43 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2014 – Threes

  1. Gosh a 16 minute tune from magicman and 14 from albahooky, crikey I need to set some time aside to give this lot a good listen too 😱

    • Halfway through myself – ditto, but special donds so far for Vanwolf, Panth (who seems to have done the post-rock vetting for me this year), Shiv, and Beth – all new to me.

      Was also quite taken with Ali’s pick, so i googled him. He’s a Breton, but to these yankee ears, he sounded like a Scot? I’m so confused. But i was once madly in love with an American guy from Brittany, who didn’t sound like a Scot, but Mike Scott’s voice also does something for me, so maybe something got transferred there.

      Speaking of Scots, it seems that unfortunately TY didn’t weigh in this year.

  2. listen again straight away: vanwolf/ Shoegazer/ fuel/ severin/ carolebristol

    knew already: Half Man Half Biscuit/ Cud/ King Creosote/ First Aid Kit

    own already: Snarky Puppy/ Angel Olson

    biggest surprise – I enjoyed FKA Twigs after all the hype – glad I listen anonymously.
    and Carole’s – I thought was Tinariwen when the track started to be confronted by a different style of vocal – had no idea who it was but liked it – as someone bought up in the 80’s whom has cleansed one’s listening palette of all those masterborital*** guitar players: “I NOW FEAL DIRTY’ – thanks for that; ace tune.

    ***this is a word made up for use as art critique – you may by all means guess at its meaning.

    • That Robert Plant was great. I’ve kind of avoided listening to his stuff the past few years because i had a hard time listening to his voice, it seems to have gotten kind of awful. In that one it seems like he’s found a way to work with it now. Big dond.

      Tin’s made me cry. Love his voice too.

  3. My top 3 of the 3s, in no particular order: Pietarin Spektaakkeli (I just spent so long surfing for videos that I forgot all about the veg roasting in the oven – never mind kiddies, a little bit of charred tastes all the sweeter!), the Gloaming and the Both.

    I was not able to listen to much music at all this year and have only ever heard two or three of the tracks on this selection before, so this afternoon’s been a real treat. Thanks everybody (but especially Shoey)!

  4. Unwrapping the gifts in the Festive ‘Spill is one of the highlights of Christmas. Thanks Shoey.

    We have friends staying for the next week, so not sure how much listening time I’m going to have, but they’re still a bit jetlagged at the moment so I sneaked a listen to these. Apart from my own retro offering, the only one I own is First Aid Kit, and the only ones I’d heard before were Angel Olsen and FKA Twigs.

    LOVED Magicman’s epic. I’ve just sneaked a look at the artists, and I’ve heard the name but never heard them – and I’ve never heard jigs and reels played like that.

    Tin’s song was superb. Of the rest, particularly taken on a first listen by picks from GarethI, Shiv and Shoey.

    I don’t think there’s ever been a Festive ‘Spill without a King Creosote track; that’s a good thing. Beth, thanks for another reminder that I ought to be keeping up with Anthony Reynolds.

    Sorry to anyone I haven’t mentioned – I probably liked yours too.

    God bless us all, every one. Merry Christmas.

  5. Managed a listen to these on the commute today – some amazing tracks in there.

    Magic’s epic number was pretty spellbinding, Eagulls was ace, loved the Yann Tiersan (is that not our Aidan?), fell right into Abahachi’s jazz, found myself strangely drawn to the Zac Brown, dug Shit Robot a whole lot and was astounded to see the name Cud come up on my iPod! Have they reformed? Did they ever break up? “I feel wasted like a Lib Dem donation” indeed!

    Not a one I didn’t like!

  6. I listened to these whilst working so wasn’t completely concentrated at all times.

    id heard the angel olson, FAK, FKA Twigs and I think Id heard the Cud track before. it sounded familiar anyway. all good tracks. I don’t normally listen to something so varied tbh. I particularly enjoyed the East india youth (quite a change from Doyle), Both (prob my favourite), the Haley bonar, Yann Tiersen, KC, Sheena and Yusuf Azak tracks. The HMHB was better than I expected – I found the longer tracks quite intriguing esp the Chassol track which is great. thanks!

