50 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2014 – Ones

    • Festive Spill will keep you company on your commute, watch MotD

      Good choice for FS 2’s 😀

      This is the best Chrimbo pressie cheers shoey and thanks to arteesane for the pictures.

      Merry Christmas to you all.

  1. numbers 1’s.

    admire on first listen but unlikely to jolly up my Sunday night disco: panthersan

    listen again straight away: bethnoir/ severin/ Pairubu/ Mnemonic/ shoegazer/ Debbym

    knew already: Llamalpaca/ bishbosh/ barbryn/ toffeeboy/ Blimpymcflah/ Glasshalfempty

    own already: fuel/ Abahachi/

    surprise: realising who beltwaybandit had picked after such a restrained opening.

    poignant moment: May’s pick.

  2. Blimpy’s and Shoey’s for me on first listen from that lot. But I’m sure there’s loads more that’ll hook their way in after another listen or two. Thanks all!

  3. Looking forward to filling my ears with this lot over the next few days.

    Huge thanks to you all, but especially Shoey for running it all yet again.

    Seasons gRReetings to all you lovely spillers !

  4. My brain got overloaded with music yesterday and i had to take a silent morning here before i could start on this list. I still only got through half of it. Was nice to see a nice handful of pop tunes mixed in with the opuses, donds especially to Ex Hex and Ubu’s pick. And another Foo Fighters tune i liked. Just because it’s the mood i’m in though, it was the folkie tunes again that hit the spot.

    I tried like 2 or 3 times to listen to the Sun Kil Moon album, but i guess i just didn’t have the patience. at the time. But i liked this one a lot – not so much for the music (which i did like), but because i wanted to see what happened to the story. Maybe you’re starting to make a dent after all these years, Barney. Ali’s wa slovely, and Carole’s was great – started folk, went twee, then went psych, and ended up in Deadjam teritory.

    Panth – That really is pretty epic, isn’t it. It’s definitely grown on me, and probably will even more. Kind of reminded me of the part in Godfather 3 where Al Pacino’s daughter was getting killed during the opera, but it was much more deranged than that, in a good way. (I googled the lyrics.)

  5. This is the soundtrack to me dealing with my floordrobe. Nice to see some love for Jonnie Common. We’ve booked him to play our village hall in January. Please come along!

  6. And I much preferred Future Islands without the distraction of the dancing; that must be the first time I’ve heard it as audio only.

    & big thumbs for Fuel’s pick. It’s not the easiest song to hear on first listen. Luckily I’ve heard it a couple of times before.

  7. Well the floordrobe is gone. What a brilliant and eclectic bunch of crackers they were. Vive Le Festive ‘Spill. I don’t think you’d find a more diverse music site, well, anywhere.

  8. Trivia?

    1. Spiller who voted 1st this year?
    2. Who voted last?
    3. Winner of the 2014 “I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure”, award?
    4. Spiller with all time most FS picks?
    5. Artist with FS picks in two years from same album?

  9. Only part way through the threes, myself, but it seems there was something for everyone in the 100 from 2014.

    Thanks to all for taking part, listening & commenting. Cheers to Shane for awesome artwork. Feel free to stop back as & when you get a chance to get to it – especially those we don’t see around to often. Merry Christmas all.

  10. 2 I was pretty late to submit – I may well have been last!

    5 I’ll go for Beyonce as the album came out last December..?

    Just started listening….so many great tracks already. Must get back to that Liars album, that track is amazing….

    Loved the Ought and the jazzer and the Sun Kill Moon – I thought my pick was depressing!

  11. Looking forward to listening to these very much. I am enjoying the 3s and 2s immensely, such great variety and yet so much I like, thanks everyone and Happy New Year!

  12. Greetings to you all from a snowy Bavarian Forest, where I have only occasional and limited access to the internet so can’t listen to any of these until I get back. Hope you’ve all had a lovely and restful holiday.

