Earworms 1 December 2014

Hey ho, it’s December already – who knows where the time goes? Here’s another selection of tunes for you, hope you find something earwormy. Please continue to send any spare worms to earworm@tincanland.com, plus any contributions for the “Christmas Special”. Thanks, all.

Hamilton Camp – Get Together – goneforeign: This was popular when I arrived in LA in the 50’s, Hamilton Camp is an English bloke, same age and birthplace as me but he was evacuated during the war to the US, he made it permanent. The song is by Dino Valenti, later with Quicksilver, another popular version is by The Youngbloods from the same period. You might never have heard of his music [check Spotty] but you’ve probably seen him in dozens of films and TV programs, he had a career as a bit actor.

Barr Brothers – Please Let Me Let It Go – tincanman: It’s hymnal but rather than asking for salvation, it asks for the freedom to set himself right. Austerity Britain would be proud.

Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes – Phantoms – ghe: (not to be confused with the Great Lakes Swimmers) hangout in Nashville. I ‘collect’ ghost songs, but these Phantoms are not of the ghostly kind. Great drums and falsetto trills, and firmly stuck deep in my ear at the moment. From a great free download on Noise Trade – search for Deer Head Music indie mix tape.

Ivan Torrent (ft. Julie Elven) – Icarus – YoungMunday: Nepotism rules with this choice from my son. Ivan Torrent is a young Spanish composer who makes cinematic music and combines “melodic orchestral with electro”. He cites Clannad and Enya among his influences; this track was released as a single.

Koop (ft. Ane Brun) – Koop Island Blues – Fuel: Fuel sent me a selection of music ages ago, and I hope he won’t mind me using this. Koop is an electronic jazz duo from Sweden and Ane Brun is a Norwegian songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. This is lovely.

Jay Brown – Diamond – AliM: One from the recently received promos. Jay Brown’s new single ‘Diamond’, “an emotionally stirring, slow-burning alternative-pop ballad”, out on December 15. via Turn First Records (Jack Garratt, Dan Croll, Ellie Goulding etc). https://soundcloud.com/jaybrownofficial/jaybrowndiamond

13 thoughts on “Earworms 1 December 2014

  1. Thanks Ali. Having a listen now, Hamilton Camp reminds me of the elder Buckley, very pleasant.
    The Barr Brothers are heartfelt, a worthy song, *ouch* goodness, that is a loud Phantom song!
    It doesn’t do much for me, but thanks for the mix tape tip, I’ll look that out.
    It is interesting which songs our young people take to isn’t it? My young man is keen on Ellie Goulding, Icarus is definitely atmospheric, tolerable to me as someone who detests Enya, that’s high praise.
    I prefer Koop Island Blues ( I am a sucker for gulls) although I expected it to turn into a tango at any moment, pretty orchestration and a lovely soulful voice, my favourite so far.

    Just clicked to listen to Jay Brown and lost my comments, boo! She has a warm, smoky tone, but I’m not very stirred I’m afraid. Still a nice varied mix this week. Off to try and see what I’ve listened to that came out this year 🙂

  2. Hamilton Camp – Get Together – something familiar about this but can’t place it. Pleasant enough.

    Barr Brothers – Please Let Me Let It Go – see what Tinny meant by it’s “hymnal” quality, another alright tune.

    Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes – Phantoms – really like this, got me hooked as soon as it started 🙂 for some reason it reminded me of Lorde, heaven knows why!

    Ivan Torrent (ft. Julie Elven) – Icarus – good choice YoungMunday, very uplifting. (Can hear the influence of Clannad and Enya)

    Koop (ft. Ane Brun) – Koop Island Blues – is that a ‘glockenspiel or xylophone’ in there and a saxophone or is it a clarinet? Gosh what an abrupt ending! Had a jazz feel with the accompanying ‘snare’ drum.

    Jay Brown – Diamond – AliM – really liked this too.

    Good selection this week:

    In reverse order:

    Hamilton Camp
    Barr Bros
    Koop (for the variety of instruments)
    Jay brown
    and Daniel Ellsworth / Ivan Torrent equal first.

  3. Hamilton Camp sounds ahead of his time, if it really dates from the fifties. That and Young Munday’s Icarus are my faves this week. Thanks all once again for a bag of allsorts.

  4. Hamilton Camp – I like this song. Love the Youngbloods version especially. The guitar playing on this track was great but I just can’t get on with his voice at all. Hard to explain, just not for me.
    Barr Brothers – Loved this. Very hymn-like, elegiac even.
    Phantoms – Exuberant, took a few unexpected twists and turns. Liked it/
    Ivan Torrent – I’m not a great fan of Enya/Clannad but I quite enjoyed this. Was it written just for the single or was it also part of a film soundtrack? Sounds very cinematic and sound-scapey.
    Koop – Love the arrangement and the voice. Can’t go wrong with a Norwegian girl. Blimey, that was a sudden ending wasn’t it?
    Jay Brown – That was lovely. I’m sure I should know more about Jay Brown but when I googled the name a character from Eastenders keeps popping up. Anyway, liked it a lot.

  5. I have this fantasy that I’d love to have a vibraphone, I’d keep it in the living room and occasionally poke at it, it must have something to do with me having 91 cuts by Lionel Hampton in iTunes. Loved that Finnish piece plus Tinnie’s.

  6. Ali, you’re welcome to use any of those tunes I sent. I think the African Backbeats CD was in there and it would be interesting to see what people make of that basketcase of beats.

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