series of the Year

Hero (male or female) of the Year

Villain of the Year

Event of the Year

Feel free to write a few words about some or all of your nominations if you wish, and to make suggestions for additional awards of any nature whatsoever. On the basis of all the suggestions received, I will put together short-lists for the different awards, and set up online polls where you can vote for your choices, with votes closing on 31st December 2014. At some point in early January, I will then work out a date and format for the award ceremony.

Everyone clear? I’d particularly like to stress how useful it is for you to put forward a decent number of nominations; in previous years, some people have ended up on the short-list on the basis of just two people mentioning them…

7 thoughts on “Spill Awards 2014: Nominations Open!

  1. Will be sending several suggestions for films. Currently racking brain to think of an album I’ve bought this year that was actually released this year and wasn’t a lot of old tracks in a new package………………….

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