  13. A great and varied selection of music this year.

    Many new to me artists, some of my favourites from the ‘Ones’ are:

    Alimunday – Hozier – Cherry Wine [Live]
    Beltwaybandit – Laibach – The Whistleblowers (One of my top tunes of 2014 and completely overlooked for the FS lists.)
    Barbryn – Sun Kil Moon – Carissa (Surprise of the the FS)
    Glasshalfempty – King Creosote – Something To Believe In
    Debbym – Box – Try
    Darceysdad – Delines – He Told The City Was Killing Him (well you’ve been plugging it so often I HAD to like it, no really I do)
    Amylee – Thurston Moore – The Best Day

  14. Some of my favourites from this list are Llamalpaca’s Roisin Murphy, Ali’s Hozier track, VanWolf’s Protomartyr track, Abahachi’s Trwbador offering, Panthersan’s Scott Walker and SunnO))) and Beltway’s Laibach.

  15. Just finished these off today, so many great great tunes.

    Pick of the crop for me were the ones mentioned above plus the King Creosotes, Protomartyr (of course!), Trwbaor, Ex Hex, Thurston, Satankidney’s masterpiece and…..oh just about everything! Thanks all!

  16. Difficult to pick 3 from these but here goes:

    1) DebbyM / Box (Try) (yay, Debby!)
    2) ghe / King Creosote (Something to Believe In)
    3) Amylee / Thurston Moore (The Best Day)

    Also liked Carole’s Jonathan Wilson and Leavey’s Foo Fighters and May1366’s – what can I say. So sad.

  17. I finally finished listening to the Ones.

    What a mixed selection of music. Once again, The ‘Spill demonstrates that if you get a bunch of music obsessives together, you’ll end up with nothing like a consensus.

    Much to like again, although I have to say that I preferred the Twos and Threes as collections. There was more that I liked than with the Ones, although I am not going to single out tracks that I didn’t much care for.

    Glad to see Thurston Moore get a listing, though. I got the CD for Christmas so I have it on the To Listen pile at the moment.

  18. Somewhat predictably (not that I’m complaining), another embarrassment of riches from the Ones. It seems unfair to single out, but seeing as I’ve already done it for the Twos and Threes, I particularly loved: the depressing Delines, the Ex Hex one that sounded like My Best Friend’s Girl by the Cars, the obligatory Future Islands, both King Creosotes, Liars’ twisted Moroder mess, A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s sunniness, Trwbador’s Ladytronisms, the unseasonably Balearic Roisin Murphy, Say Sue Me (NEVER boring, ‘Ubu!), the St Vincent (“Humiliated by age, frightened of youth…” – what a great line!)…

    Thanks again, everybody!

  19. finally got through to the end. cheers all.
    faves in this on first listen wr the second KC track, the St Vincent (which sounds like something I’ve heard but can’t quite find in my head?), Say sue me (sort of c86/slacker rock to me), the Trwbador, Sylvan Esso and Syd Arthur tracks. and a great bit of punk at the end from Slaves.
    the Tanya Tagaq track is also completely fascinating and may end up as my favourite.
    I have the Ought and Liars which are great.
    hope to listen again and change my mind as you educate my ears

  20. Again only two I knew here, both of which might have made my list if I’d discovered the albums a bit earlier: St Vincent and A Sunny Day In Glasgow (Electrelane playing Animal Collective playing My Bloody Valentine playing The Sundays).

    One of the things I like about the Festive Spill is paying attention to stuff I wouldn’t normally listen to, like Nilpferd’s horns, tin’s Inuk throat singing (yes, I googled…) and Panthersan’s easy listening number. Also Laibach (not what I expected), Liars and Slaves.

    King Creosote must be way out in front in all-time FS picks – I particularly enjoyed the first one (Caledonian rumba?). Hozier, Delines (cheery stuff), Johnny Common, Cut Copy and both sane offerings also great. And other stuff too.

    I’m glad Sun Kil Moon won a few people over. I bought the first Red House Painters records, but have only really come back to him in the last couple of years, where he seems to be having a bit of an Indian summer. His storytelling is scarringly honest, humane, wise, both bitchy and generous, surprisingly funny, world-weary and life-affirming.

  21. One marathon listening session later and the winner is… King Creosote! But there was some lovely stuff on offer this year and I was surprised to find myself very much liking picks from Spillers whose previous music choices haven’t always grabbed me. Maybe I’m mellowing with old age?!

    I am really, really chuffed that people liked ‘Try’. (I’d love to hear that song played with a really tight rhythm section). The Box is soon to be no more, because the lads are away to college, but TheBoyWonder embarks upon his solo career next week. Watch this space!

    Shane and Shoey, as ever thank you thank you thank you for all the effort you put into this. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday (as appropriate)!

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