  7. I usually like the threes best.

    Some songs I don’t connect with, but it doesn’t mean I don’t admire them. The prime example being Darceysdad’s pick. It’s beautiful but I don’t feel like a gutter inside, I can be many things, but a gutter? Nay!

    vanwolf: Just love that pulse beat, thrashing guitars and angry echoing vocals.

    Bishbosh: Girls is such a good song. The first time I heard the lyrics, I laughed out loud. They’re so casually dropped in (as they should be) that you can completely miss what the imagery is all about

    Amylee: I have this album on order and recommended them on RR yesterday. Ace.

    Garethi: Took me about 90 seconds to realise where this was going then I just settled back for the ride. Love the way the song bridges to ever more intense sections with a new sound, change in pitch, rhythm or the lyric.

    Angryirishpunk: I was about to lose concentration when it kicked in, after that I loved it. Love the changes in this one, dynamic!

    Shoegazer: Daughter laid down in front of the laptop and stared at it for a bit while listening to this. I have a photo of that. She’ll be a next-generation post- punkka-shoegeiza. Is it me or are shoegaze-style dynamics everywhere this year?

    Alimunday: Daughter sat up and went away to swing on the stairs. and slide down the bannister. I cupped a closer ear cos this is beautiful to me . . . and snow began to fall.

    Beltwaybandit: Love their harmonies, the horse-riding rhythm and the sweep of the strings.

    Magicman: And the next song shows just how much taking a modern approach and blending different genres as well as modern music’s dynamics to a traditional form of music can create something extraordinary and new in a genre. Magnificent and beautiful.

    A bit about my favourite playful, boogie-woogie romance…
    Him: I’ll take you to love if only you’ll return my emotions.
    Her: Take me to love, I’ll return your tender kisses. .

    Pairubu: Ms Fuelette danced on her chair to this. She likes punky Pairubu songs. This swings in a way that makes me imagine it being used in a Tarantino film.

    Llamalpaca: Quirky, I can imagine this might be how Stump would sound, if they’d ever ‘sold out’.

    Abahachi: Pretty jazz: Love the space that the instruments leave for each other before they entwine.

    Blimpymcflah: Jangly then fuzzy guitars; pacy, skiitish drums; soaring harmonies. I cannot resist. This is prime Miracle Legion US indie aceness from 1986. Love it.

    Saneshane: Telex, innit? Oops, we’re getting shuffley. Now it’s getting New Order and 1980’s squelchy. OooH! Early 1980’s wobbly new wave funk. I’m oscillating wildly, baby. It’s got a touch of Euro disco as imagined by the likes of My Life With Thrill Kill Kult. Let.Me.Take.You.To.Funky.Town.If.You.Think.I’m.Sexy,Gloria.

    Mnemonic: Soul, This is so uplifting!

    Severin: This is hot! Quench that thirst. In a pop moment, I picked this, Future Islands and Charli XCX to send to Shoey. Then I saw the G’s top five songs of the year and changed my mind.

    And at this point the player collapsed for some reason . . . and I now have to concentrate on other stuff but I remember liking Albahooky’s choice a lot when I was cooking and listening yesterday.

    Cheers, one and all.

    • ha ha – the Shit Robot was only bought because of the band name – I thought the processed vocals would annoy me (they usually do) but it actually makes sense in a band called Shit Robot – and it needs time to sink in – the totally funky groove just purely hits my sweet spot – this will NOT happen to 97% of the other people on the ‘spill ! – and as you say SO MANY different ideas inside the one track it’s perfect for a flitting freak of my listening habits.
      3rd most played album of the year on my computer – I wasn’t expecting that.

