Earworms December 8 2014

More weird and wonderfulness for you this week, and sincere apologies to Albahooky, because I’ve sat on one of his contributions for a month without realising. Ooops. Anyway, do enjoy and please keep the contributions coming to earworm@tincanland.com – contributions for Christmas worms also welcome.

John Murry – I Need You – tincanman: He’s been to the dark side of life and San Francisco and come back, literally. With grungy guitar help from buddy Chuck Prophet, this is Butterfield psych/punk/blues. Shoulda gone farther, but one makes do.

Tim Rogers – The Paragon Café – Deanofromoz: My Uncle recently passed away, quite unexpectedly. We weren’t particularly close, but it got me thinking about this song. The song has no parallels to my Uncle or me, but it does tell the story of a funeral, and I think it sums it up so very well – the reminiscing of funny stories, people dressing up nicely for the funeral, but people breaking down like dominoes when one person can’t keep the stiff upper lip any longer. I wasn’t playing RR when the topic of funerals was covered, but this would have been a nomination from me for sure. Tim Rogers is the energetic lead singer of Aussie rock band You Am I. When he went for a solo career he went for a more stripped back acoustic type sound. I do realise his voice won’t be for everyone (and sadly, alcohol and possibly more probably haven’t helped it over time) but I still think the lyrics in this one are magnificent and hopefully anyone that has had to travel a great distance for a funeral, or even just attended a funeral can relate in some fashion.

Tindersticks – A Night In – Bethnoir: Sometimes I forget why I first liked the Tindersticks, but this came up on the iPod and reminded me.

John Cale – Paris 1919 – goneforeign: from 1973, a great album: If you don’t know it you should check it out on Spotty.

George Ezra – Budapest – AliM: This 2014 single reached number three on the UK Singles Chart and was also a major hit in Austria and New Zealand, topping the charts in both countries, while additionally reaching the top ten in multiple other countries, including Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland. So catchy.

Shuya Okino – Still in Love – albahooky: Haven’t been feeding the box for a while, so here’s a cover of a Rose Royce tune that has been re-played by a live soul/funk combo all hailing from Japan. And the result is a stomper with big vocals with more than a nod to Ms. Khan.

14 thoughts on “Earworms December 8 2014

  1. HI All

    I have actually had a chance to listen to all the tracks this week and some time to post this week:

    John Murry – I didn’t really like this one at all, sorry.

    Tim Rogers – can’t really add to what I wrote above. Really lovely song.

    Tindersticks – thank you for posting this. I used to listen to a podcast where one of the presenters was a big Tindersticks fan, but I had never heard any of their stuff. I liked it, but have only given it one listen, and it really sounds like a grower.

    John Cale – now this track I know, and I have the album in my collection. This is my favourite track off that album, great stuff.

    George Ezra – Ali is right, this has been a hit in Australia, and I knew the song without realising that I knew it, if that makes sense. It is catchy, and it’s a great track.

    Shuya Okino – really enjoyed this one too, very catchy.

    Overall a good selection of worms this week, thanks all.

    • No, I haven’t, but Budapest did seem to fit in, somehow! It’s really stuck in my head, I even woke up in the night with the song going around my brain and then couldn’t get back to sleep!

      The John Cale song reminds me very much of Pete Atkin in style.

  2. Irrelevant thought … you could put these titles together … “(I’m) still in love (since) Paris 1919, I need you (for) a night in the Paragon Cafe (in) Budapest”

  3. I like cymbals in the first one, some admirably noisy drumming.
    Sorry for your loss deanofromoz, I lost my grandmother recently, was so busy at the wake I didn’t have time to fall down like a domino, but Christmas is going to be a little muted this year. It’s a heartfelt song, seems honest, his voice sounds good to me, thanks for sharing it.

    I wouldn’t say this is the best Tindersticks song to introduce the band, but it gives an idea of the way they build up the sound and the gravelly tones of Stuart Staples. I resisted them at first because I found the strings on Tiny Tears too syrupy, but our love affair was inevitable and will last forever. Does anyone else here still sometimes try to convert others to their favourite band? I was once very evangelical about Nick Cave, but that’s preaching to the converted these days.

    I know the John Cale one already, good to reminded of it though 🙂

    Ali, I knew this without knowing it too, how strange. I conclude that he sounds better when I can’t see him as I’d taken against him based on visual evidence, I won’t be rushing out to buy it, but it’s okay. Having to listen to the radio at work is affecting me in ways I didn’t even realise.

    Shuya Okino is new to me, he looks very cool and it’s certainly lively, but the female vocal doesn’t speak to me, I do feel warmer having listened to the track, thanks.

    • Thanks for your well wishes Bethnoir. And yes, I do sometimes feel like I want to covert people to favourite artists. But in a way, I guess that is the whole point of earworms isn’t it, to expose us all to music that is not currently in our collection. So tell me, if that wasn’t the best Tindersticks introduction, what should be?

      • Well now, deanofromoz, if you like a soulful sound (and this as as soulful as I get, not really my genre), their album “Simple Pleasures” is a warm and lovely thing, for a more desperate and dissolute feel, tracks like “Marbles”, “Travelling Light”, “Another Night In” and “(Tonight) Are Your Trying To Fall In Love Again”, but I’m sure others would suggest different ones. Hope you enjoy, but I won’t be offended if they’re not for you 🙂

    • I don’t really care what he looks like, I listen to a lot of pop (due to YoungMunday) and I think my tolerance level is pretty high

  4. An interesting , if varied selection this week.

    I knew the John Cale, but I haven’t heard the 1919 album in at least 20 years. Nice to listen to something from it again, after such a long time.

    My favourite was the John Murry track, very nice indeed, I think, and the Shuya Okino was pretty decent too.

    The Tim Rogers was a nice heartfelt song and Tindersticks was OK, but not really my sort of thing.

    Sadly, I cannot abide George Ezra’s voice, it really doesn’t work for me. He always sounds like he’s trying to sing in a tone that his voice cannot actually reach properly. Also, like Beth, I took against him the moment I saw him.

  5. John Murry – I’m with Dean on this one. It had its moments but not really for me I’m afraid.

    Tim Rogers – Nice bit of storytelling in song. Sounds authentic. Good one.

    Tindersticks –This band are really just a name to me. I know they get nominated quite a lot over on R/R but for some reason none of the songs has stuck in my mind. Liked this well enough but I don’t think I’m converted to the extent of wanting to buy an album (archaic turn of phrase that, these days, I suppose).

    John Cale – Haven’t heard this – or any of the album it’s from – for years. Not since I borrowed a vinyl copy from Morden library in the late seventies in fact. Great stuff. Love it.

    George Ezra – I have no idea what he looks like and I’m beginning to feel like I shouldn’t find out! I do like the song and his voice though. Sounds half-familiar. Oh and I checked IPlayer and it was one of the answers on this week’s Pointless Celebs. Scored 1 point for Jenny Colgan. What are the chances, eh?

    Shuya Okino – Japanese funk. Yes indeed, I like it.

  6. A thoroughly enjoyable selection this week.

    My stand out track was John Murray, I really liked that guitar 🙂

    Enjoyed the story-telling of Tim Rogers and “heard” elements of Frank Turner in the song. Sorry to hear about your uncle deanofromoz.

    Tindersticks, Cale and Ezra were all fine in their own way.

    To my surprise I really liked Shuya Okino, not my normal thing but could really hear the Rose Royce undertones in that one.

    Thanks everyone, especially Ali and my New Years resolution will be to put some of my favourite tunes forward.

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