Earworms 29 December 2014


Hello again, I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Christmas and a chance to relax. Thanks to everyone for all the earworms over the last year – the bank needs topping up for 2015, so if you have any spare please send them to earworm@tincanland.com. Meanwhile, I’ll wish you all a Happy New Year!

The Besnard Lakes – 46 Satires – DsD: Although it was one of my favourite tunes of 2014, I couldn’t pick this for my Festive Spill trio. I was too slow off the mark; the album was from April 2013. But it did win the DsD “Favourite New Discovery Soaring Guitar Solo” award. Though I suppose it’s easy to soar when you’re released from a support craft that’s already taken you to stratospheric heights.

Adrian Borland – Simple Little Love – severin: (See blurb from severin below, in the comments).

Jackson Browne – The Pretender – CaroleBristol: Jackson Browne is West Coast singer/songwriter royalty and The Pretender is one of his greatest songs. The two lines “Out into the cool of the evening/Strolls the Pretender” kind of stick in my mind. Anyway, this song is superb.

Rokia Traore – Sabali – goneforeign: Here’s someone one I’ve been listening to recently, she’s from Mali, the daughter of an international diplomat which allowed her to visit many countries worldwide and to absorb their musical cultures. She’s a multi instrumentalist, she plays guitar, ngoni and the balafon on her albums. This cut is from her 1998 CD, Mouneissa on the French Label Bleu.

Kate Rusby – The Night Visit – AliM: This is from Kate Rusby’s new album, “Ghost”. The words are traditional and the tune is attributed to Tony Cuffe – I know the tune as “When First I Came To Caledonia”, and it has been stuck in my head since I saw KR’s excellent Christmas concert in Huddersfield last week.

(Image courtesy of 123rf.com)

9 thoughts on “Earworms 29 December 2014

  1. The Adrian Borland track is from his Beautiful Ammunition solo album, released in 1994 some time after The Sound had folded. He’s singing about a love for making and performing music; something I don’t think ever completely deserted him despite many setbacks and disappointments. A sad song but, in some ways, a hopeful one.

  2. The Besnard Lakes – 46 Satires – from DsD, really , where are the Southern accents, the wailing guitars, ahh, there’s the guitar about 3.30 in. Surprising start but wow, really like that middle bit, voice takes a bit of getting use to.

    Adrian Borland – Simple Little Love – familiar sounding voice, can’t place it; nope can’t but alright tune nonetheless.

    Jackson Browne – The Pretender – that’s OK, kinda reminds me of Billy Joel (please don’t take offence)

    Rokia Traore – Sabali – interesting but not my thing though.

    Kate Rusby – The Night Visit – delightful voice, I can hear why she’s sometimes called The Barnsley Nightingale

  3. Interesting set.

    I’ve never heard of The Besnard Lakes nor Adrian Borland before, so both were a surprise. The Besnard Lakes have a sort of Sigur Ros thing going on, which was quite nice.

    I know Rokia Traore because a friend likes her and I think that it was my favourite today.

  4. Very much enjoyed all the choices this week. Seems like too much going on for many comments so far sadly. Absolutely love the Kate Rusby but Rokia Traore not far behind.
    Besnard lakes completely new to me, Jackson Browne very familiar. Both great tracks.

    For those unfamiliar with Adrian Borland, loads of info here.

  5. Happy New Year! Sorry for the lateness of my comments, busy busy. I enjoyed the Besnard Lakes, swathes of keyboard and guitars are very appealing, the vocals were a bit wishy washy for me, but I can see others would like it.

    I have listened to the Sound a bit, but not any solo Adrian Borland stuff. His voice is really good, reminds me (as a fan of the artist) of Julian Cope when he’s trying to be in tune. Glad to hear this thanks.

    I have to admit I didn’t expect to like Jackson Browne but it was fine. Makes me long for some nasty noisy industrial music though 😉

    Rokia Traore is a very talented lady. I have a problem with female folk singers, I compare them all to Sandy Denny and I’ll never like anyone else as much, it’s a pretty tune though and she sings it well. Will try to provide some more worms soon. Thanks for continuing to present them for us, Ali 🙂

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