Panthersan’s Best Albums of 2014 – Number 5

Ommadon – V


Panthercub’s current favourite bedtime book is the perennial classic “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt”. His favourite line, which he never fails to pre-empt with gurgling glee is when they come across the “… thick, oozy mud”. He doesn’t really understand it, but when he says it, it always reminds me of Ommadon. This album from the Scottish sludge droners (featuring the brother of a bloke I work with, which is how I found out about them) is the aural equivalent of thick, thick oozy mud. Two crushing 40-minute slabs of the heaviest, sludgiest, darkest metal around. Ommadon – you can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, oh no – you’ve got to go through it!

Available as a pay what you want HERE.

11 thoughts on “Panthersan’s Best Albums of 2014 – Number 5

  1. This is seriously what you’re thinking of when reading the playful loveliness of “…Bear Hunt”? You are a strange little man… And no, you can’t make me go through it!

    • I agree with satan ^ as someone who started today playing the Bear hunt board game and then had to go on a ‘real’ bear ‘hunt’ for the best part of the rest of the day (with my 4 y.o) – I’m not being drawn into Scottish sludge droners on these false pretences.. heehee, you are unique Panthersan.

  2. Ooh, sludgefeast, pass me the spoon.

    Miniest Mcflah (4 also) often uses bears as an excuse when he can’t be bothered to go to the next room and fetch/do whatever he’s been asked to.

    My god, those drums are the biggest tease I’ve ever heard.

  3. Panth. I have never heard of this Bear Hunt thing. But i did get through about 15 minutes of this. I could have got through it all if i wanted to i suppose, but i’m also guessing that there wasn’t a payoff to be had for my trouble, and that i wasn’t going to be purified either, like i am after a steel wool blast of Anaal Nathrakh.

    I’m sure there’s a zen to making it all the way through the sludge though.

  4. Oh come on people, it’s the perfect soundtrack to any soothing bedtime story for the little cherubs!

    I do understand the impulse to run back through the mud and under dive under the covers though…..but I think Amy hit it on the head, there is a some kind of cathartic attainment from making it through the ooze.

    • Well, i’m figuring that the zen of it is to not expect any payoff, not even of a self-pat on the back sort for getting through it. But the zen of it must be in being in the moment with the sludge, through all 40 odd minutes of it.

      I’ll grant you that attempting that when i first came in the door from work probably wasn’t an ideal time to seek enlightenment.

    • Aw now setting it up to play on a loop was a bit devilish, Panth! Because with its fade-in and very long fade-out, it’s actually difficult to tell where either end is.

      No, Amy, there is no payoff. It doesn’t change. And because it doesn’t, I have to say that, although it’s very enjoyable sludge, it is in fact just dinner party background muzak, when the dining table is chez Beelzebub.

      Love the Bear Hunt comparison though!

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