Blimpy’s Best LPs of 2014 go up to 11 – Part two


Mewsli finds it hard to choose too. Here’s the next three best LPs of 2014.

7. “Ganglion Reef”Wand

I like my 60s inflected psychedelic pop music COVERED IN RIFFS AND NOISE AND MENTALISM. Thanks Wand!

8. “Sun Structures / Sun Restructured”Temples

I like my 60s inflected psychedelic pop music incredibly authentic sounding. Thanks Temples!

This record was so 60s beat pastiche that I initially dismissed it but I’m very glad I went back to it as it’s chock full of fab songs. The remix album that is now bundled with it is the whole record taken apart by acid drenched wizards (actual wizards! Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve to be precise) in a fevered high and put back together all wonky and could well be better than the original. Excellent value for money for sure.

6. “Days Of Abandon”The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

The growing Pains continue. The first LP noise-twee made way for LP2’s angry teen stompbox (my fave LP of 2011) and now their third sees them getting Jen from Fear Of Men to sing half the songs in a polished 80s Smithsian fashion. Jangle and sparkle and huge pop songs – not indie pop – just POP. Fit to burst exuberance and sky grazing ballads.

16 thoughts on “Blimpy’s Best LPs of 2014 go up to 11 – Part two

  1. ahh…lost a comment.

    Just saying how much I enjoyed the Temples (despite my best intentions) and how really eally Smithsy the Pains….track was – great stuff all round.

    Roll on Top 5!

  2. Wand was fantastic! There’s the axework i’ve been missing this year.

    I just couldn’t get into Temples this year though. Despite my best intentions, it still gets a meh from me.

    You’ve posted Pains before and i loved it, and this is great pop too. I get the Smiths, but i got a flash of General Public Tenderness joy from that one too.

    Wand is on my list to check out big time though.

  3. Three lovely tracks there. The Temples one was my favourite. If the remix album comes in a package with the original, I may have to spend some cash.

    • They are and what’s really cute is that the song “Kelly” above was written after a fan called Kelly wrote to The Pains moaning that no-one in the history of rock had ever written a decent song with her name in. How’s that for service?! I look forward to the track on their next album “Blimpy McFlah You Know You Are” ***gets stationery out***

  4. Another triple thumbs-up from me too, Blimpy. That TPOBPAT is massively Smithsian, isn’t it? As if they’d recorded This Charming Man with Harriet Wheeler as a follow-up to Hand In Glove with Sandie Shaw. Fair brightened up my day, they have!

  5. I’m enjoying this top 10 much more than the Guardian’s.

    Wand gets a huge thumbs up.

    Temples were entirely new to me. This one was mind-blowing. I’ve been listening to a few more on YouTube, and I definitely prefer the remixes. I think I probably would have dismissed them as too pastiche as well if I hadn’t been paying attention. I may have to buy this too.

    I’ve just realised I have a Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve remix of “Roscoe” by Midlake:

    I agree with everything everyone else said about the Pains…. It also sounds like my favourite sort of Swedish pop. Not sure why I don’t own this record.

    • Glad you’re liking it Barbryn!

      Yeah, I think it’ll be the remix album that I’ll end up listening to more. Thanks for the link. BTWS is Erol Alkan and Richard Norris, by the way, if anyone was wondrin’.

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