Happy Birthday


I’ve not known DarceysDad very long, a little under two-years but in that time I’ve found out that apart from being friendly and a true gent that we share similar tastes in music. He accompanied me on my musical trip across the FIFTY US states and as we both have a birthday this month I thought it fitting to acknowledge his today; hope I’ve got this right as his is quite a significant one!

My first real encounter with DsD was when he selected my nomination for Barclay James Harvests’ Hymn during his Guru stint for RRSA Ascension (Feb ’13); since then I’ve discovered we are both ‘card carrying members’ of the Alter Bridge and Creed appreciation society on The Mothership and share exquisite musical taste for guitar rock and Americana so it was no surprise really that he joined me on my road trip showcasing songs that covered the 50 US states, I’m sure that number has some significance, it’ll come to me shortly.

If I’ve got my facts right DsD was born in 1964 two full years earlier than me ;). This was the year that saw The Animals – House of the Rising Sun, The Kinks – You really Got Me Now and Roy Orbison’s – Oh, Pretty Woman in the charts, but what was number 1 when DsD was born: The Supremes and a fitting Baby Love.

November 1964 saw the first episode of Crossroads aired, the 30th was the day the power dispute was settled and the following month Donald Campbell set the water speed record, coincidentally the 1963/64 football season saw Liverpool FC secure the First Division title beating Man Utd by 4 points for their 6th English league title.

I’ve prepared a 50 minute playlist for you; choosing some well-known DsD favourites, I crave your indulgence if the artist is spot on but the track isn’t as I’ve used some poetic licence as I expect you might have a glass or two to celebrate!

First up has to be the No. 1 on the day of his birth followed by Drive-By-Truckers and Birthday Boy.

I mentioned that DsD is a bit of a Rocker and has a soft spot for Bon Scott era AC/DC and achieved one of his RR goals this year getting Can I Sit next To You Girl? A-Listed for RRSA seduction.

To my surprise DsD has a soft spot for female vocalists and trying to educate the musically obtuse (yours truly) he posted an introduction to Maria McKee as I was none to familiar with this long-standing favourite artist, for you here’s Absolutely Barking Stars.

The next three songs on the playlist are absolutely in my comfort zone and I offer up some true guitar rock in the shape of CreedFaceless Man, Alter BridgeMetallingus and Pearl JamDaughter, well what else could it be DarceysDad?

I expect you’ll have a glass of something to celebrate so please follow Elbow’s advice and don’t mix your drinks, well if you do maybe you’ll heed UFO’s warning and not Drink Too Much if not you may end up Dead Drunk and Legless like Drive-by-Truckers!

Among the things I didn’t know about DsD was that he has a softer side, he likes to mellow out with some chilled tunes and ‘ice clinking in crystal’ well perhaps now that we’re almost in December he can sit cosily at home in his study and chill out to Dakota Suite’s Wintersong.

All that’s left for me to say (on behalf of your fellow Spillers and RRers) is that we Wish You Well and have a great birthday.


20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

    • Great minds Ali 😉

      No worries, it’s not something I shout about, wasn’t a particularly significant one but time is marching on.

  1. Well done, great write up.

    Can I also pass on my birthday wishes to DsD as well. As a relative newbie to RR and this blog, I can’t claim to know anyone so well, but I can say that my first ever comment on RR was met with a very friendly welcome from a few regulars, including DsD. At the risk of sounding corny, such a nice welcome made me want to hang around a bit more (and now you are all stuck with me!). Its little things like that which probably mean nothing to others, but stay with you. DsD’s welcome post explained what the term “dond” meant amongst other things, all good knowledge to have.

    Hope you have a great 50th – looks like the soundtrack is now covered!

    Have a great one


  2. amylee, re Eric Church, if you can still access the Dropbox I’ll drop the live album: Caught In The Act, which has most of his early stuff. Not too sure about the recent release (Outsiders) as I think it’s a little commercial. Let me know on the Dropbox.

    Thanks for the wishes for my birthday from both you and Ali.

    • Sorry about the avatar, I just took his and enlarged it but appreciate that the pixels could be problematic!!!! 😉

    • Leavey – I’ve had the dropbox disabled for awhile now, but thanks!

      I’m catching up on year end listening here and he showed up on a few lists. I remembered i liked one you put up before.

      • Hi there, hope that you’re coping with the cold spell! I suppose that you’re far enough East that it’s a bit milder on the coast.

        Take a listen to Caught in the Act if you can access Spotify.

        Trust all is well and that you’re ready with your nominations for abahachi’ Spill awards.

        Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

        Best wishes,


      • Thanks Leavey. Thanksgiving travel sucked here with the cold and rain and sleet and snow, but it was otherwise a nice holiday – out to drink with a few friends the night before and a nice dinner with family. Exchanged Thanksgiving emails with Fintan.

        I’m getting near ready for the Aba awards and the Shoey Festive Spill. Are you?

        Few days reprieve here from work, then will be spanked for the weeks until Xmas. But all is fine enough otherwise.

        Assuming you and family are well!

  3. Can’t help with a higher-res avatar, I’m afraid. Think I created it on a previous PC, and never transferred the file over. Sorry.

  4. Thank you all again. Way behind with everything at the moment. I would promise to catch up with it all, but I’m old now and can’t guarantee my stamina will be up to it!

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