46 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2014 – Twos

  1. #3s and #2s on the same day!?!?

    How on earth am I supposed to fit in tea, girls’ baths & bed, and sixty-odd tunes before MotD?

    Talk about too much of a good thing …


  2. Works for me! I have a vast 3 week desert of an empty work schedule starting today, and a lotta, lotta photo work trapped in front of the computer to do.

    Thanks Shoey, Happy Holidays.

  3. Yes fine thanks. I am up in Aberdeen in my never ending quest to work my way to the North Pole. Stones noms have been thin on the ground on RR 😦

    • It’s all good, no one was ever going to list them anyway. Stray Cat Blues had a better chance of seeing Christ than getting listed for cats. I had one look at the new format awhile ago and got hives, Fintan said i wasn’t missing anything anyway.

      • Agreed that Peter’s enthusiasm and excellent quality of write-up is fabulous but I cannot seem to access the new format on my I-pad and work’s browser is incompatible with the new format so I’m an ex-RRer now.

  4. Excellent! Double helpings of the Festive Spill, don’t know when I’ll get to listen as working up to Christmas Eve but if they’re dropped that’ll be a great help.

    Many thanks shoey.

  5. Oops, forgot to confirm an update – nevermind.

    Now that “Twos” have escaped, Suggest releasing “Ones” into the wild on Sunday rather than waiting for Christmas Eve. Ok?

  6. so onto number 2’s

    listen again: Beltwaybandit/ Alfiehisself/ Nilpferd/ panthersan/ Llamalpaca

    knew already: Neneh Cherry/ Mogwai/ Katzenjammer/ Timber Timbre

    own already: Hidden Cameras/ Run The Jewels

    biggest surprise – Leaveitallbehind; as someone who has cleansed one’s listening palette of all those guitar players from the 90’s (who wanted to be born in the 60’s) – I found this perfectly enjoyable… and again I was suitably shocked about who it was (when I looked at the artists list).

    thanks all.

  7. Halfway through. Shane’s (oops,Saneshane’s) was groovy. Loving the folkie stuff – DebbyM and especially Mnemonic’s – and the folkie stuff from the Threes too. Because a) that seems to be what I’m in the mood for, and b) I haven’t found much of it on my own this year. Punky’s had some proper rock chordage. Beltway’s was cool. The Mogwai was just lovely. Only ones i knew so far were Beyonce / hubby and RTJ – which i liked (and because Zack), but the synth, subtle as it was, made me break out. Wait, do i actually like a Foo Fighters song?

    • Katzenjammer was really lovely. Delines was wonderful, and Alcest made me smile. Temples – Sand was epic and Shelter was groovy, i might have to seriously reconsider them. Ibibio Sound Machine was nice and funky funky funky.

      Thanks, all, and Shoey!

  8. On first pass, Shoey’s choon did it most for me. But some lovely stuff there – and in the 3s. More to follow when I’ve had another listen or two…

  9. We have a winner! Ibibio Sound Machine will be the first thing I buy after yule, anything that induces involuntary and fluid rump-shaking amongst Finns who normally move more like zombies from The Walking Dead. Thanks, Llamalpaca.

    The second CD I’ll buy belongs to Temples. Thanks to Shiv and Blimpy for that.

    Of the new to me tunes I very much enjoyed Staves as well.Thanks to debbym for that. Reminded me, in vocal style, of a Finnish artist called Yona, who narrowly missed out on being in my three.

    Also really enjoyed Timbre Timbre and their mix of Tindersticks and “Personal Things” era Triffids.

    And er… Lenny Kravitz and Blaume Blaume: if you said they were the lovechild of the Sundays and the Cocteau Twins, I’d believe you.

    • Oh yes, my pal tours with her, I’ve had one listen through the record because of that, and there will be more as it’s that type of record.

  10. Well, I’ve been wrapping presents to the accompaniment of the Twos, and I think that it is a pretty magnificent collection of sounds.

  11. on basis of one listen only (where do people find the time?), things i enjoyed most – jane weaver, james cook, the mogwai was nice (didn’t get it this year), delines, school 94, paws and the kravitz track. the temples tracks were interesting as I’ve known about them without listening. having not checked the track list i wondered at first if it was a kevin parker side project i’d missed (tame impala). i thought both tracks were good – is the rest of the album?

    obviously some tracks are more complex so need further listens and i hope i get the time. to be fair I was working in the earlier section and things may have passed me by!

    i have the new pornos, ty segall and protomartyr tracks and these are all great choices.

    thanks all, this is brill to listen to and Happy Christmas x

  12. Favorite Festive Twos:

    Beltwaybandit – Gallon Drunk – Dust In The Light
    Darceysdad – Foo Fighters – I Am A River
    Albahooky – Otis Brown III & Bilal – The Thought Of You (Pts. 1-3)
    Alimunday – George Ezra – Budapest

  13. Lots to like in the 2s for me, AngryIrishPunk’s Hearts Under Fire, Beltway’s Gallon Drunk, unexpectedly lovely, CaroleBristol’s Opeth, Toffeeboy’s Mogwai, Darcysdad’s Foo Fighters, Shivsidecar’s Temples, Panthersan’s Protomartyr and Van Wolf’s Timber Timbre all appealed, thanks!

  14. Phew. Hard to find any I don’t like. My favourites are:
    Saneshane / Jane Weaver (Argent)
    DebbyM / Staves (The Blood I Bled)
    Mnemonic / Sam Amidon (Blue Mountains)
    Toffeeboy / Mogwai (Heard About You Last Night)
    DsD / Foo Fighters (I am a River)
    Severin / Katzenjammer (Lady Grey)
    Shivsidecar / Temples (Sand Dance)
    Garethi / Nils Frahm (Says)

    Very hard to get it down to three but here goes:
    1) Garethi / Nils Frahm
    2) Shiv / Temples
    3) DsD / Foo Fighters

    Thanks shoey, I’m really enjoying all your efforts!

  15. I think overall I prefer(red) the threes to the twos but still lots to enjoy here. Particularly loved: aba’s Neneh pick, Satan’s righteously rageful rap, the aforementioned could-be-a-Heaven or Las Vegas-outtake from Shoey, DsD’s Foo Fighters (rather to my surprise, as I’ve never ‘got’ them – verse better than chorus though, and it goes on a bit), the Delines tune, Severin’s singalonga-Lady Grey, Barbryn’s aptly titled choice, the funky Llama, the Timber Timbre croon (am I wrong to be reminded of Nixon-era Lambchop?), Amy’s New Pornos wot I already knew… Thanks all!

  16. Knew nothing here apart from Temples (and have only discovered them in the last couple of weeks thanks to Blimpy), although some of the names are familiar. On a first run through I particularly enjoyed The Staves (who I have listened to before – lovely sound), Blaue Blume, Katzenjammer (yay! New album! Just hope they don’t tour until I’m back in Europe), Timber Timbre, New Pornographers and Nils Frahm (which wasn’t what I expected, and was amazing). But my listening got a bit interrupted, so there’s lots I need to hear again.

    I don’t think Sugar Magnolia are widely known outside the North London Country scene. I discovered them via my sister-in-law, who is friends with the singer. I thought this song deserved a wider audience.

  17. I realise I’m coming to this about a week later than many other people – we’ve been internetless the past ten days, aaaargh! – so first off a big THANK YOU for leaving everything boxed and up & running for so long, and second off, the Temples have completely won me over. Also Nils Frahm! This playlist was lovely but reinforces my suspicion that many songs sound better in a ‘Spill playlist than standing alone.

    Happy New Year, everybody, and Happy Birthday Shoey!

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