Spill Awards 2014: Reminder

Sorry for crashing in again, but the original post about nominations for this year’s Spill Awards was buried fairly quickly by a series of posts including DsD’s birthday, so just wanted to remind you to send me your nominations (abahachi(at)hotmail.co.uk) by the end of Sunday. Full details in the previous post, but is it worth stressing again that you can nominate more than one thing under each category – and indeed that this is a really good thing to do, as if twenty people each nominate just one album and – as usually happens – they’re all different, it’s more or less impossible to put together a decent shortlist. If you’re one of the people who’s sent me just one album of the year, feel free to send follow-up emails…

10 thoughts on “Spill Awards 2014: Reminder

  1. in the tV shows i forgot to mention two Toby Young things .. his Neil Baldwin Stoke City one called … ??? and the Detectorists with the other bloke

      • Yes, Marvellous was rather, er….marvellous. For someone so identifiable by his lack of height, Toby Jones (not Young) seems able to play a vast range of parts convincingly, from Truman Capote, thru Hitchcock, to Neil Baldwin, to almost anyone.

      • hi Amy
        and i think i get a brownie point for at least getting Toby right – hopeless with names – i often arrive on a Monday and look at people I’ve worked with for several years, including the previous Friday – and have to check the phone list to remind myself what to call them

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