    • cheers Fuel – hope you’re doing well and have a good holiday. And i hope you’re at least considering a year end update and playlist.

      • Still considering whether to release the playlist of the last 80’s disco i deejayed. I know I said I would, but currently it’s got more redactions than a report into the case for war on Iraq.

  8. Finally got to listen to all the tracks. Great, varied listening as ever. Thanks all. Will get on to the twos and ones eventually but may have a Christmas earworm listen first.

  9. Belated thanks SG & a big YES! for Marcin Wasilewski Trio & Joakim Milder, Brothers & Sisters & Snarky Puppy amongst a top notch set of tunes.

  10. I have just made it to the end of the Threes. Lots to take in there and I think also, lots to like.

    There were a few that I knew but a lot that were completely new to me. I’m not sure that I can pick out any favourites yet, because I need to listen to the Twos and the Ones first, before going back and listening to the whole lot once more, but I think that there are people I might need to investigate further.

  11. Right, back to the threes…

    What a great load of tunes. Particularly enjoying vanwolf’s early Cure/Cardiacs/Killing Joke-esque number (I would’ve been addicted to this at 15 – still loving it now), Amy’s languid tunefulness, Gareth’s one that starts out (a bit) like Marianne Faithfull’s take on The Ballad of Lucy Jordan and then turns into something else entirely, ghe’s grungey Roy Orbison-meets-Shangri-Las everyday melodrama (or something), beth’s piano torch ballad, the driving insistence of Shoey’s shoegazery track, Ali’s cinematic Scots monologue, the First Aid Kit one (one of about three tunes on the list I’d heard before), magic’s folky epic (despite its inordinate length!), the lovely King Creosote (that “and I want better for my boy” line gets me every time), saneshane’s Moroderesque thing, mnemonic’s soulful Dylan cover, the fka twigs (obvs), Albahooky’s raga-like one (LOVE this, again despite inordinate length – although it loses me a bit after the 10-minute mark with the do-si-do section), the Robert Plant (who knew?!), barbryn’s one that sounds like Hi Ho Silver Lining but wittier (Cud still exist? Again, who knew?!)… So that’s basically pretty much everything! In fact, there wasn’t anything I ‘had’ to skip, so apologies for not singling out everyone. Good job, all. And especially Shoey, of course!

  12. Favourites from the Festive Threes:

    Alfiehisself – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Almost Cut My Hair [Live 1974]
    Alimunday – Yann Tiersen – Meteorites
    Nilpferd – Snarky Puppy – What About Me?
    Tincanman – Otis Gibbs – With A Gun In My Hand
    Abahachi – Marcin Wasilewski Trio & Joakim Milder – Sleep Safe And Warm

    Thanks everyone.

  13. I’m glad to remind you about Anthony Reynolds, Barbryn, he’s put a lot of stuff up on bandcamp and there is a reissue of The Jazz Age on the cards sometime in 2015 I think. I loved CaroleBristol’s Robert Plant track, predictably, Llamalpaca’s Yussuf Azak was new to me and fab as was ArteeSane’s White Hinterland. I was amused by Toffee’s Half Man Half Biscuit and enjoyed Cud which Barbryn chose. Thanks all!

  14. Late again. So enrapt I forgot to put chicken in the chicken curry – but lentils are good!! Much to praise, predictably love Amy’s and Leavy’s. I know the David Crosby (Alfiehisself) and Mnemonic’s is a classic. But if I have to choose:
    1) Shiv – Both/Hummingbird
    2) Panthersan – ((Husband Material)) – Start the Family Without Me
    3) Carole – Robert Plant/Up on the Hollow

    Magicman – The Gloaming/Opening Set is brilliant too but narrowly missed out ‘cos the piano just spoils it slightly for me. But still magnificent.

  15. So pleased people enjoyed Cud – I was equally flabbergasted to hear a new song by them (on Gideon Coe’s show). I think they did split up in the mid-90s, but reformed for an EP and some gigs this year.

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