Blimpy’s Best LPs of 2014 go up to 11 – Part three


4. “United Ghosts”United Ghosts 

Poppy hooky shoegaze with dual male/female vocals. There needs to be some sort of internet widget where this stuff gets posted straight to my door without me even hearing it first.

joint 3rd. “New Gods”Withered Hand

Dan’s long awaited follow up to Good News (his first record which was my favourite of 2009) was a worryingly together effort with a backing cast of Scots indie royalty behind him (King Creosote, Eugene Kelly, Frightened Rabbit to mention a few). The old bumbling charm has diminished a bit, the songs are bigger and looking out rather than in. I think the album just lacked a “No Cigarettes” or “Love In The Time Of Ecstasy” and time had increased my expectations to silly levels. It’s a great record, don’t get me wrong.

joint 3rd. “St Vincent”St Vincent

I like my pop music like I like my coffee: bonkers & unpredictable, taut & skewed, arty & twisted (never ask me to make coffee). It’s Madonna brought up on Talking Heads rather than disco. An incredible record from an incredible talent, and had I picked it up earlier in the year it may well have been higher up the list.

16 thoughts on “Blimpy’s Best LPs of 2014 go up to 11 – Part three

  1. Not started listening to any of these yet Blimpy, but great as always to have your recommendations. I like the sound of your coffee. I also came late to St Vincent, but can’t get enough of it at the moment.

    I’ve been completely out of touch this year, but one thing I did pick up on recently is “Sea When Absent” by A Sunny Day In Glasgow. I hope this was posted straight to your door?

    • They’re on my radar – I think I will have to go and have another listen (once I’ve played the St Vincent record one more time…)

    • Sea When Absent is my maybe fave CD of the year (depends on my mood). Lush meets the Pale Saints (as SaneShane said). They’ve got their own big beat pop thing going on though.

      Wierd year! I thought I had listened to lots of new stuff only to find it’s older, while some of the stuff released this year had me thinking that it was released years ago. And so much went past me this year, including most of Blimpy’s Best, though I do recall that he posted a few of these bands earlier in the year and that I liked them then and know that I will like them now.

  2. I’m enjoying the write ups Blimpy.

    and finding it fun – because you can really feel your personality in the choice – (the Madonna reference in your Facebook response to my tongue in cheek comment about St V was great) .. the Withered Hand is such a difficult one – I try not to put things down too much, there’s no need in this day and age, so much choice you just move on and leave it be… I still feel guilty about crucifying Ariel Pink – justified; but the guilt stays.

    But , BUT BUT when someone you adore lets you down – and it’s only letting me down – he doesn’t know that I’m not interested in California, or the fact that Black Tamborine is nearly a tune on the soundtrack to Grease (without quite reaching the camp perfectness of what that could be) …. Heart Heart on this album is the ideal (to me) of his passion, where words and random tune NEEDS to fill the space in a room, the enthusiasm and then the need to take a breath, whilst falling over the words he NEEDS to say, tumble out – but I had that already on a 10″ – and the rest doesn’t ever jump out. King of Hollywood (Garage Version) on the second hangover lounge picture disc does more than the album version too… I’m sure the cleanliness works better for most – but I miss the imperfection.
    It made me sad, the lack of interest I found in this – and I now feel REALLY bad for typing this.

    • I know!! I felt bad with my write up! And it’s number three! I have the Hangover Lounge record too. I’m hoping (as with a lot of my favourite bands) that Dan will “do” a “grunge” album next. I did tell him this once, and i think he seriously considered it. For ten seconds.

    • Funny that! When I listened to the copy you sent me, I thought:

      “It’s like a finely honed third or fourth album or an album after an artist has had an inspired lower-fi era. It’s the one that you don’t fall in love with until ten years later when you can be more objective; when your expectations are long gone. It has production that makes an artist sound too similar to others because it evens out the shadows where some of the personality lies. You miss that little grit, despite the quality of the songs. It’s a CD where friends say, “That’s a nice tune” and sing along rather than exclaim “Why the fuck did he have to destroy the song by doing that / leaving that in?”

      Anyway, Between True Love and Ruin is one of the songs of the year. The album is a perfect fit in that great line of Scottish singer.songwriters that goes back to, at least, Stealers Wheel and . . . tries to think of a song . . . ‘Star’. Love that song (we had a Stealers Wheel cassette in the house when I was young).

      Me? I’m waiting for real snow.

  3. United Ghosts were new to me, and tick a lot of the right boxes.

    I haven’t listened to the new Withered Hand one either. I don’t have as much invested in him as you and Shane, but I think I can share something of the disappointment. I remember when you first posted “Hard-On” and being hooked from the first note. This one passed me by a bit, but I’ll give it a listen.

    And as mentioned, I’ve become a total St Vincent convert over the last week.

    Looking forward to the next post.

  4. I am so out of touch these days I hadn’t heard a note by St Vincent until the Graun made this their album of the year. Think I’m going to like listening to more.
    The coffee reference reminded me of an Eddie Izzard monologue: “I like my coffee the way I like my women. In a plastic cup”.

  5. Great stuff Blimpster. Not sure about St Vincent – I think I need to be in the right mood for something this hip. Enjoyed United Ghosts though – and a new one to me.

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