Amy’s Grab Bag 2014

Not a top 10 or anything (although there does happen to be only 10 tunes here). Those showed up mostly on the Garage and Indie pop year’s best lists i came across the other day, those i hadn’t found myself were covered by other Spillers. Just a grab bag of tunes here i took note of, most of which aren’t garage or indie pop. Not that anyone really needs any more tunes.

1. Thurston Moore – Speak to the Wild Didn’t see this on any lists, but maybe it made #78 on some list somewhere. This was actually going to be my #1 pick, but i thought, nah, 8+ minutes is way too long for such a long list. Never really got Sonic Youth, but this was the guitar i needed this year.

2. The Vines – Ladybug My favorite Aussie psych garage grunge punkers put out a double CD this year – apparently the peanut gallery fans aren’t happy – they keep making the same CD over and over. Well, if it ain’t broke, no need to fix it, sez me. Wicked Nature is like a warm fuzzy sweater in front of the fireplace for me. With plenty of fuzzy guitars too. Was a bit nervous because at first i couldn’t find Craig’s guitar rips, but they’re tucked in there.

3. Deerhoof – Last Fad This is bonkers, no idea what it’s about. Wasn’t really taken with the other stuff they put out this year, but i’ll still keep an eye on them.

4. Cherry Glazerr – Haxel Princess Snotnosed LA highschool kids cobble together their tunes since 2012 and finally put together a CD. Worth keeping an eye on, and i like 2012’s Teenage Girl tune too.

5. The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream I love this song. Wasn’t much grabbed by the rest of the album, but that could be just due to the mood i was in at the time.

6. Bonnie Prince Billy – New Black Rich (Tusks) Gloomy, depressing, and lovely.

7. J Mascis – Come Down You can still probably find some room to squeeze J’s guitar into my casket with me.

8. Agalloch – (Serpens Caput) This got filed in the folk metal / doom metal bins on the interwebs. A totally listenable metal album, with a few instrumental interludes like this one. Maybe it’s really not all that metal then, but what do i know.

9. Vader – Triumph of Death I’m sure that there’s a lot of great solid and innovative metal out there. Too bad it generally involves wading through so much tedious and boring stuff to find it. Which i’m generally not willing to do. All i want is that righeous blast of thrash that hits the spot every now and again to clean out the mental pipes. A decent riff and a lead break that isn’t recycled shit. This one fits the bill well enough. Ok, i feel better now. I think it was Panth that i first heard of Goatwhore from – that wasn’t bad either.

10. DJ Snake / Lil Jon – Turn Down for What I think this was officially released Dec of last year, probably earlier in actuality. Not much to it, but what there is totally hits the spot. Especially as it probably bailed me out of smashing the turntables at countless weddings and alumni reunion parties when i had to suffer through that Black Eyed Peas tune yet again.

13 thoughts on “Amy’s Grab Bag 2014

  1. Love that DJ Snake / Lil Jon track. At some point I’m going to suggest it for this week’s RR theme. I like Agalloch, too, I think I B-listed them once. I’ll have to do a Sonic Youth retrospective now that you’ve put Thurston Moore up there. Great list.

    • Bass! Drums! Axework!

      And there went my mellow Christmas Eve wrestling with photo images and research in dead silence 🙂

      Thanks, and a very happy Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Thanks amylee, my favourite picks from your ‘grab bag’ are:

    The Thurston Moore and also liked the FS 1 tune too.

    The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream loved that too.

    Bonnie Prince Billy – New Black Rich (Tusks) – yep agree with you totally amylee.


  3. thanks amylee, I enjoyed checking this list out as a break from the FS (just about 10 tracks into the ones, so nearly there). i really like the cherry glazerr track, not heard of them before. I do a y/e cd for a few mates, first 19 in following playlist plus shaved heads by PM Bauer (which isn’t up on YT) so if you wanna check a few more things out, here it is

  4. Hey Sis! Wanted to wish you a Merry Thrashmas & a Happy Choon Year.. Loved Lost In A Dream. Reminded me of Willy Nile somehow. Keep ’em flying!

    • Hi BIg Bro !!!!!! Happy New Year to you too! Hope you’re getting lots of slope time in, and that you’re getting enough snow out west.

  5. Hi Amy…finally got round to these. Such a varied bag and so much to love!

    Thurston was dreamy and brilliant (definitely need to look into that album now), can’t believe The Vines are still going, but I’m glad they are, Deerhoof and BPB were breaths of familiar frsh air, but the best of all was Vader – keeping it old school!

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

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