2014 – saneshane’s year – thank you for being part of it ***

*** satirical swipe at face books  ’round up of the year’ –

please find inclosed other cartoons (that I have no idea what to do with) –

so I’m subjecting them to the ‘spill:


MY 13 most listened to album of 2014< LINK to youtube playlist

nope they are NOT the best – just MY most enjoyed – song chosen first – band name in bold – album title last:

Wanderer Wandering Slow Club – Complete Surrender

The Weather Song Ought – More Than Any Other Day

Wintery Kisses Baxter Dury – It’s A Pleasure

Dreamy Bruises Sylvan Esso – s/t

Kong The Notwist – Close To The Glass

Another Year Allo Darlin’ – We Come From The Same Place

When I Think About You Say Hi – Endless Wonder

Waterfall Fear of Men – Loom

1997, Passing in the Hallway Martha – Courting Strong

The Day That Needs Defending Woman’s Hour – Conversations

Killer Bangs Honeyblood – s/t

Vonnegut Busy Sage Francis – Copper Gone

Do That Dance feat. Nancy Whang Shit Robot – We Got A Love


2014 other stuff music < LINK to youtube playlist:

Little Things – Godzilla Black

Right Here feat. Oh Land – Tricky

Tony Wood (feat. KUKU) – Tony Allen

Between True Love And Ruin – Withered Hand

Le Voyage – Happy Meals

Feat: Liette Gesloten Cirkel

Work – Perfect Pussy

Wait Until Dark White Hinterland

Cant Stand It (feat. Warrior Queen) Mungo’s Hi-Fi

Fuck You [feat. Warrior Queen] The Bug

Pushing On (Edit) Oliver $ & Jimi Jules

OKAY (Original Mix) Shiba San

my head is a jungle (mk-remix) Wankelmut & Emma-Louise

Lets Go (feat. Mari Inoue) (Original Mix) Edward

Come on Back This Way (feat. Sharon Van Etten) – Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders

these are from previous years

I obviously didn’t shout about them loud enough or find them in time:

Boom Diddy Boom – Freschard

Shlyapa volshebnika – Krasnoznamennaya diviziya imeni moey babushki


23 thoughts on “2014 – saneshane’s year – thank you for being part of it ***

    • Fine to be on FB – it’s just that they continue to tell me to do a ’round up of my year’ and then SUBJECT all you other good people to the boredom of my normal everyday life, a life that doesn’t get any more ‘glamorous’ however hard I photoshop it into glorious, artist, edited excitement.

      Not that I want a glamorous life – or even an exciting one.
      I like my everyday little bits of fun life; half moon was in the sky at 1 pm today (you can’t get BETTER than the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time); the waves on the beach were crashing with a particularly pleasant crackling sound; 4 year old performed an artistic breakdance that incorporated every room in the house; it was beautiful – that’s me sorted for excitement for at least a month – but the world doesn’t need a Audio/Visual display of it all.

      You have a lovely New Year Ali – and I hope it’s a joyful one for you and yours too.

  1. I’ll get to these at some point too – but it’s in the queue behind the second half of the Ones, Vanwolf’s list, and the second half of Leavey’s list…sometimes editing demands silence (or the Dead, but i should dig out those Nils Frahm albums)…

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Love the artwork Shane…will get to the tunes sometime in the New Year, have got the traditional ‘Kohaku’ cheesefest to get through first (think the Royal Variety Performance without the royals or the variety, but lots and lots of OTT enka performances!).

    happy new year!

  3. I had Fear Of Men’s “Descent” in a playlist – thanks for the reminder that I need to listen to the rest of the record now!

    • Loom is a good album – indulge Blimpy
      ‘Fear of Men’ to ‘Woman’s Hour’ to ‘Honeyblood’ to ‘Perfect Pussy’ made an interesting quad of albums that I’m sure was trying to say something to me in their band name choices.

  4. Ace stuff. I missed out on the new Allo Darlin album as well as the Slow Club, so thanks for the reminder.

    That Sage Francis track is straight into my top 5 songs of the year. Wow.

    Also particularly enjoyed Martha (in fact, I’ve already cheekily nominated it on RR for Songs about Ages – I did credit you), Fear of Men, the Notwist and – well, just about everything. The Sylvan Esso video was rather wonderful. I’m not feeling particularly wintery, but followed a linked to Baxter Dury’s “Palm Trees”, which was lovely.

    Looking forward to listening to the B-list.

    • good work barbryn on the RR nomination for Martha.
      Sage track is ace – an album that didn’t let me down from an old fav.
      Baxtor is such a grower, one of y most played albums of the year.
      Sylvan Esso remind me of The Dø – and that is a great thing.

      • They’re from Durham, NC. Where JD is writing his books (& hopefully some new tunes) & near where the artist formerly known as Shoeteen is working for Uncle Sam.

    • cool – I will get to yours too.
      Just one last set of in-laws to visit (for a final Christmas) then I can sit down and do my Tax forms with many tunes to distract me.

      Merry New Year.

  5. Very late, but finally finished part one. Didn’t know Sage had a new one & it’s ace. Knew most of the rest, but need to check out Say Hi & give Fear Of Men another listen. Looks like there are more newtomes in part two. Will get there…

    • Sage is an ace listen – right up there with his best.
      Fear of Men is a grower (for me).

      I really like Say Hi – certainly knows the right buttons to press to entertain me.

      part 2 is a lot more of a mixed bag – some single tracks of note – good EP’s and variable albums – but all worth a listen to.

  6. Part 2. Ooh, lots of housey technoey stuff & another new Mungo album. Think I have album of Freschard & Stanley Brinks somewhere, but really like that one. Jack Ladder hit the spot too. Got there in the end & well worth it as usual.

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