Blimpy’s Best LPs of 2014 go up to 11 – Part four


New household member and French princess Seraphine says she only listens to old school jungle and sometime glitch-step. I don’t quite believe her silky continental sophistications as I’ve seen her secret stash of Serge Gainsbourg, rare groove and booty bass LPs.

2. “Annabel Dream Reader”The Wytches

I’m a 90s kid through and through. Cut me and I bleed jangly indie, shoegaze and pre-major-label grunge (when it was called alt. rock). I’m pop but Sub Pop. I’m sub Sub pop Pop. Pop.

Some folk might think that the terms wretched, noisy & abrasive are negative words to describe music with. I think things went bad when the only audible influence bands took from Nirvana ended up being Nickleback, Puddle Of Mudd, Creed, et al. There are so many bands influenced by Kurt, Thurston, J Mascis whose music sounds nothing like them,  but it was Bleach or Nevermind that made them pick up a guitar.

Rarely a band dares to occupy a space made sacred by Saint Cobain over twenty years ago. Rarer still is a band with the ideas or the chops or the tunes to pull off anything worthwhile.

Filtered through a sixties freakbeat awareness, pre-nevermind rhythm section and a throat shredding south coast accent, The Wytches scream their fucking heads off in memorable pop tunes as distortion reigns supreme. From the fuzz comes transcendence. Touch me; I’m quick.

1. “Soft Friday”Coves

Noise ridden wall of sound pop melodies fuzzy skygaze shoegaze hazy days; the (beautifully sub-40 minutes 10 tracker) Coves record has myriad sparkling & eclectic psyche pop delights that I haven’t stopped listening to since April. 

I just love it so much.

21 thoughts on “Blimpy’s Best LPs of 2014 go up to 11 – Part four

  1. Both are just great. Loved Wytches especially. Thanks for the list, there are some real psych jewels that i never came across this year. (I still haven’t gotten to last night’s yet – i do know for sure that St. Vincent gives me hives though.)

    Your pets are obliging little buggers, aren’t they? Are you sure your cats are cats? Seraphine is beautiful.

    • Seraphine’s opinion of herself will be even higher if she reads these comments. Mewsli , our other cat, just stares at her, sometimes, stunned by her natural beauty. They’re all rescue animals, which goes to show that the best things in life can be free.

  2. Good shout on The Wytches – love it!

    Don’t know Coves, will have a proper listen later when I’m not supposed to be working…

    A mighty fine fuzzy psychedelic 11 Blimpy!

  3. Ah, much more to my liking than part 3. I’ve listened to a few Wytches songs and they are really good and Coves are great. There is always space in the world for woozy psychedelia with a 60s girl band vocal.


  4. Cheers Blimpy – great top eleven, or was it twelve in the end?? Love The Wytches. Hadn’t heard Coves before so thanks for that!

  5. Finally got round to listening to these. Not sold on Wytches – I too bleed jangly indie and shoegaze, but never got much beyond a couple of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins records. But Coves were almost as lovely as your cat.

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      • I went back to your previous Coves post, and wanted to echo Clifford Car Alarms’ fine sentiments.

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      • Very easy, takes a couple of minutes on, I assume you already have an account, so you just go there and create a blog, and then you have one. All you need to do then is pick a free theme so it looks nice and then bob’s yer uncle.

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