Earworms 15 December 2014

Heaven forbid that Earworms should ever have a theme, but if it did,  this week it would probably be “misspent youth”. I’m sure I had one, once. Anyway, onwards – wrap yer ear’oles round this little lot. And if you can spare a minute from the Christmas rush, please send more worms to earworm@tincanland.com (Christmas worms welcome, by 21 December, please).

Ian Matthews – Road to Ronderlin – goneforeign: This is a genuine earworm, I can’t get it out of my head, actually it’s been there for years, it just pops up every now again. It’s from an album by Matthews Southern Comfort – ‘Later that same year’ from 1970. The singer is Ian Matthews, originally with Fairport Convention. It’s a great album, well worth a search.

Twin Atlantic – Yes I Was Drunk – AliM: Twin Atlantic hail from Glasgow; the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist is called Sam McTrusty. How could you fail to like someone with a name like that? I’ve been bopping around the house to this recently.

Otis Redding – Hard to Handle – AliM: I’ve liked this song for years but only recently discovered that it is sung by Otis Redding. Why didn’t I know that?

Otis Gibbs – With A Gun in My Hand – tincanman: A metaphor about growing up. Twangy but stick with it ’cause we all end up with private thoughts and a gun in our hand.

Plan B – Traded In My Cigarettes – Deanofromoz: Plan B is a UK rap artist – not normally my thing, but on his concept album, The Defamation of Strickland Banks, he blends rap with soul music to tell the story of a singer who is imprisoned for rape. It’s an interesting album, one I have surprisingly grown to really love. The album probably has more soul than rap, and Plan B’s voice is quite lovely – with almost a Smokey Robinson quality to it. I know some will say that if they want to hear Smokey they will listen to a Smokey record, but nevertheless I quite enjoy it. To pick up the story of this track, Strickland Banks finds himself in jail and feels insecure and unsafe, so he trades cigarettes to obtain a weapon.

Blume – Western Rust (Interface Remix) – Bethnoir: I’ve found a few industrial samplers lately and this was on one of them. They’re Italian, but don’t sound it. I do enjoy the way the music from all over the place is accessible and the cross pollination that allows it to flourish.

22 thoughts on “Earworms 15 December 2014

  1. Rather a nice set of ‘worms overall. Nothing jumped out from the ones I didn’t know already but they were all enjoyable and of the two I did know, the Ian Matthews track is lovely and Otis is a genuine classic.

  2. Enjoyed the Otis Gibbs (that song not amongst the tunes of his I know), and Twin Atlantic, who are completely new to me. The Otis Redding is a classic. Ian Matthews kinda washed over me, which is a deliberately ambivalent statement. The one-man, dissociative-personality, aural enigma that is occasionally known as Ben Drew continues to rattle my cage. Every interview I hear/read contains at least one red rag to my bull, but I can’t resist being impressed at his multi-faceted musical talent. And Blume, whilst definitely not my ‘thang’, have had as many plays this morning as the other tunes, because I’m bloody POSITIVE I’ve heard singer Enrico Filisetti (I looked it up) before. Don’t suppose anyone can tell me where?

      • No, I thought about Dave Gahan but that’s too obvious, and not quite right. Try PD’s vocals on any Adfinem song you’ve previously picked up from me. But even then, I’m not quite convinced. Still thinking about it …

        Thanks anyway.

    • “…rocking bundle of joy. Play it loud!”

      I would say exactly the same about this: the first version I actually owned in my music collection

    • But I have listened to all of them (as I do every week):
      Ian Matthews is nice enough but a tad anaemic.
      Twin Atlantic does Braveheart-rock very effectively.
      As with so much Motown, it’s quite amazing how much got packed into 2-and-a-half minutes.
      I like the music of the Otis Gibbs’ track a lot. Would have preferred the yearning dial on his voice turned down a little.
      Plan B is, as DsD says, annoyingly talented (even his movie was well-received). On its own merits, this track is good but not as good as the songs that inspire it.
      Despite the drum machine, the synths and the drippy, half-swallowed, eighties vocal, I also found Blume exceedingly tolerable…..

    • First version I ever heard was by SNAFU. They were playing at an indoor all day event called “The Great British Music Festival”. Others on the bill were Procol Harum and Jack The Lad. Headliners were Barclay James Harvest. This has nothing to do with Earworms, I just wanted to tell you about it.

    • I just stupidly “liked” my own post and got an email from WordPress saying “You’re so vain”!! Don’t know how to undo it so I’ll go and lie down instead.

  3. Otis was favourite this week for me. Classic as everyone says. Surprised at how much I enjoyed Plan B although, yes, I would prefer a real Smokey tune. Really enjoyed that Blume track too.

    Ian Matthews very soothing, other two, ok but not my flagon of mead.

  4. Hi

    Just got around to listening to these now. Was glued to the TV Monday night worried about the siege – had no personal connection to it, I am not even from or living in Sydney, but was compelled. And then my wife has been unwell, so have been looking after our boys.

    Blume – not really my thing, sorry
    Matthews – similar views to DsD, it kind of washed over me.
    Gibbs – I thought was Ok, but didn’t really stand out, although I suspect that repeat listens would bring rewards, as I probably didn’t concentrate on the lyrics enough.
    Redding – as others have said is a classic.
    Plan B – obviously I really enjoyed.
    Twin Atlantic – really enjoyed that too.

  5. A great set this week! I first heard the Road to Ronderlin covered by Vetier and immediately loved it. They did a whole album of covers and it introduced me to songs I’d never come into contact with otherwise, so I’m afraid I prefer the one I heard first, but it is a lovely song.

    Twin Atlantic is cheery and comforting somehow, I like the lead singer’s accent, Scottish accents go well with rock don’t they? The first version I heard of Hard to Handle was the Black Crowes too, so I prefer that, but hats off to Otis for bringing it in to the world.

    Hadn’t heard Otis Gibbs before, like his voice but not the arrangement. Plan B not really my thing, but I can see merit in it.

    Glad Blume were enjoyed by Severin and tolerated by Chris, I know it’s an old sound, but I like it 🙂

  6. The two Otis’ were excellent: one a classic the other, well I just love Mr. Gibbs’ voice.

    Ian Matthews was a little insipid for me and Blume too eighties; not in a bad way, just ‘electro-synth pop not really my thing.

    Twin Atlantic was fabulous, a new to me band and one I’ll explore further. As mentioned there is something about the Scottish lilt and rock songs that go well together e.g. Frabbit, Twilight Sad and Biffy.

    The real surprise that knocked me for six was Plan B; I had every intention of hating this but thought it was brilliant; very reminiscent of Smokey.

    All in all a very good selection; thanks everyone for the tunes and as always to Ali for curating them.

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