Spill Awards 2014: The Voting Begins

Welcome to the next stage of the 2014 Spill Awards: the voting. Nominations have been collected and scrutinised, and pretty well anything that more than one person put forward – we really are a remarkably eclectic lot – has been added to the shortlists for the different categories. You have three votes for the Album of the Year, and one vote for everything else. I’m doing this in a mad scramble, and won’t have a chance to publicise it properly, so apologies in advance… Voting continues until some time around the New Year; Awards ceremony to follow whenever I get my act together in January – I will announce the date in advance, promise.

20 thoughts on “Spill Awards 2014: The Voting Begins

  1. Try to take it easy, Prof, I think there are several of us feeling the strain this year-end.

    Thanks for doing this again. I’ve cast some votes already, but there are others’ nominations in a couple of categories that are making me think twice about auto-voting for my own nominations.

    Goddamn, I love you lot!!!

  2. This is of course brilliant – but so hard to choose between all the right wing unhumans listed for villain of the year.

    Cheers Prof!

    • * waves back *

      Nah, we didn’t lose it there, or even the week before vs. Chelsea. We lost it at home to Saints or away at Hull; both pathetic performances. At home to Chelsea, we were outthought by the master, and at your place, it backfired [admittedly spectacularly] after we mistakenly went chasing after the pipedream of wiping out a nine-goal deficit to City. But for most of those two games, we played pretty well.

      • I think you played better than us for 81 minutes, but that batshit-crazy 9-minute spell in which we came back from 0-3 down to 3-3 will live in the memory for a long time. And Suarez’s tears of course!

  3. did my bit, spoilt paper, ‘ere am I thick as I didn’t know five of of six heroes. still think Kate Bush playing live was an event .. but when is the DVD due out .. there’s going to be a gap at the bottom of the tree

  4. The Tories, aka David Cameron and his Merry Band of Posh Wankers DOES include; The Better Together Campaign, The Whole Coalition Shower, Nigel Farage and George Osborne (and basically Labour have been Tories since Blair too), so it includes them and … oh when i start thinking about it my brain wants to implode – so that whole poll is a bit of a Vladimir Putin or this countries tossers… ‘Villains’ doesn’t quite cut it.

    but saying that – good work Prof.

    • If I detect a note of despair, then I share it. But then, I am glasshalfempty! But that doesn’t stop me fantasising about Labour winning next May, then tearing off the cloak to reveal SuperRed (just as the opposite happened with Cameron last time, the lying slime bag – remember ‘the greenest government ever’, ‘we are all in this together’, ‘no top down reorganisations of the NHS’, the VAT hike, etc etc etc – only to see him Blue in Tooth and Claw, using the deficit as cover for his neo-liberal fantasy of ‘Honey, I shrunk the State’ – aka stuffing the mouths of the rich and the corporates with our cash). Pass the sick bag, Hilda…

      • Now that would be brilliant:
        Millband: “okay so we scraped in because various voting idiots think UK*P is a good idea – others have just given up and didn’t bother coming out in the rain – what shall we do in the first week”
        “don’t know boss – Blair would have just cashed the cheques by now”
        “okay – let’s:
        Scrap Trident – even the military think it’s a waste of space and money – we’ll give the 3billion saved to the NHS.
        We’ll re-nationalise the railways because the last one in the government hands turned a tidy profit – so the idiot Tories sold it off again – dur!
        We’ll tell EDF they can finance their own bloody Nuclear power stations – if they can afford it – if not then they can fuck right off.
        Every renewable energy site Pickles has stopped we’ll give the go ahead – but only if manufactured in this country (while giving the unemployed apprenticeships in the companies creating the products). That should kill off a few old Tories in the process – saving the tax payer loads in pensions and hospital bills. Cool.
        AND we’ll demand the Royal Mail back at cost price of the shares at the time sold off – because that was theft.
        What shall we do in week two”
        “oh – let put Farage, Cameron and the bosses of every fracking company in the centre circle of Wembley and let some Romanians/ women/ working class/ homeless/ anyone with a grudge loose on them – at £50 a ticket the deficit will be sorted by the end of the month”

  5. How did I forget to nominate Sepp Blatter in the Villain category? Have even I become so inured to the loathsome shitbag crook that whatever he does now just passes me by unchallenged? The ultimate poster boy for everything that’s wrong with our society this millennium.

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