Blimpy’s Best LPs of 2014 go up to 11 – Part one

LP tree
End of year lists for a music geek like me are the equivalent of the “hurts in good way” duality of S&M, right ‘Spillers? Right? No, come back! Um…anyway my list goes up to 11, mainly because of the first choice.

11. “Everything Will Be Alright In The End”Weezer

My secret weapons at “work” over the last year or so have been coffee and perky helpings of Weezer’s dumbest big rockest tunes, and their latest album was a return to form with some ridiculously huge unapologetic bangers on it  and a three part rock ‘suite” to finish the LP.

10. “Burn Your FIre For No Witness”Angel Olsen

Angel turned out a record that stylistically was all over the place but held together by a distinct voice.

9. “God’s Dream”Ringo Deathstarr

This was an EP really, unless you count the extra tracks that Japan got, but acted as a good signpost towards the LP I hope they make next of big-thinking-stadium-shoegaze-1992-pumpkins-rock. The dude from Swervedriver popped up, and a non-classic Pumpkin too.

8. “From Scotland With Love”King Creosote

Specially written to soundtrack a lovely film made from archive footage of Scotland, this was prime Kenny through & through.

18 thoughts on “Blimpy’s Best LPs of 2014 go up to 11 – Part one

  1. I’m not convinced I actually listened to eleven new albums this year!

    I like that Ringo Deathstarr though. Might have to find a stream of the Weezer too, as Blimpy’s description is, of course, right up my alley.

    • The good thing about end of year top tens is that the last few years I only seem to really, REALLY like one new album per month, which helps with the top ten (11) – it’s the placings that are torment.

      The Weezer record is on Spotify & I will make public my Spotify playlist at the end of the countdown. Interestingly the Weezer record is the only one in my 11 that I don’t own a physical copy of (all vinyl bar two CDs) but I pay my Spotify sub. The march of tech eh?

      • The full Weezer album is also on youtube. When i have time in a week or 2 i’m going to look for that Ringo Deathstar album too, if it’s all as good as that single track.

  2. Great stuff, I love a good tradition – Ringo D was cool!

    Due to financial constraints (which will hopefully be ending fairly soon!) I’ve only bought 2 or 3 records this year, but I have listened to quite a lot on the internet. Should be able to rustle up a Top 5 – it is tradition, innit.

  3. Ringo Deathstarr made me feel oddly nostalgic for my university days, like it though. I don’t seem to have bought many whole albums this year either 😦 There have been eps and things though, I really have run out of space for CDs, books and all the things I like owning. Enjoying your list though, Spotify is a great thing.

    • Could a ‘one-in-one-out’ policy be adopted? Spotify is super, although Taylor Swift is now missing from my Pop’s Pops playlist 😦

  4. Loved Ringo Deathstarr – I think you and I shared a musical awakening: however much our tastes may have developed and expanded over the years, nothing ever sounds quite so exciting as indie circa 1992.

    I liked the first Angel Olsen and love her voice – only listened to this one once on Spotify, and it didn’t immediately grab me, but must go back to it.

    I am quite angry that I can’t watch the whole of From Scotland With Love on my laptop for free RIGHT NOW.

    Weezer I only know for “Buddy Holly” and the one that isn’t “Where’s Me Jumper?”. Give us a song to listen to please.

    • I like Weezer a lot, but i have a soft spor for snotnosed loser rock. So i love stuff like Hash Pipe, The Sweater Song, Pink Triangle, and Beverly Hills. This one might be more up your alley.

  5. The older I get the more I seem to get hung up in the early 90s, as that’s when I stopped listening to pop music – the first tape I had of non-mainstream music had Ride, Chapterhouse, Sonic Youth, Manics etc on it.

    I found Weezer a bit cheeseball at the time of their first album (Happy Days = not cool) but now I like to do air guitar and drums to this (heck it even mentions “rockin out like it’s 94” in the lyrics!):

    • I like the metal riff in Cloepatra. I wish they scrapped the rest of the song and ran with the metal. I like Go Away – snotty girl group pop.

  6. Listening to the Weezer LP on YT – it keeps going all The Darkness, doesn’t it? I’m half expecting the next song to be Christmas Time: Don’t Let The Bells End!

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